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Top Medical Schools In Bangladesh

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  • It was founded in the year 1986
  • Globally Recognised Universities
  • Approved by MCI and WHO

Today, there are 83 recognized clinical schools taking all things together, out of which 54 are private clinical universities and 29 are public. Following are the top medical colleges for examining MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh medical college

  • Bangladesh medical college is an eminent private clinical school and has set up a name of greatness for its splendid exhibition in the scholarly outcomes.
  • This school is the primary private clinical school in Bangladesh.
  • Providing quality clinical examinations and exploration at sensible rates is the fundamental standard of the establishment so it is reasonable by the average person.
  • Apart from the clinical examinations, there are numerous scholarly exercises that encourage an understudy to illuminate.
  • The emergency clinic present in the Bangladesh clinical school offers remarkable preparing to understudies and junior specialists.

All out Fee Rs.27,39,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

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Dhaka Public medical School

  • Dhaka Public Clinical School was one of the prime associations that partook in the non-participation development contrary to the English pilgrim rule.
  • The name of its archetype is as yet conveyed by this school and holds its radiant past.
  • This clinical school explains time to time programs for the headway of clinical science and it is continuing further with research.

Complete Fee Rs.28,16,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

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Network Based medical collage , Bangladesh

  • In 1994, Network Based Clinical School, (CBMC) was set up as a summit scholastic undertaking by the Network Wellbeing Establishment in Mymensingh, Bangladesh.
  • The school has all the advanced instruments and device that will help understudies in the careful office.
  • The school has an immense arrangement of schedule which obliges all the significant parts of clinical science.
  • Every year, an educator understudy gathering is shaped to examine the turn of events and progress of clinical science around the world.

Complete Fee Rs.25,98,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

Jahurul Islam Medical School

  • Jahurul Islam Medical School is situated in Bhagalpur, Bazitpur of kishorganj.
  • The school has a nearby medical clinic and nursing preparing establishment.
  • Providing with all advanced clinical methods to the provincial society of the zone is the essential point of this emergency clinic.
  • The confounded contextual investigations that are joined to the clinic help the understudies and junior specialists to dominate in experience under firm direction.
  • Jahurul Islam Clinical school is a private school.

All out Fee Rs.24,70,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

Ibrahim medical college

  • Ibrahim medical college was set up in 2002.
  • It is a non-benefit establishment of the Diabetic Relationship of Bangladesh.
  • Ibrahim medical college has been named after the amazing clinical educator, researcher, and reformer of Bangladesh Lt. Prof. Md. Ibrahim.
  • The school has intricate and progressed research programs and higher investigations.
  • Nationally and universally, this school has been acclaimed as outstanding amongst other clinical universities and examination establishments.

All out Fee Rs.26,97,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

Enam medical college

  • Enam medical college was set up in 2003 and it offers a 5-year course prompting a Lone ranger of Medication, Single guy of A medical procedure (MBBS) degree.
  • Among all the schools in Bangladesh, Enam medical college is extraordinary compared to other clinical universities.
  • The Enam medical college has its own 1000-bed clinic with both outside and indoor offices.
  • Hostel office is likewise accessible for unfamiliar understudies. The mechanism of guidance for MBBS at Enam medical college is English and the school is remembered for the rundown of global indexes of clinical schools like FAIMER and IMED.

All out Fee Rs.28,00,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

Khwaja Yunus Ali medical college

  • Khwaja Yunus Ali medical college was established in the year 2005 and it is enrolled under the General public of Legislature of the Individuals Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Khwaja Yunus Ali medical college offers a MBBS course of the length 5 years whose educational plan is administered by the guidelines of Bangladesh Clinical and Dental Board (BM&DC).
  • The courses at Khwaja Yunus Ali medical college are coordinated by the expert employees in pre-clinical, para-clinical and clinical orders.
  • The school has a non-benefit learning multidisciplinary clinic which is completely prepared in manners.
  • To manage the medical problems for the most part experienced at the emergency clinic, the organization centers around building up understudy's abilities and mentalities.

All out Fee Rs.30,17,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

Global medical college

  • For its superb climate and clinical examinations, Global medical college is notable.
  • The school has encountered resources, and refreshed projects and courses.
  • To encourage its understudies from all finishes, the school has an intricate library and network clinical historical center.
  • The last year understudies of this school are shipped off Dhaka Clinical School for examination preparing for a while.

All out Fee Rs.31,50,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

Sylhet Women’s Medical College

  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College was set up in 2005.
  • The Sylhet Women’s Medical College is situated in Mirboxtola, in focal Sylhet.
  • Under the School of Clinical Sciences, the school is subsidiary with the Shahjalal College of Science and Innovation (SUST).
  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College and Emergency clinic has 3 tall structures based on 130,000 square feet of land and its building configuration is likewise interesting.
  • It is a cutting edge instructing and clinical office situated at the core of Sylhet.
  • The school has a 5 years MBBS course and the degree from Sylhet Women’s Medical College is perceived by the Bangladesh Clinical and Dental Board.

All out Fee Rs.26,60,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

Anwer Khan Modern Medical College

  • Anwer Khan Modern Medical College was established in the year 2008 in Dhaka and it is one of the esteemed schools in Bangladesh.
  • As a constituent school, Anwer Khan Modern Medical College is associated to Dhaka College.
  • Medical moves on from AKMMC can rehearse their clinical vocation in any nation of the world in the wake of fitting the bill for the FMGE of that nation.
  • The school is known for its scholarly climate and quality clinical training, since its origin.

All out Fee Rs.30,80,000/ - (approx. for a very long time)

These are a portion of the top clinical colleges in Bangladesh to examine distinctive clinical courses.

There are some more clinical colleges that offer the best MBBS courses in Bangladesh, for example,

  • Medical school for ladies and medical clinic, Dhaka
  • Mainamoti Clinical School, Comilla
  • Central Clinical School, Comilla
  • Monno Clinical School, Manikganj
  • Eastern Clinical School, Comilla
  • TMSS Clinical School, Bogra

MBBS in Bangladesh FAQ

Is NEET required for perusing MBBS in Bangladesh?

Yes, to secure a seat in MBBS in Bangladesh you need the minimum qualifying score

Is the quality of MBBS in Bangladesh up to standard?

While the curriculum of MBBS in Bangladesh remains similar India, they have better infrastructure facilities and more exposure to practical knowledge.

What is the average cost for a degree in MBBS in Bangladesh?

MBBS fees vary college to college but the average fee is US$36000 (INR 25 Lac) up to US$48000 (INR 32 Lac).

What are the top 5 colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh?

Following are the top 5 colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh in their ranking order:

  1. Dhaka National Medical College.
  2. Bangladesh Medical College.
  3. Monno Medical College.
  4. Community Based Medical College.
  5. Southern Medical College.
  6. Eastern Medical College.