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Kashira Hwy, 31, Moscow, Russia
Nearest Airport: Moscow Vnukovo (VKO) Airport
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Moscow, Russia

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  • Low Cost of Living
  • Globally recognised University
  • Approved by MCI and WHO

About National Research Nuclear University

The history of the National Research Nuclear University began with the creation of the Moscow Institute of Mechanical Munitions in 1942. Later, the main Russian nuclear university and leading Soviet scientists, including the head of the Soviet Union, were established there. The Igor Kurchatov Atomic Project played a role in its development and creation. Six Nobel Laureates have worked at MEPhI throughout its history: Nikolay Basov, Andrei Sakharov, Nikolay Semenov, Igor Tamm, Ilya Frank and Pavel Cherenkov. Today MEPhI is one of the leading research universities in Russia and educates engineers and scientists in more than 200 fields. The most promising areas of study include: nanomaterials and nanotechnologies; radiation and beam technology; Medical Physics and Nuclear Medicine; Superconductivity and Controlled Nuclear Fusion; Ecology and Biophysics; Information Security. In addition, prospective managers, experts and analysts study at MEPhI in the fields of management, industrial engineering, nuclear law and international scientific and technical cooperation.

programs at MEPhI: Since 2014, the university has been implementing the standards of the CDIO initiative to modernize engineering education in higher education. The standards aim to improve the quality of the next generation of engineering graduates and are also used by world-leading universities such as Stanford University, California State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They are accredited by FEANI (Federation of National Engineering Associations) and Accreditation Agency for Engineering Education Programs (ANO APIO). A graduate who has studied under an accredited program and has the required professional experience can obtain the rank (international certificate) of Euroengineer. NRNU MEPhI graduates are in demand in Russia and abroad.They work in Cern, Brookhaven National Laboratory (Research Center Jüich GmbH), the High Energy Physics Institute of the Chinese Science Academy, the High Energy Acceleration Research Organization and more than 100 leading scientific centers of all over the world.

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Affiliation And Recognition of National Research Nuclear University

The student getting MBBS degree from the best medical university of Russia are fully recognized by:

  • Approved by- WHO
  • Approved by NMC
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Why Study MBBS At National Research Nuclear University?

There are lots of benefits of studying MBBS Course at National Research Nuclear University :

  • Founded in 1942, MEPHI National Nuclear Research University is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the urban setting of the great metropolitan Moscow (population area of more than 5,000,000 inhabitants).
  • Officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the MEPI National Nuclear Research University (MEPhI) is a medium-sized coeducational Russian higher education institution.
  • The National Nuclear Research University (MEPhI) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor's, master's, doctorate in various fields of study.
  • Registration and grades.The admission rate is 20-30%, which makes this Russian higher education organization a very selective institution. International applicants can apply for enrollment.
  • MEPhI also offers students various academic and non-academic facilities and services, including a library, housing, sports facilities, and financial aid. and/or scholarships, study mbbs abroad and exchange programs, online and distance learning courses, and administrative services.

Quick Highlights Of About National Research Nuclear University

Year of Establishment 1942
University Type Public
Recognition NMC and WHO approved
Eligibility 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Aggregate
Course Duration 6 Years
NEET Qualifying Marks
IELTS/TOFEL Not Required
Medium of Teaching English

Duration Of MBBS In National Research Nuclear University

Mari State Medical University serves 6 years of Medicine program for worldwide students.

Advantages of MBBS at National Research Nuclear University

  • The university offers graduate and postgraduate courses in physics, mathematics, computer science and other fields.
  • The facility includes a 2.5-inch swimming pool research reactor and the NEVOD water neutrino detector.
  • There are about 35,000 students in various branches and 7,500 in Moscow. It typically takes 4 to 6 years for a student to graduate from the National Institute of Nuclear Research.
  • The first two years basic knowledge of the basic subject in mathematics, physics, experimental work and English.
  • After the two-year course, students can specialize in various departments in physics, computer science, information security, mathematics, etc.The National Institute of Nuclear Research focuses more on research and practical work and less on theoretical education.
  • Graduates of the National Institute for Nuclear Research are Nobel Prize winners and members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and winners of national awards.
  • Alumni and faculty here at the National Institute for Nuclear Research have made great contributions in the fields of experimental physics, mathematics, cybernetics, and computer science.
  • Natural Sciences In recent years, the university has set itself the goal of spreading its legal knowledge in the fields of humanities, business, natural and foreign languages.
  • The National Nuclear Research University started its education on online platforms called Coursera and edX, Universarum and CLP4NET.
  • The number of students who have joined the courses on online platforms reaches about 160,000 from 150 different courses.

Faculties of National Research Nuclear University

  • Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering.
  • Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies.
  • Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine.
  • Institute of Nanoengineering in Electronics, Spintronics, and Photonics.
  • Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems.
  • Institute of financial and economic security.
  • Institute of international relations.
  • Faculty of physics and technology.
  • Faculty of business informatics and complex systems management.

National Research Nuclear University Ranking 2023-24

National Research Nuclear University ranking in country 22
National Research Nuclear University world ranking 1182

Eligibility To Study MBBS In National Research Nuclear University

  • The good thing about studying MBBS in Russia is that students do not have to sit or qualify for entrance exams like TOEFL or IELTS.
  • The student must be 17 years of age or older on or before October 31 of the applicable admission year.
  • Students who want to study MBBS in Russia have to cover at least 50% of the points in exam 12 with the PCB group.
  • The NEET exam is mandatory for admission to medical schools in Russia from 2019.

National Research Nuclear University Admission Process

To get the admission in National Research Nuclear University, should follow these steps:
  • Step1: To apply, please send the completed application, a copy of your passport and the necessary documents to the email address .
  • Step2: After the application is processed, the foreign student will receive an enrollment contract and payment details in the mail.
  • Step3: Foreign students will be invited to enter the Russian Federation after payment is confirmed.
  • Step4: A foreign student who does not speak Russian must notify the university staff 5 days before the actual arrival in order to receive escort and accommodation assistance.
  • Step5: Within 3 working days after arriving at the place in the Russian Federation, the foreign student has to register at the immigration office.
  • Step6: Any violation of the Rules is subject to the following matter; fine, administrative expulsion and deportation.

Document Required For National Research Nuclear University Admission

  • Certified copies of educational documents, like mark sheets, diploma certificates, etc.
  • Application form.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Medical certificate confirming the absence of HIV/AIDS.
  • Negative Covid-19 report.
  • Authorization of all documents from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • Passport size photographs.

MBBS Syllabus at National Research Nuclear University

The complete syllabus of studying MBBS at National Research Nuclear University are as follows-

Year Semester Subjects
1st Year 1st Semester Anatomy
2nd Semester Anatomy and Histology
2nd Year 3rd Semester Histology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology cell biology, Microbiology, General pathology
4th Semester Biochemistry, Micro-Biology, Physiology
3rd Year 5th Semester Pathology, Pharmacology, Micro-Biology, Path Physiology
6th Semester Pathology, Path Physiology and Pharmacology, Genetics
4th-6th Year 7th-12th Semester General Surgery, Neurology, Primary Care medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychology, ENT, Emergency Medicine, and Cardiology

Hostel And Accommodation At National Research Nuclear University

  • The house consists of one bedroom suite style and shared apartments. The dormitory is within walking distance from the academic buildings (1020 min). In Obninsk, the dormitories are located in the city center, 20 minutes by car from the institute.
  • You can get there by specially assigned buses or by various forms of public transport: buses and shuttle buses stop at the educational buildings.
  • In the dormitories of the National Nuclear Research University there is a gym, cafeteria, library room, laundry room.
  • The bedrooms are also equipped with special spaces for washing and drying clothes; within walking distance is the sports center.

Why MBBS in Russia?

There are many countries that provide MBBS courses such as Bangladesh then why one should go to Russia the reason are given below:

  • There are about 57 medical universities in Russia and 12 of them offer MBBS education in Middle English.
  • One of them is that the ranking of medical universities in the Pacific state is also high.
  • As one of the best educated countries in the world, Russia has a really good education system.
  • Russia is considered the best in the world for MBBS education. Russia occupies almost 30 places among the 100 best medical universities in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • All of the top universities listed in W.H.O and M.C.I are helping Indian students practice anywhere in the world including India.
  • The average MBBS fee in Russia is between 2.5 and 5 lakh which is very low.
  • It is low because the Russian government grants an education grant.
  • Students can also try different ways to qualify for free classes, as they can participate in Olympic Games organized by Russian universities, winners can be admitted to university without entrance exams, and they can prepare for free classes.
  • Comfortable with less expensive groceries and less expensive utilities. Russia is a safe country compared to other countries due to strict laws.
  • The climatic conditions are easy to adapt as they largely correspond to the climatic conditions of India
  • The lifestyle is easy to adopt in Russia.

Benefits of Study MBBS in Russia

  • Low tuition fees and affordable living cost.
  • No entrance test for admission
  • Scholarship Opportunities.
  • Oppurtunity to obtain dual diploma.
  • Advanced and comfortable.
  • Medium of Instruction Is English.

Our Assistance for MBBS Admission in National Research Nuclear University

RMC facilitates the scholars in filling up the applying forms with none mistake.

  • RMC helps the students in choosing the colleges consistent with the student’s criteria.
  • The RMC provide elaborated info to the students and their folks regarding the college.
  • RMC helps throughout admission method like in visa, passport, travelling, scholarships, accommodations, etc
  • We have a tendency to conjointly help the students in obtaining education loans and insurances easily.
  • We have a tendency to utilize best resources to produce best choices for the student’s that matches the parameters of the student’s adore budget, ability, aptitude, and field of interest, and so on.
  • We have a tendency to not solely provide the knowledge regarding the school however we do give correct information about the environment, culture, admission process, documents required, etc.

Popular MBBS Destination For Indian Students

Country Average Tuition Fees(INR)
MBBS in Russia 12 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Bangladesh 23 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Egypt 30 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs
MBBS in Philippines 22 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 13 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs
MBBS in Georgia 30 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Nepal 45 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs
MBBS in Kazakhstan 15 Lakhs to 22 Lakhs
MBBS in Armenia 15 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs

Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities are there in the hostels?

All necessary facilities for a comfortable stay are included. The hostel rooms usually have two to three beds (including blankets, pillows and sheets), several desks, some closets, chairs, up to 10 sockets, several lamps (blanket and desk) and central heating. Stable high-speed WiFi is provided free of charge for everyone staying at the hostel or studying at the university. Kitchens and bathrooms are shared The youth hostels have their own laundry and reading rooms

Is it safe to live in Russia?

Russia is a safe country with an extremely low crime rate. It is safe to live and walk in any city as the police regularly patrol the streets and public squares for the safety of citizens. There are CCTV cameras operating within the dormitory, university and town in general 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and guards patrol their premises. All hostels are patrolled by security guards, a fire alarm system, card entry system and surveillance cameras are in place to keep our students in a healthy and safe environment.

What is the cost of living in Russia?

The cost of living in Russia is relatively cheap compared to other European countries. In case a student wants to live in Moscow, the cost is about $500 per month, and for all other cities of the Russian Federation, it is about $300 per month.

Can I work in my country/Russia after graduating from Russian University?

All degrees obtained in Russian universities are recognized by numerous countries and organizations (WHO, USMLE, MCI and others), so after graduation a student is able to work.

Are there any disadvsantages of studying abroad?

The major issue is climate change. Not every Indian student tends to handle the cold climate with ease. It will take some time to get used to new surroundings.