Xinxiang Medical University is the place in Xinxiang city which is part of Henan province of China. The foreign student programs in the University have been running since more than 1500 foreign students from Nepal and India or already studying in this university. More than 120 foreign students are pursuing Western medicine from this college. This university has been operating since 1950 and authorized by WHO since 1958. Xinxiang City lies at 113 degrees east longitude and 36 degrees north latitude and 90 km away from Zhengzhou International Airport.

There are nearly 43727 students are pursuing their courses in the university among them 12486 are undergraduate, 564 postgraduate,15222 are adult education students and 16 are foreign students. There is nearly 8366 staff are working presently. more than 300 teachers are honored as a new product for training hundred of thousand-person with ability and innovation.

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There are 19 departments in the university which include medicine, literature, science, technology, and management.23 specialists in the university are from surgery psychiatrist pediatrics physiology mental illness mental health, etc. They established their master's degree in this field. It has 86 departments which include 10 research institutes for tuberculosis, mental disease, ophthalmology, 1 postdoctoral research Station, etc.


The campus of a University covered 1.158 million square areas. The agricultural area covered 73.0 7 million meters square. The university library has nearly 97.2 7000 books. It has a good relationship with 10 other foreign countries like American, Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Nepal, and more. The University has 4 medical journals i.e. Journal of Xinxiang Medical University, Journal of Ophthalmic, Recent Advances, Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics, and Journal of Clinical psychosomatic Disease.

Why MBBS in Xinxiang Medical University?

Here are the main reason to choose MBBS in this university:-

  • The university is a provisional government university and located in Xinxiang City near Zhengzhou city.
  • The medical university was founded in 1950 and the foreign student project was started in 2001.
  • More than 120 foreign students have also cleared their MBBS program.
  • Muslim and halal foods are also available for Muslim students in the university.
  • The PG program in a medical certificate is also governed by this university.
  • Pakistani student gets NOC from pmdc with 60% marks in FSC pre-medical according to pmdc rule.
  • There are highly qualified staff and a friendly environment for international students in the university.
  • It is recognized by WHO.
  • This University has 5 affiliated hospitals and 14 nonaffiliated hospitals.
  • The weather is pleasant in the City.

Fee structure:

Here are the fee details for pursuing MBBS in the university.

1-year fee

The tuition fee for the first year is 20000 RMB. the cost of the hostel which is for sharing band is 20,000 RMB. The student also has to pay 1400 RMB for insurance + visa. The amount of insurance and Visa are paid till the sixth year. For 2 sharing hostels, the cost is 4000 RMB.

2-year fee

The tuition fee for a second year is 20000 RMB. The cost of the hostel is also 2000RMB. The cost of insurance and visa is also v 1400 RMB. The total cost of the 2nd year is 23400 RMB.

3-year fee

The tuition fee for a third year is 20000 RMB. The cost of the hostel is also 2000RMB. The cost of insurance and visa is also v 1400 RMB. The total cost of 3 years is 23400 RMB.

4-year fee

The tuition fee of 4 years is 20000 RMB. The cost of the hostel is also 2000RMB. The cost of insurance and visa is also v 1400 RMB. The total cost of 4 years is 23400 RMB.

5-year fee

The tuition fee of a 5 year is 20000 RMB. The cost of the hostel is also 2000RMB. The cost of insurance and visa is also v 1400 RMB. The total cost of 5 years is 23400 RMB.

6-year fee

The tuition fee of 6 years is 20000 RMB. The cost of the hostel is also 2000RMB. The cost of insurance and visa is also v 1400 RMB. The total cost of 6 years is 23400 RMB.

The cost of food is approx rupees 8000 per month and 1 lakh per year.

About the university

The institute name of the university is Xinxiang medical university which is located in China. It ranked in 1951 in a world rank, 242 in National rank and 1890 rank on research performance Rank. You can visit the official site the method of teaching is the Chinese language. Du University profile bachelor degree. Must be a high school graduate to seek admission to this university. The application deadline is from October 20 21 to 30 October 2021.

Documents required

Here are the following documents which are required during the admission.

  • The candidate must have a photocopy of their valid passport with passport number and expiration date.
  • Passport size photo.
  • The student must have their graduation certificate which should be in Chinese or English language if not then the documents should be translated into Chinese or English language.
  • Resume which is written in English or Chinese language.
  • Academic transcript of High School.
  • The candidate must have English proficiency test certificates like IELTS or TOEFL.

How to apply

Here the following step for applying in the following courses in this university.

  • The candidates must choose their course according to their will.
  • After choosing a course, complete the application form by visiting the university website.
  • After this upload your required application documents which are mentioned in the application form.
  • After this, the student should pay a fee.
  • Track your admission status if the University accepts your admission form then they send you an admission letter.
  • After this get a proper Visa and visit the university.

Services and facilities

The University has a well-developed library. It also has a post facility financial Aids, distance learning program, academic counseling, hostels, etc. The University has its hospital.

About the city

Xinxiang is a prefecture-level city in northern Henan province China. The city had 5707801 population in the 2020 census. It was a site of the battle of Muye and headquarters of the 83rd Army group of People's Liberation Army. The city is 13 most polluted city in China. There are many famous colleges and universities situated in this city i.e. Henan Normal University, Xinxiang University, Henan institute of science and technology, Henan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College, and Xinxiang Hygiene school. There are many visiting places In Xinxiang. Some of them are:-

  1. Baoquan Tourist Resort Area
  2. The place has lush Vegetation, dense pools, Waterfalls, and various large cliffs everywhere. This place is also called "Little Jiuzhanigou" and the most popular Internet Celebrity Scenic spot. The environment is very quiet and good. There are many places for children to play interesting games.

  3. Baligou Scenic Area
  4. The place is full of waterfalls from the mountain. The place is also known as the sole of Taihang Mountain. It is South Taihang Scenery and national 5A level tourist attractions, national geographic park, and natural macaque reserve.

  5. Wanxian
  6. This place is located in the Hinterland of Taihang Mountain in the Northwest of the country. It is located 150 km away from Zhengzhou city 70 km away from Xinxiang City. This place covers 64 square km and high at 1672 m.

  7. Wulongshan Zoo
  8. This place consists of different animals. It is the most cost-effective amusement park.It opens from 9:00am to 6:00pm.You can see many varieties of animals from different countries.

  9. Guanshan National geographic park
  10. The place has beautiful weather. You can see flowers in Hongshi Gorge. This place is dominated by one like formation, the columnar peak Forest, the Tiansheng Bridge, and the great cliff. This area is a Guanshan geological and geomorphological park. You can easily be reached at this place by Shuttle bus.

Xinxiang Medical University FAQs

What is the living Standard of Xinxiang City?

The cost of living is quite low. It charges only 100 USD for food per month. Currently, it has 3 campus canteens for international students. The food is so delicious at cheap rates.

How to reach Xianxiang city from the university?

The airport facilities are not available in Xian Xiang. You have to reach Zhengzhou xinzheng international Airport by taxi or train. International students choose their travel according to the travel route from the location.

Is the university provides a vehicle for reaching the campus?

Yes, the university provides airport pick-up service to international students. Students have to send the details of the departure schedule to the university.

What are the climatic conditions of Xinxiang City?

The temperature is warm. The annual average temperature is 14 degrees i.e. (57.2 degrees F). The city remains hot in July and cold in January.

What is the ranking of Chinese medical education?

According to the report, Chinese medical education ranks 4th worldwide.