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Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

Ulitsa L'va Tolstogo, 6-8, St Petersburg, Russia
Nearest Airport: Pulkovo Airport
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St Petersburg, Russia

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  • Low Cost of Living
  • Have Proficient Faculties
  • Globally recognised University
  • Approved by MCI and WHO

About Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

Introduction- The First Pavlov State medical university was the first built medical university in the Saint Petersburg region. It has a 123 years old history of excellence and achievements which is why it is now listed under the top 10 medical institutes of the European continent. Needless to say, this university has gained immense respect and admiration throughout Russia and the world. It was established in 1897 and was known as the Medical Institute for Women for it was made as the first-ever attempt to provide women of the country an opportunity to learn and create history. This institute by developing high standards of medicinal training and research later implemented the most advanced form of diagnostics and treatments. In 1917 it also got the honor to host the inaugural session of the Free Association for the development and Dissemination of Positive Science (SARRPN).

The Naming history is also a long one and has changed many times over the years. The women's medical institute of St. Petersburg (1918), the First Institute of Leningrad also the First Med (1924). Not only this in 1936 it was renamed yet again after Nobel laureate Ivan Pavlov. And finally, in 1994, it became the university as we know it today. The university played its role in World War II and provided medical assistance to families and soldiers. There is a statue built on the campus as a memorial for the martyred doctors of that horrific time.

Something about the City-

Saint Petersburg previously Petrograd and later Leningrad is one of the most populous places in Russia. It is also coming under the most crowded and busiest places in the entire European continent. The city has historically rich past and culture. Students get to experience the largest city in Russia with a population of 52,22,000 and an area of 1439 square km. The climate is quite pleasant during summers and winters are quite harsh but it receives enough rainfall. The city is the administrative center and has so many tourists spots. It has about 2000 libraries and hundreds of museums.

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Affiliation And Recognition of Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

These are the renowned bodies who have given recognition the Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

  • The Saint Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • It is accredited to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
  • It has also gained recognition from the General medical council of Britain and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).
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Why Study MBBS At Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University?

There are various reasons why you should choose Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University to study MBBS.
Some of the reasons are

  • The university is one of the first in Europe to provide women medical education and have alumni Like Anna Akimovna Sakhnovskaya the first woman to be appointed as professor of Medicine in any university.
  • The medicine faculty is one of the most known ones which focuses on all important subjects like oncology, molecular genetics and, transplantation.
  • The university has international collaborations with various health care institutes across the globe like in Sweden, Berlin, United States of America, and Finland.
  • The infrastructure is well built and maintained. The university has various technological resources for students like modernized laboratories and smart boards.
  • The strength is kept limited in each batch in an attempt to provide individual attention to all medical students.
  • The students get to work with experienced faculty during the course and get to work as well.
  • The one-year internship program is paid and provides students to get an idea about the practical life as doctors.

Quick Highlights Of About Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

Year of Establishment 1897
University Type Government
Recognition NMC and WHO approved
Eligibility 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Aggregate
Course Duration 6 Years
NEET Qualifying Marks
IELTS/TOFEL Not Required
Medium of Teaching English

Advantages Of Study MBBS In Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

  • The fee structure is affordable and pocket-friendly for students from every financial background.
  • The hostel of Pavlov university is known for its discipline and comfort.
  • The medium of teaching is English and Russian both which make it suitable for local and international students.
  • The Peter the great hospital is the university's hospital where students can practice and learn in professional environment.
  • The city Saint Petersburg contains major amount of Indian population.
  • The university has gained recognition from so many premier institutes like FAIMER WHO, NMC and Medical Council of both USA and Britain.
  • The environment of the university is ragging free, health and safe for students.
  • The staff members are extremely cooperative, professional and kind.
  • After pursuing this degree students can work in many developed nations like Canada and USA.

Duration Of MBBS In Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

The duration of MBBS is 6 years.This long time period includes a year of mandatory internship which helps students enhance their practical knowledge.The 6 years focuses on all important subjects and fields.The first three years are focused on theoretical knowledge and the last three years are more about practical learning.

Faculties of Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Sports Medicine
  • Faculty of Adapted Physical education culture
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology
  • Faculty of International Students
  • Faculty of Graduate Education in Nursing
  • Faculty of Post-graduate education
  • Faculty of Pre-university course
Institutes incorporated by the university –
  • Nephrology research institute
  • Research Institute of pulmonology
  • Institute of nursing
  • Raise Gorbachev's memorial institute of children's oncology, hematology and Transplantation
  • Maxilla facial surgery and Dentistry Research institute
  • Valdman institute of pharmacology
  • Scientific Research Institute
  • Center Medicine
  • Heart and Vascular research institute and research center
  • Regional center for Neurobiology and Psychopharmacology
  • Center for early phases of clinical trials

Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University Ranking 2023-24

Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University ranking in country 94
Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University world ranking 3270

Eligibility To Study MBBS In Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

Students have to set in the following eligibility criteria to get admission in MBBS:

  • Students applying for admission must at least be 17 years of age as of 31st December of the year he/she is applying in.
  • Candidates must have at least 50% marks in senior secondary school examination in physics, chemistry and biology.
  • Students don’t require NEET score card but they would be needing it if they want to practice medicine in India.

Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University Admission Process

Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University's admission process to study MBBS course is detailed below:

  • Step1: Students are required to fill the online application form on the official website of the university with scanned copies of the required documents.
  • Step2: Selected students would then be receiving an invitation letter from the university.
  • Step3: Students now have to pay the registration charges.
  • Step4: Candidates after getting the letter must apply for an invitation letter in the Ministry of External Affairs of the Russian Federation.
  • Step5: Students can now apply for visa in the Russian embassy if their respective countries.

Document Required For Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University Admission

The following are the key documents students must provide to be admitted to Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

  • Scanned copies and original passport with at least 18 months of validity
  • Birth Certificate
  • 6 current passport size photographs
  • HIV negative reports and medical insurance from a recognized hospital
  • NEET score card
  • Covid Reports
  • High school examination certificate
  • Senior secondary examination certificate

MBBS Syllabus at Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

The complete syllabus of studying MBBS at Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University are as follows-

Year Semester Subjects
1st Year 1st Semester Anatomy
2nd Semester Anatomy and Histology
2nd Year 3rd Semester Histology, Biochemistry, Physiology cell biology, Microbiology, General pathology
4th Semester Biochemistry, Micro-Biology, Physiology
3rd Year 5th Semester Pathology, Pharmacology, Micro-Biology, Path Physiology
6th Semester Pathology, Path Physiology and Pharmacology, Genetics
4th-6th Year 7th-12th Semester General Surgery, Neurology, Primary Care medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychology, ENT, Emergency Medicine, and Cardiology

Hostel and Accomodation at Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

The hostel facility in First Pavlov State Medical University is known for its comfort and discipline. The hostels are not too costly and are really safe. Students get basic furniture and all other essential facilities like laundry rooms, reading rooms, TV rooms, dining area, lawns, clean washrooms and bathrooms. Hostels are available for both girls and boys separately. The university truly believes in personality development and thus have faculty for students interested in sports like basketball, badminton and more. The sanitation and cleanliness given utmost care and attention. There is facility for medical assistance to sick students. There are dispensaries and clinics to help students.

Why MBBS in Russia?

Russia is economically cheap for students yet one of the preferred choices for international students to study MBBS for the following reasons:

  • Institutes don’t ask for donations and at some places not even for additional admission charges.
  • The universities are globally recognized and have gained fame.
  • The environment is adaptable.
  • International diversity leads to an exchange of ideas and learning.
  • The universities are at par with today’s technologically advanced world.
  • There are so many Indian students in the country to make it more homely.
  • Mostly universities don’t require the English proficiency test including Pavlov university.
  • Russia is known to be one of the most educated nations with easily adaptable education system for all national and international students.

Benefits of Study MBBS in Russia

Studying in Russia is a beneficial choice for students wanting to pursue higher studies MBBS in foreign. A few of these attractive benefits are listed below:

  • Russia has a vast range of opportunities to seize while pursuing degrees and also afterwards.
  • The living expenses and other expenses are reasonable and affordable.
  • The country consists of some of the best universities with world wide fame.
  • First Pavlov State Medical University is recognized by premier institutes like WHO and NMC.
  • No donation or admission fee is demanded.
  • The environment is friendly, homely, and keeps you focused on the goal.
  • Russia is one of the most educated nations of the world. The education system here is suitable to all students.
  • The visa procedure is also very simple and after receiving the invitation letter from the university it only gets easier.

Our Assistance for MBBS Admission in Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

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Popular MBBS Destination For Indian Students

Country Average Tuition Fees(INR)
MBBS in Russia 12 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Bangladesh 23 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Egypt 30 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs
MBBS in Philippines 22 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 13 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs
MBBS in Georgia 30 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Nepal 45 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs
MBBS in Kazakhstan 15 Lakhs to 22 Lakhs
MBBS in Armenia 15 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eligibility criteria for admission in Pavlov State University?

Students need at least 50% marks in 10+2 examination and should at least be 17 years old.

Is IELTS/TOEFL required?

No, the IELTS/TOEFL English proficiency test is not required for admission in the First Pavlov State Medical University.

How many Indian students are there in Pavlov State University?

There is no exact number available but, in the Saint Petersburg, and Moscow region there are about 14000 Indians currently. Every year about 6000 Indian students go to Russia to pursue medicinal courses.

Is there a hostel facility in the university?

Yes, there is a facility of campus accommodation for those who want to avail it. The hostels are really comfortable and safe.

Is there any donation required for admission in the university?

No, there is no donation required during admission or before admission in the first Pavlov State Medical University