toelf exam

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) assesses English proficiency for non-native speakers worldwide. Required for study or work in English-speaking countries.



  • Worldwide Recognition
  • Internet-Based (iBT)
  • Global English Test
  • Standardized Testing

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the most popular and reputed English language test in the world. More than 8,500 colleges, universities, and agencies in almost 130 countries including Australia, UK, USA, Canada, etc. follow, recommend and recognize TOEFL. It is highly significant as it opens your door to get admission to any international universities. It helps you to go to any institution to study, like wherever you want in the world.

This test is administered online via Internet. You will also smart tools and guides that help you to prepare for the test by improving your English language skills and help you to crack the examination perfectly under the ETS TOEFL program. This test focuses on evaluating your ability to utilize and understand as well as your English reading, writing, speaking and listening capabilities required to perform academic activities.

The TOEFL has two formats and which format is eligible for you depends upon the location of your test centre. The TOEFL has most number of test dates and test centres as well in comparison to other English-language test in the entire world. There occurs about 50 tests in an year. There are almost 4,500 test centres in around 165 countries in the world. Also, there is no limits to attempt this test. More than 27 million students have participated in this exam to demonstrate their English language skills and proficiency. The standard of English skills lies between the Intermediate and the Advanced levels.

Who Can Apply For It

  • Students want to do higher studies in abroad.
  • Students and workers who want to apply for the VISA.
  • Candidates who have got scholarship and certificates for higher studies in abroad.
  • English language learners who have the desire to evaluate their English language skills.

For any sort of details regarding fees, registration, date of examination, locations, formats, etc. stay connected with the TOEFL’s official portal.