Kafrelsheikh University

Kafrelsheikh University

Mubarak Rd, Kafr Abu Tabl, Kafr Al Sheikh First, Kafr El Sheikh Governorate 6860404, Egypt
Nearest Airport: El Alamein International Airport
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6000 US$/Year

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Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt

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  • English Medium Curriculum
  • NMC/WHO approved University
  • Top ranked University

Kafrelsheikh University

Kafrelsheikh University is an Egyptian university established in 2006, located at Kafr Elsheikh, in the middle of the Nile Delta. The University has a number of faculties (or colleges) such as: Engineering, Medicine, Physiotherapy and Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Science, Education, Agriculture, Arts, Specific Education, Commerce, Physical Education.Kafrelsheikh University (KSU) is a governmental university founded with Decree number "129" in 2006. It lies in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, which lies in the northern part of the country along the western branch of the Nile Delta. Kafrelsheikh University is one of the most important educational institutions in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. Kafrelsheikh University has much to offer on our two campuses. The main campus includes Agriculture, Commerce, Engineering, Specific Education, Arts, Physical Education, Science, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Nursing. Dentistry, Hospital, Aquatic & Fisheries, Computer Science and Information, Alson (Languages); these in addition to scientific Institutes; Institute of Technology and Nano-science: Institute of Drug Discovery and Development; and the Technical Nursing Institute as well. The second campus is focused on the Faculty of Veterinary medicine and Education. The University included different Faculties with several scientific specialties such as Credit hours- system is followed in some University' Faculties, in addition to Traditional system of offering educational Programs. However KSU offering undergraduate Programs (i.e BSc. Degree) and postgraduate study programs (i.e. diploma, master & Doctorate programs). Kafrelsheikh University educates more than 60,000 undergraduate, 8000 graduate and professional students. Our academic programs create dynamic environments that engage students in learning. Our strong commitment to each student ensures that programs are both academically challenging and personally supportive. All the university buildings are connected with the Egyptian network of the universities and well stocked libraries are found in each faculty provided with text books and periodicals which cover several disciplines. All classrooms, labs and lecture halls are fully equipped with scientific equipment's and data show. All buildings are surrounded by green areas and wide roads.

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Kafrelsheikh University is a prestigious because it is characterized by:
- Distinct infrastructure.
- Establishment of new faculties and research institutes.
- Start of new research and educational programs.
- Exchange and study abroad.
- Kafrelsheikh University is a prestigious home to the students and academic staff from all over the world
- With a global reputation for high-quality teaching and education, we have over 20 nationalities represented on our Kafrelsheikh University campus.
- Collaboration with partners all over the world to promote research excellence and innovative teaching with a global impact.

Kafrelsheikh University ranking

Kafrelsheikh University ranked 4th in 2016 at the level of Egyptian Universities in terms of Field weighted Citation impacts, ranked 7th at the level of Egyptian Universities and 585 at the level of the world's universities in the Scopes ranking of 2017 and ranked 1st at the level of Egyptian Universities, 2nd at the level of Arabian Universities and 516th at the level of the world's universities in the Green Metric ranking 2016, 2017 and 2018. Kafrelsheikh University ranked in QS and US rankings 2018 (Arab region). Kafrelsheikh University ranked in Times Higher Education (THE) 2019 1th at the level of Egyptian Universities and 601-800 over the world, life science as subject ranking (THE) and 156th THE Emerging Economies University Rankings.

Currently kafrelsheikh University ranking is 26th nationally.
And kafrelsheikh University ranking internationally is 4768.

Kafrelsheikh University fees

To enroll the student must provide the information on previous academic performance and pass examinations. Upon review about(80%) of applicants receive a positive response. Kafr El Shiekh University chose to divide its academic year into semesters. 1,000 USD/го. In order to obtain a master’s degree the student must spend about 1,000 USD per year. Despite the tuition gees being quite low, the students often participate in scholarship programs. Is among the educational institutions that allow the students to enroll in online programs. More information could be found on the official website of the university http://www.kfs.edu.eg.

Country Egypt
City Kafrel Shaikh
Bachelor (foreigners) 1,000 USD/year.
Master (foreigners) 1,000 USD/year.
Bachelor (citizens) 64 USD/year.
Master (citizens) 159 USD/year.
Cost of living $285-504 USD/Month.
Acceptance Rate 80%

Kafrelsheikh University admission

The Application Management of Kafrelsheikh University (KFS) has released the Application Form for 2021/2022 Academic year online.

Applications are invited from qualified and interested candidates for Kafrelsheikh University 2021/2022 admission.

Therefore every applicant who needs admission at Kafrelsheikh University Should rush and secure this opportunity before the Application closing date.

This page is going to guide you through the Application process an how to apply, All interested and qualified candidates should endeavor to go through this application guide in order to gain admission into the Kafrelsheikh University. This page is going to guide you through the Application process an how to apply, All interested and qualified candidates should endeavor to go through this application guide in order to gain admission into the Kafrelsheikh University.

1.Students should offer the an application prepared for that which include:
a)Academic case data accredited from the university for student.
b)Ensuring the payment of accommodation fees approved by the guarantor that works out.
c)Certificate from Social Assurance Bureau of the original home of the student.

2.Stay request attached with 3 small photos of the student.

3.Stay requests are offered during August and a stay request is determined in the beginning of each year to consider the acceptance or rejection of the hostel administration and define the start and end of the application.

4.In case of not paying the fees of the hostel in the extent of ten days from the date of announcing the result, the student is considered waived his right in housing and the hostel may accept or reject him if he applied a request In which he illustrates reasons that the administration accept, and the hostel have free places.

5.The student’s stay ends by the end of his exams at the faculty. The student may, if he is resident throughout the year continued in residence during the summer holidays provided to submit an application accompanied by a certificate from the faculty of proving the existence of a systematic study during summer.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to study kafrelsheikh University?

To begin studying as an international student, there are a range of entry requirements you may have to meet.

The academic requirements (including evidence of English language skills) you need to study abroad will vary depending on the level of education you want to pursue. For instance, some courses will require you to have done a foundation course before applying for a degree. All universities and schools can have different entry requirements, so read the course information on their respective websites very carefully.

Your counsellor will help you assess your eligibility for different programs and guide you on the courses and locations that best meet your preferences.

When should I start planning my study kafrelsheikh University procedure?

We recommend you to start as early as possible. This will give you enough time to ponder upon your interests and research according to your personal and academic goals and aspirations. Location, course duration, costs, accommodation, and living conditions are some of the other aspects that you need to figure out along with your program. Start planning at least one year or intake in advance. Of course, we are here to help you throughout the entire process.

How long does the application process take?

We recommend you begin your application process at least a year in advance to give enough time for your applications to be processed and to prepare for your time overseas. Remember, the academic year begins at different times of the year in different countries.

What if my parents don’t want me to go overseas?

It’s natural for your family to be nervous about letting their child travel alone to a new country. Millions of students have done so and thrived, but this doesn’t make it less difficult for parents to accept.

Can I work and study at the same time?

Working while you study can complement your educational and living experience when studying abroad. If you pursue a course at a degree level or above you may be permitted to work while on an international student visa. But before you undertake any paid work, make sure that your visa permits it. The opportunity for students to work part-time during their studies varies from country to country.

Many universities have a dedicated job centre on campus for students that advertises job opportunities and internships to help students develop various skills. The university careers service is also a useful source of information.

Will my overseas qualification be accepted in my home country?

The skills and qualifications employers and professional registration bodies require will vary from country to country. If, for example, you are working towards a career with strict entry requirements such as medicine, engineering, accounting or teaching, conduct some research with the relevant registration bodies in India for advice.

Will studying at kafrelsheikh University help me find a good job?

Your career prospects will benefit hugely from your experience of studying, living and socialising abroad. It’s your opportunity to develop a wealth of new skills, perspectives and stronger English language skills and seek work experience from the kind of employers you’d like to work for.

A recent study conducted with more than 4,500 ex-international students explored the exact skills employers in the US value when it comes to recruiting people that have studied overseas