Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy MBBS in Russia

St. Petersburg I. I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy

St. Petersburg I. I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy

The St. Petersburg I. I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy (SPSMA) is a public university located in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. Established in 1907 The SPSMA is one of the oldest and largest Russian Higher Medical Schools. Over its 100 years of history, the Academy remains a leading institution of Russia in medicine and training specialists in preventive and clinical medicine. It is often called the Second Medical College in St. Petersburg because of its renaming in 1920. Relative to Saint Petersburg State Medical University, which is called the First Medical College.

The institute had medical, legal and pedagogical faculties. Per 1920 the medical faculty was transformed into independent high school - the State institute of medical knowledge which per 1930 was renamed into 2nd Leningrad medical institute. In June, 1994 the institute has received the name the St.-Petersburg state medical academy. The architectural - historical complex consisting of 50 buildings and located in territory of park by the area of 35 000 square meters. The academy has 7 faculties - dovuzovskoj preparations: medico-preventive; medical (day time and evening forms of training); the maximum (supreme), sisterly formation (education); foreign pupils; preparations and improvements of professional skill of teachers; improvements of doctors. The academy is conducting methodical medical centre in Russia in the field of medico-preventive formation (education). The academy prepares for doctors of a medico-preventive and clinical structure with more than 30 specialties, including experts in economy and management of public health services, laboratory business, medical psychology, management in sisterly business and ecology. In 56 faculties of academy successfully work more than 600 teachers. Among which 1 academician of the Russian academy of medical sciences, 4 honored workers of a science, 3 academicians and 5 corresponding members of the Russian academy of natural sciences, 3 winners of the State premium, 1 academician of the International academy of sciences of the higher school, 3 academicians of the International academy of sciences of ecology and safety of ability to live.80 professors and doctors of medical sciences, more than 400 senior lecturers and candidates of sciences. In academy are trained about 4000 students, including 800 - from 50 foreign countries. For years of existence of high school it is graduated more than 30000 doctors. The SPSMA has a long and proud tradition of educating Russian and international students. More than 35,000 physicians graduated from the Academy. Since beginning the international program in 1947 there have been more than 3500 international graduates from more than 50 countries. Currently there is a total student population of over 5,000. In 2011 the SPSMA was renamed to North-Western State Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov

St. Petersburg I. I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy

The degree awarded by our Academy "Doctor of Medicine" is included in the Directory of medical schools of World Health Organization and is recognized by the UF GMC, by US ECFMG, by the Medical councils of India, Sri-lanka, Bangladesh, Ireland and many other countries. Today there are over 1900 foreign students from 32 countries studying in the Academy.

Long-Term teaching of foreign students gave us a valuable experience that helped us to choose the optimal medical educational program and effective methods of teaching for foreign students.

Each year more than one hundred foreign students enter in our University to study medicine. They are offered to pursue degrees Doctor of Medicine (6+1 years) or Doctor of Stomatology (5+1 years), Ph.D. (3 years), internship (from one to three years). Most of courses are learned in Russian. So, we have special pre-university course (preparatory faculty) to study Russian and Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) at the level of Russian High School.

Fee Structures

English medium :
  • First year : USD 6500
  • Second to sixth year : USD 5500
Russian medium :
  • First year : USD 4200
  • Second to sixth year : USD 3500


Practically all Russian higher education institutions have University hostels available for students. Indeed, Institutions have a statutory obligation to provide students with places in the University's hostels. Accommodation is in rooms shared with one or two other students and includes a WC and a bathroom. It is quite possible that a separate room can be arranged for a person, but the cost of separate or hotel-type Accommodation reimbursed entirely by international student.

All educational establishments provide the student with lodging in a relevant hostel. Almost all the hostels are either located in the premises of the educational establishment or nearby. Usually two students are accommodated in one Room. All hostels contain central heating system, electricity, common kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and running hot & cold Water. The student rooms are equipped with chairs, study table, wardrobe, bed, bed linen & pillow. Bed linen is Usually changed twice a month.

St. Petersburg I. I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy

The cost of standard-type accommodation included in tuition fees of most Russian universities. However alternative hostels can be provided. The prices depend on the quality of the hostel and vary between 450 and 550 USD per year. It is possible to arrange a room for female students in a female only block, as well as provide marriage quarters if required.

All student hostels have 24-hour security provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Living cost in St. Petersburg Russia Approx (USD Per Month)

Accommodation (university hostel - 30-80 USD
Food - 50-60 USD
Study Meterial – Over 15 USD
Medical Insurance per Acadamic Year 10 USD