About RMC

MBBS study in abroad, Now a day’s mostly youngsters choices is MBBS/Medical studies in abroad they prefer to doing MBBS from China with the lowest MBBS fee in China, Russia, Ukraine, etc. It’s become a dream for all the medical student that doing higher study in abroad for MBBS in China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, America and European Countries. But mostly of them are thought that it’s very costly but not so. You can complete your medical studies in Under-graduation as well as Post-graduation in abroad with minimum to minimum fee package with English medium study in Russia, China, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, as well as European countries also.

Dream is your so, choice is yours, According to your budget. Comparison to India and Abroad, Abroad package is very low than India. Without any donation or capitation fees we help you to get MBBS Admission as a consultant for china and other countries. For better and high education practice facilities with low package including low living cost.

In abroad you can complete your course in just 50% comparison to India. It’s to cheaper than Indian private colleges and the benefit is that all the university are recognized by MCI and WHO as well as government universities also. Many of them are follow the USA based pattern which is the top most pattern in the world.

RMC is very glad to help you by giving advice to clear your confusion or doubt to short listing the best universities from all. We always provide one of the best place for MBBS admission/study in abroad. To get direct admission in China, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Central America or in European countries also for high quality education to work in USA, UK or India. No donation or capitation fees, special coaching for student to clear MCI Screening test. As cost of living is relatively cheap in abroad.

RMC provide services for students those interested to choose Best consultant for Abroad admission in MBBS. Which provide good education at an affordable cost. Our service doesn’t stop after getting admission and completing the Visa processing. We also making the necessary arrangements when your child reached there. We will be with our student till they have completed their course in out of India.

We are not only show our student the path to pursue their dreams or aim to become a doctor, but also guide our student and their parents/guardians with latest information till the course completion. We provide advice for education loan also. We help to make your admission process easier and direct, without any entrance exam for medical study Ukraine, Russia, China, Philippines, etc. RMC also assist to student in completing each and every process, throughout the admission and Visa processing till departure.

We always happy to make sure that student will get better opportunities to develop their knowledge skills and community engagement though public services opportunities and student organization.