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Sri Lanka
Nearest Airport: Colombo International Airport Ratmalana
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$5000/ year

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  • Low Cost of Living
  • Medium of Instruction English
  • Common Cultural Aspects with India
  • Approved by MCI and WHO

" I will walk on this part alone I won't forget what's gone But I keep moving I have ignored things that are known I climbed the height I went down the sea I don't know about me all I know is I can finally be free"

Someone wrote this lines to motivate others to choose their dreams. The person who wrote this lines told us that we run behind over dreams without knowing anything we don't need to worry about others and keep moving because that will make us happy and we will be free. We don't worry about getting free when we are enjoying our childhood that's the school time. Time to dream and live we don't need to worry we can enjoy and our dreams keep changing but when we grow up we need to be serious. You sometimes even may not like the stream you choose. Many students choose the stream they don't like because of financial conditions and capability. You must never lose hope. Every stream needs hard work. For having a good life you need to make a good career. 2020 taught us many things. The year was hard but was not bad. The year taught us that we can work from home even without going to the workplace we can study without going to institutions. The year taught us importance of being serious in life. We need to be strong. We need to do hardwork if we do hardwork we can achieve everything. But you should never give up. When we do our dream job we put our whole and soul in it. We work with all the efforts. One thing more that 2020 taught is that health is the utmost priority. Most of the person choose MBBS to take care of others health and serve to the society because they like it. Becoming a successful doctor is a dream job of many. MBBS is very popular in India since ancient time. Ayurveda was also invented in India. It was invented by Dhanvantri. Ayurveda was the basic of treating people in old times. This all the things proves medicine field was always popular in India. They just want a simple life and job satisfaction. One more reason is serving to the society. When we are small we don't think much about choosing the stream only some students are clear in their mind while others mainly enjoy their school days and they have many dreams which keep on changing but after one grow up then need to think about their future and think what is right for them. They even quit on some dreams and choose one because of some reasons. But when we run for our dreams we even enjoy during the times we struggle and the happiness we get after getting success is unparallel while working also we enjoy and put our whole and soul in it we put our all efforts in the work. Doctrine is also a dream job of many students all over the world. It's very popular in Asian continent India. India itself is a subcontinent the country is second most populous country in the world. The population is large and the number of beautiful minds is also large. Doctor's gets a lot of respect because of their work doctrine is a selfless job and from the other points mentioned it's also clear that doctrine is one of the oldest field. It has always keep growing there was a time when people use to get treated from herbs now they get treated with the help of latest technology. Doctors deal with different patients daily you can learn about human behavior, other cultures and languages. A doctor is always updated to the latest technology. It's a doctor's job to keep other first. Doctrine is for those who likes challenges on daily basis. Science keeps on developing with the help of doctrine one can learn about the body both inside and outside. It's a field which never goes down it always is one growth. After doing MBBS one gets a stable job very easily. Doctrine allows you the potential to impact human life in a way that is truly unique and the job satisfaction you get is unparalleled. Lakhs of student appear for NEET in India and only some thousand qualify it shows how hard NEET is but after this hardwork they finally get paid for it. There are many advantages of MBBS and because of its popularity most of the public colleges and private medical universities in sri lanka gets field and the one which are private fees touches the sky because of this the one from high family can only are able to go to private colleges and universities other's choose to study MBBS abroad. MBBS in Sri Lanka is really good. MBBS in Sri Lanka for Indian students is considered one of the best. MBBS in Sri Lanka requirements details are also available online . There are many institutions for MBBS in Sri Lanka fees structure is also. MBBS in Sri Lanka fees admission is also in low cost. There are many MBBS in Sri Lanka Medical University in Sri Lanka or Medical College in Sri Lanka for for MBBS in Sri Lanka for Indian Students. MBBS in Sri Lanka Eligibility are not high and sri lanka mbbs fees is also low so MBBS in Sri Lanka for Indian Students is good. There are many benefits to study MBBS in Sri Lanka for Indian students but first let's know other important things

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About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Bay of Bengal and southeast of the Arabian Sea. Sri Lanka has been called “the pearl of the Indian ocean” because of its shape and location. Official language of Sri Lanka is Sinha and Tamil. Recognized language in Sri Lanka is English. Majority of Sri Lanka people follow Buddhism. The currency of the country Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan rupee. The capitals of the country are Colombo, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. Sri Lanka's documented history spans 3,000 years, with evidence of prehistoric human settlements dating back at least 125,000 yearsIt has a rich cultural heritage, and the first known Buddhist writings of Sri Lanka, the Pāli Canon, date back to the Fourth Buddhist council in 29 BCE. Its geographic location and deep harbours made it of great strategic importance from the time of the ancient Silk Road through to the modern Maritime Silk Road. Its location as a major trading hub made it known to both the far East as well as the European continent from as far back as the Anuradhapura period. The country's trade in luxury goods and spices attracted traders of many nations, creating Sri Lanka's diverse population. During a period of great political crisis, the Portuguese, whose arrival in Sri Lanka was largely accidental, sought to control the island's maritime regions and its lucrative external trade. The Portuguese possessions were later taken over by the Dutch. The Dutch possessions were then taken by the British, who later extended their control over the whole island, colonising it from 1815 to 1948. Resistance to the British was immediate. A national movement for political independence arose in the early 20th century, and in 1948, Ceylon became a republic and adopted its current name in 1972. Sri Lanka's recent history has been marred by a 26-year civil war, which ended decisively when the Sri Lanka Armed Forces defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 2009. Sri Lanka's current constitution stipulates it as a republic and unitary state governed by a semi-presidential system. It has had a long history of international engagement, as a founding member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), and a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the G77, and the Non-Aligned Movement. Sri Lanka is rated "high" on the Human Development Index (HDI), with its HDI rating and per capita income the highest among South Asian nations. The Sri Lankan constitution accords Buddhism the "foremost place", and although it does not identify it as a state religion, Buddhism is given special privileges in the Sri Lankan constitution.Sri Lanka lies on the Indian Plate, a major tectonic plate that was formerly part of the Indo-Australian Plate.[147] It is in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Bay of Bengal, between latitudes 5° and 10° N, and longitudes 79° and 82° E.Sri Lanka is separated from the mainland portion of the Indian subcontinent by the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait. According to Hindu mythology, a land bridge existed between the Indian mainland and Sri Lanka. It now amounts to only a chain of limestone shoals remaining above sea level.[149] Legends claim that it was passable on foot up to 1480 CE, until cyclones deepened the channel.[150][151] Portions are still as shallow as 1 metre (3 ft), hindering navigation. The island consists mostly of flat to rolling coastal plains, with mountains rising only in the south-central part. The highest point is Pidurutalagala, reaching 2,524 metres (8,281 ft) above sea level. The climate is tropical and warm, because of moderating effects of ocean winds. Mean temperatures range from 17 °C (62.6 °F) in the central highlands, where frost may occur for several days in the winter, to a maximum of 33 °C (91.4 °F) in other low-altitude areas. Average yearly temperatures range from 28 °C (82.4 °F) to nearly 31 °C (87.8 °F). Day and night temperatures may vary by 14 °C (25.2 °F) to 18 °C (32.4 °F). The flag of Sri Lanka, also called the Lion Flag or Sinha Flag, consists of a golden lion holding a kastane sword in its right fore-paw in a maroon background with four gold bo leaves, one in each corner. This is bordered by gold, and to its left are two vertical stripes of equal size in green and orange, with the orange stripe closest to the lion. The lion and the maroon background represent the Sinhalese, while the saffron border and four bo leaves represent Buddhism and the four Buddhist concepts of mettā, karuṇā, muditā and upekshā respectively. The stripes represent the two main minorities, with the orange representing the Sri Lankan Tamils and the green representing Sri Lankan Muslims.

Things to keep in mind for MBBS in Sri Lanka for Indian students or other country student

  • Take all the things to Sri Lanka for MBBS in Sri Lanka requirements
  • MBBS in Sri Lanka requirements can be checked online easily
  • Check MBBS in Sri Lanka requirements from a trusted website
  • You need to Carry MBBS in in Sri Lanka requirements very carefully
  • Carry money in MBBS in in Sri Lanka requirements.
  • Carry all the documents properly for MBBS in in Sri Lanka requirements
  • Check MBBS in Sri Lanka eligibility propely and take the required documents
  • There are many Medical university in Sri Lanka and many Medical College in Sri Lanka
  • Choose the medical institutions you want to go in whether it is medical university in Sri Lanka or Medical College in Sri Lanka
  • Research properly about your prefered Medical university in Sri Lanka or Medical college in Sri Lanka
  • Check the details about MBBS admission in your prefered medical university in Sri Lanka or medical College in Sri Lanka
  • Check about the medical university in Sri Lanka or medical College in Sri Lanka you choose MBBS in Sri Lanka fees Structure
  • Check about the MBBS in Sri Lanka eligibility in medical university in Sri Lanka or medical College in Sri Lanka you choose
  • Check all the details about MBBS in Sri Lanka for Indian students efore things before going to Sri Lanka..
  • You can ask someone about the country if you know anyone who studied MBBS in Sri Lanka.
  • As an international student you need to know about Sri Lanka. Start early studying for the assessment and when it's time for assessment be ready for the assessment Sri Lankais a safe country but avoid going to the places you don't know about and specially alone
  • Don't hesitate to ask doubt about anything even some medical colleges in sri lanka and universities has foreign student help service
  • It's ok to feel homesick when you are away from your home in Sri Lanka but do not let it affect you body and studies. You can take a break and talk to you friends.
  • Keep in mind to carry enough money until you have ATM or bank account and use your money wisely. Sri Lankanis safe but be aware about the fact that foreigners have a risk of pickpocketing.
  • Sri Lanka eather is good and adjustable but not all Indian have the habit of kolkata weather so be ready to experience the change.
  • Check all the details for MBBS in Sri Lanka for Indian students admission
  • Check all the details for MBBS in Sri Lanka fees
  • Check all the details to study MBBS in Sri Lanka Eligibility
  • MBBS in Sri Lanka for Indian students is beneficial because it's not to far from India so it won't cost to much and sri lanka mbbs fees is already low
  • MBBS in Sri Lanka fees is available online
  • Check MBBS in Sri Lanka fees from trusted websites

Why choose MBBS in Sri Lanka and it's advantages

  • There are many Medical university in Sri Lanka and Medical college in Sri Lanka who teaches low MBBS in Sri Lanka fees
  • The medium of teaching is english yet MBBS in Sri Lanka fees is low
  • MBBS in Sri Lanka is provided with all the latest technology in low MBBS in Sri Lanka fees
  • MBBS university approved by NMC India are only two their MBBS in Sri Lanka fees is also and it's very good the quality of education is really high
  • Literacy rate in Sri Lanka is 96% showing that the country is developed and the quality of education.
  • MBBS private medical universities in sri lanka and medical colleges in sri lanka may not be approved by top medical comissions but they provide quality education in much more low fees
  • The infrastructure of the colleges and universities for MBBS in Sri Lanka is good.
  • With the continuous development and improvement in Sri Lanka in the last few years the quality of education in the country has also developed rapidly. The rapid development and increasing quality of education has attracted students from all over the world to study MBBS in Sri Lanka
  • MBBS admission in Sri Lanka is safe
  • The medium language of teaching and instructing in many colleges and universities for MBBS in Sri Lanka is English and english is a world wide spoken language. English is secondary language in India so because of this one don't need to learn the language for one year
  • The colleges and universities in Sri Lanka organizes seminars that helps the students to get a job in foreign countries.
  • The climatic conditions of Sri Lanka are good and easy to adapt.
  • The lifestyle is simple in Sri Lanka that is easy to adapt
  • Living expenses are low in comparison with other countries in Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka has 100% literacy rate. Sri Lanka has world-famous research infrastructure and top-tier quality of education. Sri Lanka attracts a lot of international students, especially Indian students who want to study medicine in sri lanka. Sri Lanka literacy rate claims it's high quality education
  • There are many options for colleges and universities for MBBS in Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka provides education at
  • the level of colleges and universities in U. K. And U.S.A at half of the prices
  • Sri Lanka is clean and green country
  • Travelling is also easy in Sri Lanka
  • The food in Sri Lanka is really good.
  • Sri Lanka is a partially developdd country with many cities which are well developed .
  • Visiting Sri Lanka will help you learn a new language
  • Going to the country you can learn about a new culture and a religion
  • The fee of MBBS in Sri Lanka is low so it's best to study MBBS in Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka is close to India and easy to adjust as you can find similarity in both the countries cultures similar but yet so different
  • You don't need to give any capitation and donation for mbbs in sri lanka fees
  • You don't need to worry about bullying for MBBS in Sri Lanka

Top cities to do MBBS in Sri Lanka


About Colombo

Colombo is the commercial capital and largest city of Sri Lanka by population. According to the Brookings Institution, Colombo metropolitan area has a population of 5.6 million, and 752,993 in the city proper. It is the financial centre of the island and a tourist destination. It is located on the west coast of the island and adjacent to the Greater Colombo area which includes Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, the legislative capital of Sri Lanka and Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia. Colombo is often referred to as the capital since Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is within the urban area of, and a suburb of, Colombo. It is also the administrative capital of the Western Province and the district capital of Colombo District. Colombo is a busy and vibrant city with a mixture of modern life, colonial buildings and monuments. Like many cities, Colombo's urban area extends well beyond the boundaries of a single local authority,[citation needed] encompassing other municipal and urban councils such as Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Municipal Council, Dehiwala Mount Lavinia Municipal Council, Kolonnawa Urban Council, Kaduwela Municipal Council and Kotikawatte Mulleriyawa Pradeshiya Sabha.Colombo's geography is a mix of land and water. The city has many canals and, in the heart of the city, the 65-hectare (160-acre) Beira Lake.

University of Kelaniya

It is a state University in colombo Sri Lanka. It was established in 1859 in Sri Lanka.
This university is NMC India approved it has low fees and it provides quality education with all the required facilities. Studying in this university is really beneficial.

About Nugegoda

Nugegoda is a large, densely populated suburb of Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is in the border of Sri Jayawardenapura Municipal Council Limits and Dehiwela Mt. Lavinia Municipal Council Limits, just outside Colombo City Limits. Central Nugegoda is a collection of densely packed shops and mixed residential areas.Nugegoda was a small town a few decades ago but has seen a high degree of growth and development recently. Known as Dimbulgas Handiya in the past, the name “Nugegoda” is assumed to come from the term “Nugen Egoda. A newly created flyover has been constructed and open for public usage on 23 January 2009. The first stage is directed towards Maharagama - Colombo. The Government says the second stage will be started in the near future.

University of Sir Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda

University of Sir Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda In Sri Lanka is too university of Sri Lanka. It was established in 1958.It was formed in 1958 out of the Vidyodaya Pirivena, a Buddhist educational centre which was founded in 1873 by Ven. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thera. The university MBBS is really beneficial as the university is NMC India approved and provides all the facilities to do MBBS

MBBS in Sri Lanka eligibility

  • The student must be of 17 years of age
  • The maximum age must be 25 years.
  • The student must have passed 12 with biology, Physics and chemistry with 60 percent marks
  • The student must have got 7 GPA in biology chemistry and physics
  • The student must have passed NEET with 50 percent marks.
  • The students with more than 2 years of gap of studies are not Eligible

MBBS in Sri Lanka fees

  • MBBS in Sri Lanka fees is around $5000
  • MBBS university and colleges hostel fees annually is $500
Do I need to give entrance exam?

No you don't need to give entrance exam but you must check the eligibility criteria

Is leaving in Sri Lanka safe?

Yes it is safe for students as the college and university has security and the country follows strict laws.

How can I practice in India if have Sri Lanka degree?

You can practice in India if you have Georgia degree as the college are recognized by MCI ( national medical commission now