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  • Medium of Instruction -English
  • Globally recognised universities
  • Approved by MCI and WHO

Azerbaijan, the country and former Soviet republic are bounded by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, which range Asia and Europe. Its capital, Baku, is acclaimed for its medieval walled Inner City. Inside the Inner City lie the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, an eminent retreat dating to the fifteenth century, and the hundreds of years old stone Maiden Tower, which dominates the city skyline. The currency name is Azerbaijani manat. As per the 2019 population census was 99.8 lakhs. The official language of this nation is Azerbaijani.

Azerbaijan has an outstanding reputation in Educational Sector compared to other Islamic Nation's, thousands of students pursuing different Medical Courses, especially in Azerbaijan Medical University, World Famous in MBBS Program, This Country gives six years MD program which is equivalent to MBBS.

The Study pattern is based on the Russian language, but students have to clear the IELTS English proficiency language test. Studying MBBS In Azerbaijan is the most beneficial for students who want to study in the US and Russian Medical College as these countries prefer Azerbaijan Medical Students a lot for PG Courses or practice as a doctor.

Study MBBS in Azerbaijan is the wisest decision for those students who wish to study in Good Climate And Peaceful Atmosphere. Azerbaijan has collaboration with Reputed Medical Organizations such as WHO, MCI, UNESCO etc. The Passout MBBS students get a job very quickly all over the World & also they have an option to work as a doctor in Azerbaijan County.

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Why should you choose MBBS in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has raised a ton of enchantment among universal students to examine MBBS in Azerbaijan. As we are probably aware, India's implacable struggle for MBBS seats in government just as private universities. Because of constrained seats in India for MBBS, all students do not get admission to the celebrated schools regardless of clearing the NEET test with a fair score.

Students who do not get seats in Indian schools can apply for MBBS in Azerbaijan. MBBS in Azerbaijan has gotten observed as of late. Azerbaijan gives an MD degree which is identical to an MBBS degree in different nations of the World.

MBBS in Azerbaijan is asserted by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other notable worldwide bodies. The degree granted by the clinical colleges for finishing MBBS is recognized comprehensively.

The span of this course is six years. In the sixth year, there is a required entry-level position for the students. The instruction core and educational program for MBBS in Azerbaijan are as indicated by the universal measures. MBBS universities additionally set up the students for clearing the USMLE assessment.

MBBS in Azerbaijan is a wise choice for Indian students. Azerbaijan is an Eastern European & Western Asia country. It shares a boundary with Georgia, Russia, Armenia & Iran. Azerbaijan is bounded by the Caspian Sea & Caucus Mountain in the region of Eurasia. The official language is Azerbaijani, and other prefer languages are Russian, Georgian, English etc. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, and some other major cities are Sheki, Ganja, Shirvan etc.

Azerbaijan is a very oldest country in which most people's are Islamic & Christians few people's are from other religions. The Total Population of Azerbaijan is around 1 Crore approx. This Country is Tie-up With Top Notch Organizations such as NATO, UNESCO, WTO, WHO etc. and has an excellent relationship with more than 150 countries, including India.

The Temperature Varies a lot due to Mountains & Deserts in Summer's maximum Temperature is around 35 ℃ & Winter's minimum four ℃, The Currency of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani Manat ( AZN ), & 1 AZN is equals to 44.19 INR.

MBBS in Azerbaijan ranking is quite prominent.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Azerbaijan:

  • MBBS in Azerbaijan fees is quite low.
  • All-inclusive recognized degrees granted by clinical colleges in the wake of finishing MBBS
  • Straightforward confirmation methodology.
  • MBBS in Azerbaijan guided in English.
  • Can show up for screening test like USMLE, MCI, PLAB, and so on in the wake of finishing MBBS in Azerbaijan.
  • A few colleges offer help to the students to clear the MCI screening test.
  • A shielded nation as the crime percentage in Azerbaijan is exceptionally less when contrasted with different nations.
  • The minimal strain of living in Azerbaijan.
  • Universal presentation to the students who need to seek after MBBS in Azerbaijan.
  • No discrimination among students based on religion, belief, race, sexual orientation, and so on.
  • A friendly domain in Azerbaijan.
  • More incredible work open doors for graduates Azerbaijan.
  • MBBS in Azerbaijan ranking is quite high.

Eligibility for MBBS Studies at Azerbaijan University:

  • He or she must be between 17 years to 25 years
  • Students must have studied biology, chemistry, and physics during their 12th education for Azerbaijan Medical University affirmation.
  • Students must acquire at least 60% marks in order to get enrolled to MBBS in Azerbaijan.
  • A student must have qualified NEET examination.
  • A valid passport and Visa are vital.

Why Indian Students do MBBS In Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is a colossal country every Year, many medical students, engineering students, or other students pursue Higher Educational courses that include Indian students. Suppose we talk about Medical Field Thousands of Indian Students In Azerbaijan pursuing MBBS or Pg Level Courses.

Safest Country for Indian Students in Azerbaijan, Friendly & Cooperative Atmosphere For Indian Students in Azerbaijan. The cost of living is relatively low, and Tuition Fees is also Affordable For Indian Students.

All Medical Universities in Azerbaijan is MCI approved, which means Indian students are eligible to Work as Doctor in India after giving MCI Screening Test. Indian Students in Azerbaijan feel comfortable studying MBBS to visit famous beautiful places such as Atsehgarh Temple Azerbaijan Carpet Museum Baku, National Museum Baku, Caspian Sea, Maharani Indian Restaurant, Dera Restaurant Baku Azerbaijan etc.

The Russian Language is mandatory to Study mbbs in Azerbaijan. However, No Need To Worry For Indian Students can quickly learn the Russian Language because It is elementary and easy to understand.

Admission process for Indian Students in Azerbaijan in the MBBS program is also relatively easy. The Distance between India & Azerbaijan is 3,679 KMS approx & India is 1 hour 30 minutes ahead of Azerbaijan.

MBBS in Azerbaijan fees is quite economical. Also MBBS in Azerbaijan ranking is quite high. MBBS in Azerbaijan courses are quite well designed.

MBBS in Azerbaijan Admission Process:

  • Step 1
    Students need to submit their Documents and after that, we will provide you Application form of Azerbaijan Medical University for MBBS course.
  • Step 2
    After that Fill Out Your necessary details in Application Form such as personal details, original id, birth certificate, NEET & IELTS scorecard, 10+2 Marksheet & passport details etc. The score has to be filled for MBBS in Azerbaijan admission process.
  • Step 3
    Now Students have to pay the Application fee and submit the Application form to Azerbaijan Medical Universities. This is an online process. Hence, students have a chance to look out correct information or guidelines related to Azerbaijan Medical Colleges.
  • Step 4
    Wait for few days for the Shortlisted of your Application form it may take 20-25 days.
  • Step 5
    After your Application form is shortlisted, you will get a Call for College Test. After clearance your Test You will get an Authorization or OFFER Letter from Azerbaijan Medical College.
  • Step 6
    Now After getting Offer letter, you can take out your Student Visa for Azerbaijan.

Indian Embassy Advisory For study MBBS in Azerbaijan-2020:

FOR INDIAN STUDENTS WISHING to pursue MEDICAL IN AZERBAIJAN, Azerbaijan offers educational activity in medical at the Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) of the govt. Of the Republic of Azerbaijan. There are not any privately owned medical universities in Azerbaijan. The courses offered by AMU are General Medicines (6 years), Stomatology (5 years) and Pharmacy courses (4 years) are offered by the AMU.

Indian Students seeking admission within the AMU are informed that India's Medical Council (MCI) recognizes ONLY the MBBS degree. Upon completing the degree course at AMU, Indian students are required to clear the screening test conducted by MCI to receive the certificate for practice in India as MBBS doctors. Therefore, recognition of the medical degrees awarded by AMU is not relevant. For clarification regarding the eligibility certificate, please contact the Medical Council of India [email:].

MBBS in Azerbaijan admission: Critical Points To Study MBBS In Azerbaijan

  • High-Class Quality Education
  • MBBS in Azerbaijan fees is quite economical.
  • Cost of living is also Affordable or Under budget for Indian or Foreign Students.
  • No Donation Admission only based on Merit and Reserved Quota in Azerbaijan Medical University
  • The Atmosphere and Climate are quite beautiful for International Students.
  • Highly Experienced and Professional Teaching Staff.
  • One year Internship is available in Government or Private Hospitals in Azerbaijan.
  • No Drinking and Smoking allowed in College Campus.
  • No late Night Entrance in College Campus
  • Aware of Fraud Agents who make false promises.
  • Easy Admission Process in Azerbaijan Medical Colleges.
  • The University Campus and Hostel are beautiful and well cleaned in Azerbaijan.
  • No Ragging & Eve Teasing for Freshers Medical Students.
  • The Azerbaijan Country is Quite Safe & Secure for Boys & Girls, and the Safety of Girls Medical Students Separate hostel facilities are available in Azerbaijan medical colleges.
  • Some Useful & Famous Places to Roam for International Students in Azerbaijan are Mayden Tower, Yanar Dag, Palace of the Shirvanshahs, Flame Towers, Waterfront Park, Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, Fountain Square, National Museum, Oxen Club, Energi Club etc.
  • MBBS in Azerbaijan ranking is quite high.
  • MBBS in Azerbaijan admission is quite easy.

MBBS in Azerbaijan admission: How To Apply Student Visa For MBBS in Azerbaijan?

  • Application Form consists of Original Id, Passport, Purpose Of Visit, NEET Scorecard, IELTS, Qualification Details, Personal Details & Offer Letter.
  • Without College Offer Letter You will not be eligible to Apply Student Visa for Azerbaijan.
  • After Successfully completion of Application, Form Students need to Pay Online Fee For Visa Application Form.
  • Students need to wait for 25 days. After submission of the Visa Application form, They will get a Call For Visa Interview.
  • Within the 40-50 Days Of Overall Process, You will get your Student Visa.

List Of Medical Universities in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a magnificent country in the Medical field, so they have many colleges offering medical courses such as MBBS, BDS, PG courses, etc. So here is the List of University for mbbs in Azerbaijan:

  • Azerbaijan State Medical University
  • Khazar Medical University
  • Baku University
  • Qafqaz University
  • Older Yurdu University

MBBS in Azerbaijan admission: Azerbaijan State Medical University

University is Affiliate from Top Notch Organizations such as WHO, MCI, Ministry of Education Azerbaijan, Member of Black Sea Universities Association, Member of International Universities Association, Member of European Universities etc.

Every Year in Azerbaijan Medical University 9000 International & Azerbaijan Students are persuing different Higher Level Medical related Educational Courses in which 1800 approx are MBBS students & around 2400 Academic & Administrative Staffs are working in Azerbaijan Medical University. Some of the significant faculties are Faculty of Scientist, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Psychiatry etc.

India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Russia and many other countries' students prefer to choose Azerbaijan Medical University for Studying MBBS in Azerbaijan or Other Medical Pg Courses. Teaching language is English & Russian in Azerbaijan Medical University.

Azerbaijan Medical University has Huge Campus, which has Advance Classrooms, Practical Labs, Library, Canteen, Playground and many more things. They have 6 Separated Hostels for Boys, Girls & International Students respectively & in Hostels, everything is available for students' welfare such as Fridge, TV, Wifi Facility, etc.

MBBS in Azerbaijan ranking of Azerbaijan State Medical University is quite high.

MBBS in Azerbaijan admission: Khazar Medical University

Around 2600 Medical Students are persuing MBBS, BDS, Pg, or other diploma courses from Khazar University. Over 300 Highly Professional Teachers are working as faculties in Khazar University and 600 approx. Administrative staffs are also working at this University.

For Indian, Pakistani, Russian and other Foreigners Student are studying in Khazar University, and their Mode of Attraction is Beautiful Atmosphere and Huge Campus. Khazar University has Advance Classrooms, Modern Practical Labs, Huge Library, Hostels, Food Canteen, Big Playgrounds, Swimming pool, 24*7 wifi Facility etc.

MBBS in Azerbaijan ranking: Khazar University QS & World Ranking

The Khazar University QS Ranking 714 & their World Ranking is 5392.

MBBS in Azerbaijan fees: Khazar University MBBS Fee Structure

The Khazar University MBBS/MD fees are Rs. 6.10 Lakhs/year which includes Tuition fee + Hotel Fee + Miscellaneous Charges

MBBS in Azerbaijan admission: Baku State University (BSU)

Around 1400 Academic Teachers and 2000 approx. Administrative Staffs are working at Baku State University. All-Academic Staff is highly Professional and Well Trained Teachers. Every Year 1800 approx. Students are pursuing MBBS course from BSU, Some of MBBS Faculties are Faculty of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty Of Surgery etc.

BSU has huge College Campus for MBBS in Azerbaijan and Beautiful Hostels for boys and girls, Good Classroom, Practical Labs, Huge Library, Canteen, Playground, 24*7 Wifi facility etc. Baku State University also arrange International seminars and group studies for Foreign and Local Students. The Education Pattern for MBBS is based on English and Russian Language.

MBBS in Azerbaijan ranking: BSU University QS & World Ranking

The Basu State World Ranking & QS Ranking was between 801-1000 in 2020-21.

MBBS in Azerbaijan fees: Baku State University MBBS Fee Structure

The Baku State University for MBBS/MD fees is Rs. 6.50 Lakhs/year which includes Tuition fee + Hotel Fee + Miscellaneous Charges

MBBS in Azerbaijan admission: Approvals Of Azerbaijan Colleges for MBBS in Azerbaijan

  • World Health Organization ( WHO )
  • United Nation Organizations for Educational, Social & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • Medical Council Of India ( MCI )
  • Educational Commission for Medical Graduates ( ECFMG )
  • The Foundation For Advancement Of International Medical & Research ( FAIMER )
  • Ministry of Education, Azerbaijan

MBBS in Azerbaijan courses

MBBS in Azerbaijan courses are almost the same as other countries, the pattern of education of MBBS in Azerbaijan courses is based on Preclinical, Clinical and Para Clinical Subjects.

Subjects are divided into ten semesters for five years of practical and theoretical knowledge as per MBBS in Azerbaijan courses. Each Year consists of a maximum of 2 Semesters.

Some of the Subjects for MBBS in Azerbaijan courses are Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biomedical, General Medicine, Physiology, Psychiatry, Surgery, Radiology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Respiratory System, Pathology, Urinary System, Endocrinology, Cardiovascular System and many more. The MBBS in Azerbaijan courses in Azerbaijan may vary according to different colleges.

MBBS in Azerbaijan courses are accepted globally.

MBBS in Azerbaijan admission: Cost Of Study For MBBS In Azerbaijan

The Cost of Study For MBBS in Azerbaijan is Quite Low As comparatively lesser than Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia etc. The Medical Universities in Azerbaijan mainly focuses on providing Maximum Education at Low & Affordable Cost.

  • Average Cost of Study in Azerbaijan is around Rs. 35-36 Lakhs For six years MBBS Tuition Fee + Hostel Fee. MBBS in Azerbaijan fees is quite low.
  • The Average Living Cost for those who do not use Azerbaijan College hostels is also under Budget & It may cost up to Rs. 70 thousand Per Year.
  • Food & Other Miscellaneous charges are also Quite Low with Rs. 20-25 thousand per year.

MBBS in Azerbaijan admission: Quick Review For the Indian Students To Study MBBS In Azerbaijan

  • Duration of MBBS Course is six years
  • Minimum Qualification: 60% in 10+2 for General Category & 40 % for Reserved Category & NEET Scorecard is also required.
  • Last Date To Apply: 15th July every Year.
  • Time Taken To Process For Visa: Minimum two months
  • English Proficiency Test: IELTS mandatory
  • Minimum Tuition Fee: 6 lakhs per Year
  • Minimum Living Cost: 8-10 thousand per month
  • MBBS in Azerbaijan courses are well designed.

Documents Required for MBBS In Azerbaijan

  • 10+ 2 Marksheet
  • Original Id & Birth certificate
  • School Transfer Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • Passport & Student Visa
  • NOC From Police Authorities
  • NEET Scorecard
  • IELTS Scorecard
  • Offer Letter From Azerbaijan Medical University
  • Bank Statement of Students Guardian.
  • Students also need to inform and get clearance from the Azerbaijan Embassy.
  • 4-5 Passport Size Photographs
  • Health Certificate & Covid-19 Test is Very Important

About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country located in the southern part of the Caucasus, at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe. It shares a border with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and its exclave with Turkey.

Due to its particular geographic location, Azerbaijan is a real blend of East and West, with a deep and intriguing history. For this reason, in my opinion, this is a particularly interesting Caucasian country.

Yet, despite this huge potential, Azerbaijan is not found on tourist maps.

Baku is an almost futuristic city that combines both tradition and modernity

Baku is a city that shocks and surprises anyone. From a very ancient and perfectly restored Old City to some of the most extravagant buildings built thanks to petrol, Baku is a luxurious capital that managed to keep all their ancient sites.

One of the cheapest countries in the world

Seriously, this country is too cheap for what you get.
It’s definitely cheaper than Armenia, Georgia, and perhaps.
Outside of the fancy places in Baku, at local eateries, you’ll pay a maximum of 4AZN (2USD) for a filling meal. Since the country is rich in gas and petrol, the price of transportation is just ridiculous.

A single ride by metro costs 0.30AZN (18¢) and you can easily find a pint of beer for as little as 1AZN (50¢). Azerbaijan is the backpacker’s dream.
Sitting at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe doesn’t only influence the cultural behavior and the way they look but, over the centuries, it has also shaped the extremely varied Azerbaijani food.

Basically, the local food in Azerbaijan is loads of different food coming from Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, etc., all cooked and served with a local twist. Whereas in other countries from the region, the food may be a bit monotonous, in Azerbaijan is extremely varied.

Our beloved Azerbaijan is a tiny country, but it turns out that 9 out of the 11 climate zones can be found there: From high altitude Caucasian Mountains to vast hot deserts, green meadows and coastal areas.

Besides, did you know that 50% of the mud volcanoes in the world are found in Azerbaijan? They are located around Qobustan, 50 kilometers from Baku.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the yearly instructive cost for the program at Azerbaijan Medical University?

The cost at Azerbaijan Medical University varies depending upon the picked program and decisions: Only Baku, with or without a settlement, or Baku-USA Clinical practice.

What are the other appropriate charges?

Students will require around USD 300 PLUS other principal expenses to cover understanding administrations and clinical tests.

Do costs consolidate books? What is the assessed cost for books per semester?

In the essential Year at AMU, course readings are subbed with methodic flyers and instructors' notes. Students can copy from or acquire books from the library. Students should choose to purchase understanding material. They can measure to spend generally US$400 in the entire Year.

Could costs be paid in EMI?

Charges must be secured yearly.

Where to access application structure?

You can download the enrolment structure from an administrator's webpage or be sent to your email upon request. Students will, in like manner, need to consent to 2 arrangements.

When should this application structure be done?

Mid-August must do the application structure for September utilization.

Will the Student have to pay VISA costs concerning the growth of stay when they land in Azerbaijan?

This organization is associated with the group charges.

Are guardians allowed with the Student on their first journey or visit the grounds?

TRC will not have the choice to give Visa requesting to guardians. TRC could help/admonish security guards who land in Azerbaijan as explorers with finding transport and settlement to a detriment.

What about accommodation?

All settlement is granted to two distinct inhabitants. Comfort will change from housing to motel, from territory to zone. A couple of rooms are en suite. Students may stop referencing settlement to search for their own. Starting at now, various understudies rent private settlement.

What are the things students need to bring during their study tour?

Students have to bring a constrained amount of money and an overall Mastercard. Agreeable clothing for the Winter and some light clothing for the pre-summer should be consolidated. Most understudies buy winter covers and shoes as they are continuously changed according to the atmosphere's close.

Is it necessary for students to bring their laptop?

Students may bring their PC or laptop.