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Smolensk State Medical University

Ulitsa Krupskoy, 28, Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast, Russia, 214019
Nearest Airport: Kemerovo International Airport in Kemerovo, Russia.
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5,500 US$/Year

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Smolensk, Russia

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  • It was founded in the year 1920
  • Globally Recognised University
  • Approved by MCI and WHO

About Smolensk State Medical University

Founded in 1920, Smolensk State Medical University in Russia is one of the oldest universities in the country. It is one of the most sought-after and popular medical schools for Indian students due to its large population of Indian students every year. The interest of Indian students is enhanced by the positive word of mouth that the university receives.

The Smolensk State Medical University is situated in the Smolensk region, 360 kilometres (220 miles) west-southwest of Moscow. A member of the American Society of Microbiology and the European Respiratory Society, Chancellor Kozlov heads the university. Smolensk State Medical University is one of the best medical schools in Russia and is known for its excellence in medical research, microbiology, and medical training.

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Smolensk State Medical University offers an MD degree equivalent to an MBBS in India. Students are trained with the help of practical sessions and well-trained staff. The staff at the university is filled with doctors, medical practitioners. For international students who want to learn Russian language quickly, the university offers a fast-track learning program, too.

450 faculty members including doctors and Ph.D. experts are working at Smolensk University. Apart from the world-class teaching, the university provides full-fledged accommodation to the students in 4 hostels that can accommodate around 4000 students. The dormitories are well equipped and safe, with separate facilities for boys and girls

Students from all over the world study at Smolensk State Medical University. Over 50 different countries send students to Russia, including India, America, Poland, Italy, and South Africa.

Affiliation of Smolensk State Medical University

  • Smolensk State Medical University is recognized by - Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • Smolensk State Medical University is recognized by - World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Smolensk State Medical University is recognized by - Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
  • Ranking - Country Rank – 258
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Why Study MBBS at Smolensk State Medical University?

  • By providing students with practical training, Smolensk University boosts their employment prospects.
  • Accommodations in hostels make it easier for students to access the university without having to look elsewhere for accommodation.
  • To keep students involved at Smolensk University, the campus has a large library and a number of activity centres.
  • During the course of study, students are exposed to scientific and clinical research.
  • International students do not face language barriers in education as instruction is conducted in English
  • In total, the Smolensk State Medical Academy has 31 hospitals, including 8 hospitals with around 6000 beds that are used to educate students.
  • Neither hidden fees nor additional donations are asked for in the fee structure.
  • It has a well-equipped staff with experienced doctors and practitioners.
  • Students can participate in research programs in order to increase their knowledge and gain confidence over their work.
  • The library is well equipped with over 60000 books.
  • Cultural programs are held every year. Indian cultural programs organized by the students show glimpses of India and its culture.

Highlights About Smolensk State Medical University

Year of Establishment 1920
University Type Government
Location Smolensk, Russia
Recognition NMC and WHO approved
Eligibility 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Aggregate
Course Duration 6 Years including internship
NEET Yes, compulsory
IELTS/TOFEL Not Required
Medium of Teaching English
Annual Tuition Fees Rs. 3.85 Lakhs
Accommodation In campus hostel available

Advantages of MBBS in Smolensk State Medical University

  • Smolensk State University, one of the oldest medical university in Russia, hosts a number of Indian students every year.
  • It is a comfortable environment for new Indian students to study on campus, as there are many Indian students already on campus.
  • The World Health Organization and the Medical Council of India recognize it.
  • Smolensk State Medical University is one of the oldest universities in Russia and has a well-trained and well-equipped faculty that gives it an edge over its competitors.
  • Indian students among the alumni have spoken well of the school.
  • In collaboration with top universities from around the world, it hosts several exchange programs.
  • It is possible to choose to study in either English or Russian.
  • The program fees are fairly low.
  • For Indians, hostel accommodations and the availability of Indian food create an ideal environment.
  • If students are interested, the university offers a Russian language course.
  • As a result of the diverse range of students from around the world, students are given the opportunity to interact and learn about different cultures and values.
  • Students can study in peace and quiet in the campus library.

Duration of MBBS in Smolensk State Medical University

Smolensk State Medical University provides an MBBS course of 6 years. It includes 5 years of classroom study and training and 1 year of compulsory internship.

Faculties at Smolensk State Medical University

The faculties at Smolensk State Medical University include–

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology and Social Work
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutics
  • Faculty of Paediatrics
  • Faculty for Foreign Students
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Higher Nursing
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

Smolensk State Medical University Fees Structure 2023-24

Smolensk State Medical University fees structure for MBBS program is given below in the table:

Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Tuition Fee (approx.) $5500 $5500 $5500 $5500 $5500 $5500
Fees in Indian Rupees Rs.4.40 Lakhs Rs.4.40 Lakhs Rs.4.40 Lakhs Rs.4.40 Lakhs Rs.4.40 Lakhs Rs.4.40 Lakhs
Hostel Fees $750 $750 $750 $750 $750 $750
Hostel Fee in Rupees Rs.60,000 (approx.) Rs.60,000 (approx.) Rs.60,000 (approx.) Rs.60,000 (approx.) Rs.60,000 (approx.) Rs.60,000 (approx.)
Total Fees in Indian Rupees Rs.5 Lakhs Rs.5 Lakhs Rs.5 Lakhs Rs.5 Lakhs Rs.5 Lakhs Rs.5 Lakhs
Study MBBS In Smolensk State Medical University

  • 1$= 80 INR (It may vary)

Smolensk State Medical University Ranking 2023-24

Smolensk State Medical University world ranking and country ranking is given below in the table.

Smolensk State Medical University ranking in country 258
Smolensk State Medical University world ranking 5507

Eligibility Criteria for Smolensk State Medical University

  • Smolensk State Medical University Russia offers recognized programs in MBBS/MD.
  • Students must complete their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) i.e. 10+2 from a recognized state board.
  • Higher Secondary Certificate should be completed in Science subjects including – biology, physics and chemistry.
  • The applicant should complete their age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of admission.
  • The candidate must have a score of at least 50% in their Higher Secondary Certificate boards from a recognized board of examination.
  • The educational documents might need to be translated into the Russian language.
  • Applicants must clear NEET examination.

Smolensk State Medical University Admission Process

  • Step 1 - Online application form to be filled that is provided by the university. Fill the form of the course you have chosen.
  • Scanned copy of marks of completion of higher secondary education (12th grade)
  • Scanned copy of marks of completion of secondary education (10th grade)
  • NEET score card.
  • Scanned copy of your valid passport.
  • Step 2 - Print out the form. Sign the form and send a scanned copy of the form along with the required documents to the university.
  • Step 3 - Send the scanned copies of the documents through email with the subject line stating your intent i.e. ‘Application for Admission’
  • Step 4 - Documents will only be accepted before the application deadline. Make sure that all documents are submitted before the final date of submission.
  • Step 5 - After verifying the documents from the university, the student will receive their acceptance letter or rejection letter according to what the university decides.
  • Step 6 - Payment of fees will be decided according to the University. In most cases it can be paid online.
  • Step 7 - If the applicant has been accepted, they must immediately apply for a student visa for Russia. University will mail students their Invitation letter.

Documents Required For Smolensk State Medical University Admission

  • Scanned copy of original passport
  • Scanned copy of 10+2 mark sheets
  • Scanned copy of application form
  • Scanned copy of NEET report card
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Financial records

Smolensk State Medical University Syllabus

The MBBS syllabus of Smolensk State Medical University is –

Year Semester Subjects
1st year 1st semester Anatomy
2nd semester Anatomy & Histology
2nd year 3rd semester Histology , Biochemistry, Psychology & Pedagogy, Cell Biology , Microbiology , General Pathology
4th semester Biochemistry, Micro-Biology, Physiology
3rd year 5th semester Pathology, Pharmacology, Micro-Biology and Pathphysiology
6th semester Pathology, Path Physiology, Genetics and principles of Clinical Medicine
4th-6th year 7th-12th semester Oncology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neurology and Psychiatry, ENT, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Primary Care medicine, Internal medicine, Psychology, Emergency Medicine

Hostel And Accommodation At Smolensk State Medical University

There are four hostels at the Smolensk State Medical University that can accommodate about 2000 students. International students can also be accommodated in the university's hostel system. The hostels are apartment buildings where students can live in apartments, all equipped with a kitchen, rooms and a bathroom. Men and Women have separate flats. The residence halls are equipped with a high security system. Local shops are within walking distance, and students can commute easily. In addition, Smolensk State Medical University has central air conditioning.

Living Cost

The table below shows the cost of living at Smolensk. However, it may vary from student to student according to their lifestyle and necessities –

Particulars Amount in Rs. Per Month
Accommodation Rs. 11,183 – Rs. 29,823
Food Costs Rs. 5219– Rs. 7455
Transport Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1,500

Why MBBS in Smolensk, Russia?

  • The ancient Russian city of Smolensk is rich in history.
  • It is a safe state for everyone, regardless of gender, class, or race.
  • The Russian state of Smolensk is located near Moscow, the country's capital, and is therefore one of Russia's peak locations.
  • There are a lot of friendly people living there with calm dispositions.
  • Keeping students in mind, travel, and accommodation costs are relatively low.
  • The city of Smolensk offers a multitude of history and culture, as well as beautiful parks and gardens.
  • The state is peaceful with no unrest.
  • Smolensk is a developed state, so students have access to classrooms equipped with the latest technology.
  • There is no danger on the streets, and students even ride bikes to university.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Russia

  • No extra entrance examination required except NEET.
  • universities in Russia do not accept donations.
  • Clean and Safe country.
  • Opportunities for jobs after completion of MBBS in government hospitals.
  • Wide scope for MBBS graduates for further specialization.
  • Comfortable hostel accommodations with no hidden fee.
  • Cost of living is quite low and affordable.
  • Along with academics, several other extra-curricular activities including sports, drama, etc. are also available for students

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is NEET required for MBBS in Smolensk University?

Yes, it is required and is mandatory.

Is Smolensk State Medical University MCI Recognised?

Yes, the Smolensk Medical University is approved by MCI/NMC and there are more than 400 medical practitioners currently working in various hospitals. The Smolensk State Medical University offers MD degree which is equivalent to MBBS degree in India.

Is Smolensk State Medical University Russia good?

The Smolensk State Medical University is one of the top medical university in Russia. The university is also approved by MCI and WHO. The MBBS degree from Smolensk State Medical University is accepted worldwide.

Is there on campus accommodation available at Smolensk State Medical University?

Yes, it is available in the form of dorm rooms.

Do I need to give any other entrance exams except NEET?

No, NEET is sufficient.

Will I be able to work anywhere else other than Russia after completion of the program?

Yes, Smolensk State Medical University is internationally recognized and students of the university have worked in several countries around the globe.