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Yerevan State Medical University

2 Koryun St, Yerevan 0025, Armenia
Nearest Airport: Zvartnots International Airport.

5500 US$/Year

Starting Fees:

Yerevan, Armenia

City and province



  • It was founded in the year 1920
  • Medium of Instruction English
  • Approved by MCI and WHO

About Yerevan State Medical University

Yerevan State Medical University lies in the heart of Armenia's city, Yerevan. It is regarded as one of Armenia's top medical schools, having graduated more than 31,000 students to date. After Heratsi, the State Medical University has roughly 8,000 students in six faculties. There are approximately 1184 students from various countries. It is regarded as Armenia's premier university for MD studies (equivalent to MBBS in India). More than 100 chairs, prominent clinical bases, and research centres in Yerevan organise teaching and research operations.

There are over 1,100 lecturers at the university, including 171 well-qualified Doctors of Sciences, 504 Candidates of Sciences, and 7 Academicians of the RANAS who do scientific and pedagogical activity. The progress of medical science in Armenia is aided by this cluster of scientific and intellectual potential.

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Affiliation and Recognition of Yerevan State Medical University

  • Recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • Recognized by FAIMER
  • NMC and WHO approved
  • Recognized by - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
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Why Study MBBS at Yerevan State Medical University

Some of the reasons of pursuing MBBS at Yerevan State Medical University are listed below:
  • For their MBBS admission to Armenian medical universities, students are not obliged to pay any donation or capitation fee. To ensure their spot, they simply need to pay the MBBS fees in Armenia online or by other means.
  • The cost of living in Armenia is low, and tuition fees are likewise low.
  • There is no requirement for students to take any form of entrance exam.
  • The leading medical universities in Armenia are also recognised and certified by the National Medical Commission, which is an added benefit for all Indian students (NMC).
  • There is no need to take an English language exam like the IELTS or TOEFL.
  • In Armenian medical schools, English is the medium of instruction.

Quick highlights about Yerevan State Medical University

Year of Establishment 1920
Type Govt.
Recognition NMC and WHO approved
Eligibility Minimum Score in PCB General- 50% Reserved Category- 40%
Course Duration 6 years
NEET Qualifying Marks
IELTS/TOFEL Not Required
Medium of Teaching English

Advantages of MBBS at Yerevan State Medical University

  • This medical school is one of the most prestigious in the country.
  • This university has excellent facilities and well-equipped laboratories. It has also educated instructors from a variety of countries.
  • Many students apply from all around the world to attend this university. There is also an international exchange programme at the university.
  • The university has a scientific lab, realistic teaching methods, and highly skilled doctors and professors.

Duration Of MBBS In Yerevan State Medical University

The following is the duration of the MBBS programme at Yerevan State Medical University: The MBBS programme at Yerevan State Medical University lasts six years, with one year of internship. For MBBS students at this university, English is the medium of teaching.

Faculties of Yerevan State Medical University

  • School of General Medicine
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Military Medicine
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • School of Postgraduate and Continuing Education

Yerevan State Medical University Fees Structure 2023-24

Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Tuition Fee (approx.) $5500 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000
Fees in Indian Rupees Rs.4.40 Lakhs Rs.4.00 Lakhs Rs.4.00 Lakhs Rs.4.00 Lakhs Rs.4.00 Lakhs Rs.4.00 Lakhs
Hostel Fees $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600
Hostel Fee in Rupees Rs.48,000 (approx.) Rs.48,000 (approx.) Rs.48,000 (approx.) Rs.48,000 (approx.) Rs.48,000 (approx.) Rs.48,000 (approx.)
Total Fees in Indian Rupees Rs.4.88 Lakhs Rs.4.48 Lakhs Rs.4.48 Lakhs Rs.4.48 Lakhs Rs.4.48 Lakhs Rs.4.48 Lakhs
Study MBBS Yerevan State Medical University
  • $1 = Rs.80 (it may vary)
  • Mentioned fee are approximate and it may change as per the change in currency

Yerevan State Medical University Ranking 2023-24

Yerevan State Medical University ranking in Uzbekistan is 5
Yerevan State Medical University world ranking is 6742

Eligibility To Study MBBS In Yerevan State Medical University

  • Students must achieve a grade point average of at least 60% in the 12th grade.
  • Students must have passed the NEET-UG test to be considered.
  • A student or candidate must be over the age of 17 but under the age of 25.
  • In 12th grade, a student's core subjects must include chemistry, physics, and biology.

Yerevan State Medical University Admission Process

Yerevan State Medical University admission process is not hard. The following is the method for applying to Yerevan State Medical University's MBBS programme:
  • Step 1: Online application form to be filled that is provided by the Yerevan State Medical University's website. Fill the form of the MBBS course that is provided by the university.
  • Step 2: Print out the form. Sign the form and send a scanned copy of the form along with the required documents listed below to the University.
  • Step 3: Scanned copies of the documents should be sent through email with the subject line stating your intention that is ‘Application For Admission’
  • Step 4: Documents will only be accepted before the application deadline that is set for Yerevan State Medical University.
  • Step 5: The student will receive a letter of acceptance or rejection once the University officials have verified the documents.
  • Step 6: Payment of initial fees needs to be done once the candidate is accepted. They will then receive the Fee Acknowledgment Letter.
  • Step 7: If the applicant has been accepted, they must immediately apply for a student visa for Armenia. The Yerevan State Medical University will mail students their Invitation letter.

Document Required For Yerevan State Medical University Admission

  • Application to the RA Minister of Education and Science (duly completed)
  • The applicant's curriculum vitae
  • Form of Application
  • The applicant's medical record.
  • Certificates of completion and mark sheets of applicants in the 10th and 12th grades
  • Copies of the applicant's academic documents that have been attested and notarized
  • A copy of your passport showing your date of birth or a copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of your high school diploma
  • Passport-size photographs

Syllabus of MBBS in Yerevan State Medical University

If you are going to take admission to Yerevan State Medical University please look at the syllabus once and then compare the MBBS Syllabus of some Top-ranked, MCI-approved medical u n iversities. The pattern and structure of MBBS in Yerevan are


Semester Courses
1 semester Anatomy
2nd semester Anatomy and Histology
3rd semester General Pathology, Anatomy, Physiology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Histology, Biochemistry
4th semester Biochemistry, Microbiology, and physiology
5th semester Pathology, Path Physiology, Microbiology
6th semester Pathology, Pharmacology
7-12 semester General Surgery, Neurology, Primary Care medicine, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychology, ENT, Emergency Medicine, Cardiology

Hostel And Accommodation At Yerevan State Medical University

The university provides good housing and dining facilities to its students, particularly Indian students, who may enjoy Indian specialties. It has two houses for international students, each with a separate eating space for them. The rooms are completely equipped and designed with all of the necessary facilities, as well as being clean and neat. Students can use the laundry service as well.

Living Cost at Yerevan State Medical University

The cost of living in Armenia is relatively low. Daily necessities such as milk and groceries will cost between Rs. 100 and Rs. 500. A monthly pass for local transportation is available. It will set you back roughly Rs. 900. Accommodation will cost betweenRs. 14,000 and Rs. 25,000.

Why MBBS in Armenia?

  • NMC and WHO recognise Armenian medical certificates.
  • In Armenia, there is no requirement for TOEFL or IELTS for admission to the MBBS programme.
  • Armenia has a lower cost of living.
  • For worry-free schooling, it is one of Europe's safest countries.
  • It's in a good location, and it's a good learning environment.
  • In Armenia, there are no entrance tests required for MBBS admission.
  • Great surroundings for studying.

Benefits of Study MBBS in Armenia

    Armenia has a number of medical colleges that have received good rankings around the world. Some of the benefits of studying MBBS in Armenia are listed below:
  • Armenian medical universities provide high-quality MBBS education at a moderate cost.
  • Armenian medical degrees are recognised worldwide, thus students can study MBBS in Armenia with confidence.
  • After passing the licensure exam, students who return to India after completing their MBBS studies at Armenian universities will be eligible to practise medicine in India.
  • The majority of Armenia's medical universities have state-of-the-art hospitals where students can learn about the greatest medical procedures.

Our Assistance for MBBS Admission in Yerevan State Medical University

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The agency deals with the following aspects:
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Popular MBBS Destination For Indian Students

Country Average Tuition Fees(INR)
MBBS in Russia 12 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Bangladesh 23 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Egypt 30 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs
MBBS in Philippines 22 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 13 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs
MBBS in Georgia 30 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Nepal 45 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs
MBBS in Kazakhstan 15 Lakhs to 22 Lakhs
MBBS in Armenia 15 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any English language classes at Yerevan State Medical University?

All major courses are offered in English.

What is the required minimum qualification for admission?

A minimum of 55 percent in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is required in the 12th grade.

What is the age requirement for applying?

A person's age must be at least 17 years old.

Is staying in Uzbekistan too expensive?

When you calculate your expenses correctly, it's not that expensive.

Do I need to give any other entrance exams except NEET?

No, NEET is sufficient.

Is the Visa Process complicated?

No, it isn’t. Once Yerevan State Medical University provides the invitation letter, a visa is sanctioned immediately by the consulate.

Will I be able to work anywhere else other than Uzbekistan after completion of the program?

Yes, Yerevan State Medical University is internationally recognized and students of the Institute have worked in several countries around the globe.