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India's oldest MBBS Abroad Consultant

Rmc Educational services centre stands proudly as one of the leading consultants in terms of MBBS abroad studies. We have supported almost 10,000+ students in their immigration process. We help you to develop a brilliant career through overseas education.

In addition to this, we take immense care of all the major and minor processes such as profile assessment, shortlisting universities, preparing applications, accessing admissions, Visa processes and so on. Our organized way of working makes us exist among the pioneers in flourishing overseas education. With us, you get the perfect platform to proceed in the right manner.

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Application Process

The process of application is done by us with utmost care and perfection. We undergo every instructions and guidelines provided by the Colleges universities carefully. We take special care in filling the application details and initials in order to avoid mistakes. All you need to do is to provide all the relevant details in the correct data and information.

Proper Assistance

We consider that it is our core duty to assist you in the whole process. Thus, we provide all the relevant help required during the entire procedure such as arrival, departure, Visa, travel, scholarship, accommodation, etc. You can knock us anytime whenever you feel any difficulty in the process, we are there to guide and instruct you.

Perfect Counselling

With us, you will get the right path to your dreams. Among the list of multiple options, we help you to choose the perfect one for yourself matching your preferences and meeting your parameters such as budget, aptitude, ability, field of interest, etc. We also provide you guidance regarding finance like loans and insurances.

Accurate Information

We believe in perfection and invest our time in collecting all the information perfectly. We use the right resources to get the correct and accurate information regarding the different universities its environment, eligibility criteria, qualifications, application process, admission requirements, arrival procedures and many more.

Top Medical Colleges

Abroad MBBS Admission Consultants
(MBBS Admission abroad)

RMC Educational Service Centre stands as a representative for more than 40 colleges and universities that offers MBBS courses across the world. Through our MBBS Consultancy, you will get the opportunity to study MBBS in a cost-effective and comfortable.

Studying MBBS in Indian private medical colleges is quite expensive and very less amount of students are able to crack NEET to study in Indian government Colleges in India. In this context, medical Colleges in China, America, etc. are quite a better option. More Detail

Eligibility Criteria (MBBS Admission abroad)

To apply for MBBS in abroad, you, as an Indian student, must have an eligibility certificate from MCI (Medical Council of India). For that, you have to apply in the prescribed format attached with this brochure. Or, you must download the application form for eligibility certificate from the official website of MCI- More Detail

Abroad MBBS Consultants

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is quite affordable. We are here to clear your confusions regarding affordable as well as quality MBBS studies in Bangladesh. Medical Council of India is approved under the MBBS Admission in Bangladesh.

Is doing MBBS abroad costly?

MBBS in India is more expensive than MBBS abroad, s student in India has to spend INR 50 lakh - INR 60 lakh for MBBS, but MBBS abroad starting package is just 15 Lacs for the complete course.

What is the language for MBBS abroad?

To attract international students, medical universities abroad use English as their language of instruction and communication.

What is the minimum package for MBBS aborad?

Students who want to study MBBS Abroad can get the best quality education at a fee of INR 15 - 20 Lakhs.

Is my MBBS degree from abroad valid in India?

Yes, of course, an MBBS degree from abroad is valid in India if you pursue your degree from MCI/WHO approved universities and colleges.