Soochow university

Soochow university

Soochow University is the best public University in China. The institution is a part of the Chinese ministry of education project and a Jiangsu provincial key comprehensive university. The school of humanities, clothing engineering, and Schuster of textile, chemical engineering, and materials science and school of medicine are the university most visibly distinguished schools. This university has 3 main lake campuses, Yangcheng lake campus, and the Dushu lake campus. This university covers an area of 2,705,000 square meters with a total building area of more than 182 million square meters. The university facilitates strong research with the material in almost every area including nearly 4 million books, over 30 million foreign and Chinese periodic and more than 1.1 million foreign, Chinese, and e-book and also has an attitude Chinese and foreign language databases. This university currently has 26 postal doctor programs and 24 main disciplines doctoral programs including 167 doctoral programs with different areas and one professional doctor project with 47 discipline master programs including 244 degrees with a different area of emphasis. This University has a variety of programs and a strong foundation for students to get educated in almost any area.

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Under graduation program

Soochow University is located in Suzhou and is also called Paradise on Earth. This university is a part of the national 2011 projects and 2011 plans. In every area of this Universityhaving nearly 4 million books over 30 minutes Chinese and foreign products, more than 1.1 Chinese and foreign books available in this university. The university has three campuses i.e. main campus, Dushu Lake Campus, Yangcheng Lake campus. The campus covers 2,705,000 square meters. The building covers more than 182 million square meters. This university has currently 26 posts doctoral program,24 main discipline doctoral programs. It includes 167 doctoral programs,47 main discipline master programs,124 undergraduate programs. The University has also 12 major disciplines i.e. economic, law, education, literature history, science, engineering, agriculture Medicine, Management, Science, and arts. It gets positive results and receives very good reviews both abroad and locally. The university has partnerships with the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.


The university was found in May 2007. The life of the student in the university develops student learning practice organization and innovation. the union of the student has main office management, Centre information Centre, supervising Centre culture Centre, Finance Centre. It organizes the Mid Autumn concert, Music Culture Week. The campus singing competition and many more activities. The university has been honored as the top ten outstanding Youth Fraternity summer Practice Teams of Jiangsu Province. Dongwu Drama Club is established in 1908.

Fee structure

1.PhD in Epidemiology and health statistics.

The duration of the course is 3-year programs. The fee structure of the course is 281,537 INR. The total fee of the course is 844,612 INR. The insurance fee is 6,757 INR. The yearly tuition fee is 25,000 RMB.
The deadline for the application form is 30 June 2021.

2.Masters in Music and Dance

The duration of a course is three years. The tuition fee of the course is 157,661INR per year. The total tuition fee is 472,983 INR. The insurance fee is 6,757 INR. The deadline for application is June 30. The tuition fee is 14,000RMB per year.

3.Masters in Chemistry

The duration of the course is 3 years. The tuition fee of the course is 157,661 INR for a year. The total tuition fee of the course is 47293 INR. The insurance is 6,757INR. The application deadline is June 30.

4.PhD in higher education

The duration of the course is 3 years. The tuition fee is 180,184 INR per year. The total tuition fee is 540,552 INR. The insurance fee is 6,757 INR. The application deadline is 30 June 2021.

5.Masters in Material Science and Engineering5.Masters in Material Science and Engineering

The duration of the fee is 3 years. The application date starts from June 2021. The yearly tuition fee is 16,000 RMB.

6.PhD in Energy and environment system Engineering

The duration of the course is 3 years. The registration date starts from June 2021 the early tuition fee is 213,968 INR.

7.PhD in new energy science and engineering

The duration of the course is a 3 year the registration deadline is June 2021 the early tuition fee is 281,537 INR.

8.PhD in Medical Cell and Molecular Biology

The duration of the course is also 3 years the yearly tuition fee is 2185 37 INR The application deadline is June 2021.

9.PhD in Animal husbandry

The application deadline is June 2021 this is also a 3-year duration the fee structure of the course is 218537 INR.

10.PhD in hygiene Toxicology

The application deadline is June 2021 this is also a 3-year duration the fee structure of the course is 218537 INR.

11.PhD in maternal, Child, and Adolescent health

The application deadline is June 2021 this is also a 3-year duration the fee structure of the course is 218,537 INR.


Soochow University has its hostel for both girls and boys. apartment one is for a female student and apartment 2 is for male students and apartment 3 is for Co-ed. The cost of a sharing room is 800 Yuan per month and 500 Yuan for a month during holidays. The private room cost 1400 Yuan per month permit during the school year, 2001 per month during holidays, and 7000 for the semester. Apartment 17 and 18 are for female candidates the cost of a shared room is 600 UN per month for school days and holidays and 3000 Yuan per semester.

Admission process

The documents required for the Admission process is:-

  1. Passport
  2. Official transcript
  3. Passport size photo
  4. Personal statement
  5. Graduation
  6. English certificate
  7. Guarantor letter
  8. 2 Recommendation letters
  9. Guarantor letter

After filling the application form send application documents during the application some documents are used later.

Application process

  1. The first step of filling application form is to choose the program and pay the application fee.
  2. after filling the application form the candidate must upload their application document as required.
  3. Once the admission form is submitted the university review your application within 2 to 3 days and asks for clarification.
  4. After the procedure you will get an application ID from the university. After this, the University contact you for further questions.
  5. If University accepts your admission then it will send you an admission letter and asked to pay the father fee the fee is nonrefundable and deposit to the university.
  6. After completing all these formalities you will get an admission letter and Visa from your country.

Eligibility criteria

the minimum age required for seeking admission in the university is 16 years and the maximum age 65. The candidate must know about the English language you will be either and native English speaker or study a degree in English courses or have a high-level knowledge of English for having an English certificate. IELTS level 6 or TOEFL is required. The minimum education level is master's.


they are a total of 48549 students out of which 30% students are from pages and 68% students are from UG. The international student is 1403 out of which 83% UG students and 17% and PG students.

The total faculty staff in the university is 3618 out of which 189 are international staff and 3429 are the domestic staff.

Why choose Soochow University?

There are many reasons to choose Soochow University. Some of them are:-

  1. The University has a high quality of education.
  2. The university is located in a good location. It is situated in the South part of the young Chishti delta which is close to Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing.
  3. The city has comfortable weather and low living expense.
  4. The University has an outstanding team it consists of five members of the Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering and 27 strong teaching teams.
  5. Chinese teachers have teaching experience and a good reputation for teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
  6. The university is the best for study. It is a beautiful campus hostel staff and supports services. University also has important book stocks. it is the best for excellent quality at a reasonable price.


How can I pay my tuition fee and other fees by credit card?

it really depends upon the university most of the China University can only accept payment through cash for union pay card if you arrive on payment before you paid before arriving in China you may use your credit card or another international payment method also available.

When Students can apply for scholarships?

The government has given many scholarships for Chinese student applicants to apply from each January to March application from different scholarship March to April the deadline varies on each University.

What kind of visa can I hold to inter University?

Usually, students in China more than 6 months is required to hold a student visa. They can renew their visa also for one year.