parkview medical college sylhetParkview Medical College, Sylhet

Parkview Medical College, Sylhet

VVQ4+PXQ, Khuliatula Rd, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Nearest Airport: Osmani International Airport
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32000 US$

5 Year Tuition Fees with Hostel:
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Sylhet, Bangladesh

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  • It was founded in the year 2013
  • Globally Recognised Universities
  • Approved by MCI and WHO

Parkview medical university

Parkview medical university is the very best university. This university offers students high-quality Medical empower and educate them with the best of both the world. The students of Parkview Medical University, Bangladesh are prepared to take care of emerging medical and health problems as well as be completely charged in the case of emergency. The institute offers a broad environment for students who seek Parkview medical college sylhet Bangladesh admission. The environment of this university is very good and conducive full-time faculty members, outstanding learning environment, exemplary laboratories, an excellent library, and provision of the guest lecture which is globally recognized medical practitioner.

Eligibility criteria

The upcoming student can take admission in 2022, students seeking Parkview medical college, Bangladesh admission direct, the student may go through the college website to get a fair idea about the eligibility and qualifications regarding the admission process.

The students must have chemistry, biology, and English as their main subjects. Students can also apply for direct admission. The parkview medical college hospital sylhet Bangladesh direct admission, the student can also take admission by management quota. Those students who have missed the last date for admission can take admission through the management quota. Any Indian students who have scored well in neet the college will give priority while taking admission in MBBS.

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Parkview Medical College Admission Fee

This university has the undertaking to produce competent different technological know-how to provide healthcare facilities to the people of the society and country. The students of these universities are normally strong and confident to handle all the situations in their medical careers.

The fee structure of this university is;-

MBBS:- The duration of this course is 4 and ½ years and has a 1-year internship program. The fee structure of this university is approx 15 to 22 lakhs. There is a different fee structure for different courses.

Comparison Analysis with other colleges.

Bangladesh is known as the best MBBS in Bangladesh fee structure college. All the medical colleges in Bangladesh are at affordable rates. The environment of Bangladesh is very good. Apart from this all the hostel charges and other expenses are also to be paid. In India, the medical university fee is very high and not affordable for all people. The college assured the quality of education and the benefits like placement provide after that.

To take admission in this university you can contact at given number:-

0353-2577991, 0353-2577992

Fax:- 0353-2577993.

Distance Education:-

Distance education learning is a field of education that focuses on a technology instruction system and the main aim of distance education is that only students can take education in which they are not able to come to college and attend class so they can take distance education and complete their courses. By taking a distance learning course, it is required a physical on-site presence for any reason including taking an examination considered to be or blended course of study is also available for distance education.

Many teachers filled the opportunity offered by distance learning outweighing an obstacle.

The main aim of distance learning courses is to reach a wider student audience and provide opportunities to students who are unable to attend on-campus classes involving outside speakers who would otherwise be unavailable to link students from different social, economic, and experiential backgrounds.

Academic facilities


The library of this university is very well situated on the 4th floor of the college building and it is a well ventilated spacious hall having well furnished with comfortable seating arrangement and quiet atmosphere. The student who wants any book can go take and study from the library. The student can also issue their library card for regular use.


The hostel of the university is very good and well furnished. How will you separate the hostel for male and female students? The student is located beside the college building.

Prayer room.

universities also have a prayer room on the college campus for students teachers and other students can also join the prayer in its situation on the 5th floor of this university

Sports facility

This university also has sports facilities for through my located at the fit for the student play indoor games their teacher also participates along with the students to help the student.


The seminar club is present and has been running in the full feeling very few insects of the academic activity of the college academic from within the outside college are regulated invited for presentation on occasion on a medical day on medical purpose many doctors have come and the topic which students in the seminar hall.


The faculty of the university is very good and well educated. Some names of the faculties are professor Doctor Sameer Uddin (MBBS)is a professor and head also. different courses have different faculty all faculty as well educated and very helpful they all are very friendly with students can easily ask any question with faculty without any hesitation.

General rules for student

The student should attend classes regularly and have a minimum of 75% attendance to appear in the examination. If the student is found absent from classes for a continuous period of one month without any satisfactory results he or she will lose their college. And the student should get admission again by paying their admission fee again.

Absence from class individually or in a group is strictly prohibited and if a student has done this there have been punishable by imposition of a day fine by academic counseling guardian will also be informed of this.

Some highlights of the College

The college was founded in 2014. It is a private medical college. There are nearly 175 international MBBS students in PBMC and 125 Indian students. According to the report, there are 1 /400 beds in the hospital in PVMC. the minimum eligibility criteria in 10 + 12 are 60% with PCB and a minimum 7 CGPA. the student must be qualified Neet examination and IELTS and TOFEL criteria are not required for admission purposes. the duration of the MBBS in Bangladesh course is five years the university provides a one-year internship. It is affiliated and recognized by w h o MCI beds and NMC.the nearest international airport is a Dhaka airport and the nearest domestic Airport is an Osman international Airport salad which is 10.1 kilometers away from the college. the distance from India is 1 hour 40 minutes by flight from Kolkata to Dhaka .the average weather in Dhaka in January is the lowest 13 degrees and July highest 33 degrees.

Complete fee structure of MBBS in PVMC 2022.

Here are the following details of the fee structure of MBBS:

1-year fee

Tuition fee:- the tuition fee during admission is $12,000 and the first-year fee is $4000 within June 21and the INR of rupees 8 8,40000 during admission and a first-year 2,80,000. The total yearly charge during the admission within November 2022 is 9,60,000 and the first year fee within June 21 is 280000.

2 year to 5 year

Tuition fee:- the tuition fee during the admission of a second-year within 10 June 2023 is $4000.and in a third-year within or 10 January 23 is $4,000 and the next fourth and fifth year the amount will remain the same. It has INR 280000 from 2 to 5 years. The total yearly fee from 2 years to 5 years is 280000. All payment in Bangladesh is done in a US dollar.$1 is equal to rupees 70 approx. The college doesn't provide any hostel room for international students so the student must rent an apartment or hostel outside from the college at their own expense.

Other expenses

There are many other expenses in the Parkview medical College. some of them are:-
Hostel:-The students have to pay $600 per year in January.

Food:- The cost of food in Parkview Medical College is rupees 8000 per month approx.

Uniform and book:-the cost of books and the uniform is approx rupees 7000 per year

Toolbox:- The cost of a toolbox is approx rupees 4000.

Sim Card:- The student has to pay actual rupees 600 bit per month for a SIM card or Wi-Fi.

Airfare:- The university offers a long day's holiday once a year. The actual price is Rs,20,000 per trip from Sylhet to Kolkata and from Kolkata to Sylhet.

Examination fee:- The students have to pay a rupees 8500 examination fee every four years for the first time after 1.5 years.

Supplements test fee:- The actual price for supplements test fee or Re-test is approx 500 BDT per subject.

Visa cost:- The students have to pay approx 2000BDT per year for Visa cost.

All the fees of the PBMC must be paid within the scheduled dates. If the fee is not paid within the time then late fines will be charged and the authority will expel the students


the student can pay a fee of their colleges in easy installment. Here are some payment schedule for a fee are:-

  • During admission time the student has to pay 12000 USD.
  • In 2022 the second installment is 7000 USA in June.
  • 3 installments will be done in June 2022 which is 4000 USD.
  • The fourth installment will be done in June 2023 at 4000USD.
  • The fifth installment will be done in June 2024 at 4000 USD.
  • 6 installments will be paid in June 2025 of 4000 USD.

Why choose Parkview Medical College for medical education?

The main reason to choose a Parkview medical college for Medical purpose are:-

  • The College is approved by MCI
  • The college has its hospital on its campus.
  • The payment mode and economic fee are flexible.
  • The college has a high standard and well-equipped laboratory.
  • Education language is only in English medium
  • The college has the highly skilled experience and deputed teachers and professors
  • The teaching pattern and clinical exposure as the same as having in India
  • It is the best option for seeking an MBBS course for Indian students.
  • The hostel facility and accommodation are very good in the college.

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