The University of West Indies

The University of West Indies

This university offers many different courses: Arts, politics, business, and sports. The faculty includes three Nobel laureates, Rhodes scholar; Gates Cambridge scholarship winners. The university cricket team previously participated in West Indian domestic cricket, but now a day student participates as part of a combined college campus team.

In UWI campus Jamaica, mona, serves as the headquarters of the UWI system, Aside from UWI Mona. This university has four major university centers; UWI St.Augustine, UWI cave Hill, UWI Five Island, and the regional and the UWI open campus that is scattered among UWI funding Caribbean nations. This university was founded in 1948 on the recommendation of the Asquith commission.

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University of the west indies system

The west indies university is the largest and most longstanding higher education provider in the commonwealth of the Caribbean with five constituent campuses.

  1. Mona ( Jamaica)
  2. Cave Hill ( Barbados)
  3. Five islands,
  4. Open campus
  5. St.Augustine

The following are the satellite campus of the university system;-

  1. Mount hope campus in Mount hope,
  2. Western jamaica campus
  3. School of clinical medicine and research in Nassau.
  4. Center for hotel and tourism management in Nassau


There is a various campus on another island to expand the UWI system, such as campus at hope, Grenada. This university has a campus at five Island, Barbuda opened in 2019.

Faculty of medical sciences.Faculty of medical sciences.

This university has many educated professors. and most doctors wear green in the United Kingdom with a smaller group trend in the United State of American this was costly not attended to a specific need of community the doctor and the train Dr remaining to the country of training.

The first faculty was medical science faculty; they were the first faculty to be established in the university college days because of the pressing need for more doctors to treat conditions such as tuberculosis treatment of typhoid and many other illnesses.

The University College was then affiliated with the University of London degree was awarded under the University of London in 1962.

Articulation and franchise programs.

In addition to the program offered by this university is one by one of faculty of University this city was very good faculty and when experience and friend also u w I extend access to its program through our nation agreement and franchise arrangement with the region is an institute. Many students can study in their home countries for the first one or two years before going campus for the third and fourth year in case of these arrangements are also arranged in this university. the local institute delivers exactly the program offered by UWI. the UWIn t University of Havana linked and agreement to join establish the institute for the system development in 2020.

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this University has very good faculties and the multi-campus program also available in this university international student with several studies and schools some of them are replicated on all four physical main campuses open campus does not have a faculty structure

The name of all 5 Island cheese are given below:-

In cave hill campus

The subjects which are studied in 5 campuses are humanities and education, slow Medical science, sports, social science, and technology.

The subject which is offered in 5 Island campus is given below.

Humanities and education health and behavior science management science and technology.

The subject which is offered in Mona campus is given humanities and education Medical science and technology social science sports, engineering, law.

St Augustine campus

The subject which is offered in St Augustine campus is humanity in education law Medical science for engineering food agriculture social science.


This University has been achieved and brand in Times higher education world in 2020 new w brand this university in 500 1 to 600 and the 2020 times higher education ranking w 18th when compared with the Latin American University universities ranking first in the Caribbean.


The Mona School of business is recently review accreditation from the association of MBA UWI Moana is fully aggregated it tertiary level institute. the programs available across the faculties at school and specialist center having also closely examined and evaluated and we are proud to say that this university is the best.

Undergraduate overview

the University of West Indies Mona campus is located in the Kingston and mon getaway in Jamaica this university of 103 undergraduate degrees and the area of medical social science community education and pure applied science.

Fees structure

the fee structure for a sponsored student from contributing countries full-time payment is US$ 10,000 the fee structure of computer system engineering is part-time US$ 367.

The fee structure for a student coming from non contributing countries US$15000.

The fee structure for humanities and education

The fee structure of humanities and education for non sponsored student from contributing countries is full-time payment is US$ 6500 and part-time is US$ 217.

the fee structure for a different course which is offered by this university you can easily go and check the official website you will get all the details of all and postgraduate, graduate and other courses fee structure.

the total estimate of living expense for preclinical is 43300 and for clinical is 49300.

the student can easily pay the fee at UWI Mona registry cashier using debit credit card bill express paymaster. Students can also be paid fees at National commercial bank Students are required to select their course online before making the payment.

Important documents

  1. Students should always carry their mark sheets along with them.
  2. students should always carry a letter of recommendation state of purpose with them.
  3. The student should carry their visa along with them.
  4. while taking admission to this university you must have to take important documents along with them like your migrations 12th mark sheet.
  5. Students should carry their Health care certificate along with them

Eligibility to take admission

to take admission in this University student have to complete the higher education with physics chemistry maths subject and having to 50% at least marks in 12th board.

the students require a visa before arriving in the country the visa is given for a maximum of six months they should have to appear for an extension and get a visa for another six months before the expander card for 1 year.

Distance question online grammar courses also available in this university.

How to apply

Students can apply online for application; all required supporting documents must be uploaded via the upload document link located on the online application page; the description line in the account must be filled in the proper space flight applicant full name program web ID.

the applicant will receive an acknowledgment email from the equalizer application on submitting supporting documents. The application can submit additional supporting documents and a cracked application link using login ID and pin.

FAQs about Fujian medical university:

Can I do a double major open campus course?

No, you can't do a double option the open campus that option is not available to open campus students.

Can I do extra courses that are not part of my degree program?

yes, you can however you would be required to submit a written request to your program manager coordinator and tell him which course you are going to take and take permission to do those courses.

Can I pursue a two-degree program at the same time with an open campus?

No as a UWI student you can only register for the one-degree program at a time.

What happens if I do not register for two consecutive semesters?

If you don't register for two consecutive semesters without pain relief or absence you will be determined to having an award in a private job which means that you have to give an again exam and your record will be updated to reflect the same.

I am out of the country and I will not be returned before the deadline date to submit my documents what option will be available for me.

you can have a family member take care of documents to open campus state on behalf of you if you have a document with you you can take the originals and one copy to each of the documents, not a republic, and have them satisfied then arrange to have a certificate document that directly to register department or you can also make the documents to our head office.

How the international applicant can submit their document

Students can easily take the original and one copy of each document to a notary e public and then email to know the copies to the virtual international student at

When does the term start for the students?

The academic year of your open campus consists of semester 1 will start from late August to mid-December and semester 2 from mid-January to mid-may.The summer season starts from mid-May to the end of July.