David thvildiani medical college

David Tvildiani Medical University started its operations in the year 1992-1993. Since then, this David tvildiani medical university has provided quality education at the graduate and doctoral levels in the field of medicine. Presently, the David thvildiani medical university has established a partnership with several leading organizations, including AMSE, UEMS, and EUA.

David thvildiani medical University seven academic departments in it. By the end of the second decade, the David tvildiani medical university earned accreditations for its various programs.

In addition to this, the David tvildiani medical university participated in the EU-funded Erasmus grant competition. In the year 2019, the Medical Doctor ePBL (MD ePBL) educational program earned accreditation and was recognized by the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education.

In the year 2016, this David thvildiani medical university opened doors to a new campus, named the Rustavi Campus. This campus is 30km away from the capital of Georgia. Located near the stunning Mtkvari River Valley, this campus offers the best learning environment to the students.

The David thvildiani medical University campus contains a plethora of features such as modern classrooms, library, auditorium, and other administrative facilities. The upper three floors on this campus are the on-campus dorms provided to the students. The campus's building has the proper air-conditioning and heating facilities.

This David tvildiani medical university campus is also home to the cafeteria that serves delicious meals and drinks to the students. It has a convenient store for the student's benefits and students can go to the nearby farmers’ market to buy groceries.

Apart from this, the campus provides other amenities to the students such as playgrounds, gym, sports hall, and swimming pool.

Students can use the shuttle services to commute to nearby locations such as the international airport.

David thvildiani medical University provides career development services to its students to ensure that they fetch the best employment opportunities.

This service assists the students in figuring out their career paths.

Apart from this, David thvildiani medical university provides several financial aid opportunities to the students. These scholarships allow deserving students to manage their academic-related costs easily.

In the academic session of 2017-2018, this university granted its David Tvildiani medical university Scholarship to five deserving students.

David thvildiani Medical University organizes a scholarship competition inviting students from different years to participate in it. The winners of this competition earn several lucrative financial aid options.

Also, David thvildiani medical University is home to 476 graduates and 884 doctoral students. This David thvildiani medical University 271 academic and supporting staff in it.

David thvildiani medical University is home to several leading individuals who are pursuing notable careers.

The graduates of David tvildiani medical university have made a significant identity for themselves and are pioneering in society.

The graduates of this David tvildiani medical university are clear representations of the university's high education level.

One of the famous alumni of this David thvildiani medical university is Salome Kordzaia. She was selected for the Rector's Choice and earned the Rector's Award.

Another notable name from David thvildiani medical University is Dr. Vera Sharashidze. She is in the residency program of Emory University Clinic and is into the field of neurology.

Additionally, Dr. Natia Kajelashvili is a graduate of this university and is head of obstetrics and gynecology department Daikonie Kliniken Kassel.

David Tvildiani Medical University is functioning since 1992-93 offering Higher Education especially in the field of medicine. It is officially recognized by MCI & enlisted with WDOMS.

The David thvildiani medical university offers quality higher education and the best international experience in medicine.

David thvildiani medical University focuses on continuous improvement in teaching, learning, research & management quality.

David thvildiani medical University has a modern infrastructure and a healthy environment that promotes learning, development, and active participation of students.

The David thvildiani Medical University has 476 graduates and currently, there are 884 Georgian and foreign students studying a diploma in medicine, a diploma in medical and e-PD, and doctoral programs.

Around 271 employees are facilitating academic, administrative, other teaching and research at the David thvildiani medical university. There are 7 departments: 5 combines 39 disciplines (directions) to cover 74 courses in different modes to deliver training in scientific research and clinical skills of departments.

Moreover, students are offered free coaching for clearing the USMLE screening test. In addition to free training courses, David Tvildiani Medical University allows its students to get the necessary university financing.

The David thvildiani medical university has 4 hostels, separate for girls and boys with all basic amenities and ensures a study conducive environment for the students.

David thvildiani medical University includes accommodation, free high-speed Internet, television, study room, gaming section, etc.

David thvildiani medical University has a rich culture-oriented cafeteria that serves a different type of food- Chinese, Italian, Indian, etc.

The David thvildiani medical University makes students experience unique in the activities and programs organized within the university premises.

David thvildiani medical University facilitates the formation of student councils, to enable them and govern themselves thereby allowing them to indulge in various activities within the campus.

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David thvildiani medical college ranking

  • David thvildiani medical college ranking as per the country is 23rd amongst all the countries.
  • David's thvildiani medical college ranking is 9951 all over the world.
  • David thvildiani medical college ranking and recognition is because they providing studies in the English language also along with the Georgian language.
  • David's thvildiani medical college ranking has various accreditation because of David's thvildiani medical college ranking structure.
    • Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE)
    • Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
    • ORPHEUS – Organization for Ph.D. Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System
    • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
    • Eurasian Universities Union (EURAS)
    • Georgian ministry of education
    • Georgian Ministry of health

David thvildiani medical college fees

David thvildiani medical college fees structure includes two fees altogether

  • Tuition fees
  • Hostel fees
  • David thvildiani medical college tuition fees are almost around 8000 US dollars per year.
  • David thvildiani medical college hostel fees are around 3000 USD dollars per year.
  • David thvildiani medical college fees in Indian rupees are around 560000 rupees per year just for tuition fees and which is expected to remain the same throughout the tenure of almost 6 years.

Whereas David thvildiani medical college fees for a hostel in India rupees are around 210000 rupees per year which are expected to increase over the years.

David thvildiani medical college does not include any other extra charges except these tuition and hostel fees.

The fees do not include the food with accommodation facilities for that you need to pay extra.

For exact figures do check David thvildiani medical college website on a timely basis.

David thvildiani medical college location and infrastructure

  • International airports in Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore. Madurai, Kochi is providing flight services to the Georgian cities of Tbilisi which adds a great plus point for David thvildiani medical University location.
  • From Tbilisi Airport to David Tvildiani Medical University location has a 27 km distance through Kakheti highway with reaching the time of 45min.
  • The old campus of David Tvildiani Medical University location has been named earlier AIETI is a very small building.
  • At the David thvildiani medical University location the classrooms are placed on the first floor of the building.
  • So The David Tvidiani Medical University location has opened up a new campus just 22 km from the city center, especially for the international students.
  • Foreign students are access to better medical facilities and libraries. Here they have a big auditorium with a seating capacity of 2000 people special programs and cultural events.
  • Cafeteria and well-equipped laboratories and other facilities from medical faculties. well ventilated and comfortable classrooms.
  • Lecture halls for special classes and seminars and also with well-experienced teaching faculties are the special features of this Medical University David Tvildiani Medical University's location has inside campus accommodation and residential arrangements with all needed things.
  • This College Library has well spacious reading halls for students and faculties. It has contained approximately 100000 books and also with the same amount of research journals, and computers for e-library with internet and all needed equipment available.
  • The library is open usually Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm, but the examination period can provide its service on leave days too. This library has rules for all students and faculties.
  • Tbilisi city is the capital of Georgia country.
  • It is the old town that reflects a complicated, large history of periods under Persian and Russian rule.
  • Tbilisi is also a part of the UNESCO world heritage list.
  • Known for architecture comprises of Eastern Orthodox churches, ornate art nouveau buildings, and Soviet Modernist structures. Looming over it all are Narikala, a reconstructed 4th-century fortress, and Kartlis Deda, an iconic statue of the “Mother of Georgia.”

David thvildiani medical college admission procedure

For David thvildiani medical University admission

Applicants should be qualified with more than 50 % of marks in 10th and 12th or equal grades. David thvildiani medical University admission is based on compulsory subjects are Biology, Physics, and Chemistry with English knowledge. The applicant must complete the 18 years in that academic year for obtaining David thvildiani medical college admission. A valid passport is also required at David thvildiani medical University admission procedure.

David tvildiani medical university admission has the following steps

  • The applicant should fill the form of the university.
  • Then the university will give the admission letter.
  • The applicant should pay the fees and will proceed with the visa process.
  • Applicant should bring copies of 10th and 12th mark sheets and transfer certificates with six passport size photos, admission letter, Migration certificate, passport, and medical certificate.

The duration of the educational process in David Tvildiani Medical University lasts for 6 years. Which is consists of three stages of study period Basic Medical Science is 2.5 years, Clinical Science is 2.5 years, Pre-diploma Specialization or Clinical Clerkship for one year.

English Medium Studies are lead this system very carefully and make it more comfortable for foreign students. The duration of an academic year in this university is made up of 40 weeks in 2 semesters. The examination is conducted at the end of the year, and the form of the test according to the quotas in all the subjects that are covered by that year. David's thvildiani medical college admission procedure is simple but one needs to take care of things properly.

Documents required

The student willing to take MBBS admission at DTMU must present several documents respecting the deadline stated in a specially published rector’s order

  • Personal application (In case the student is not present, a legal attorney can write the application, considering there is a notary power of attorney document specifying this role)
  • ID card copy
  • Original copy of the school certificate
  • For those under military conscription obligation, the document proving enrollment in the military conscript body;
  • Four passport size photos, 3X4
  • Candidates must have a NEET-UG examination scorecard along with the admit card.
  • The candidate must carry a transfer certificate / leaving certificate from the previous Institution.
  • Foreign students must have a valid passport.
  • Birth certificates must be submitted during admission required for proof of date of birth.
  • Candidates must submit a caste certificate and validity certificate. (SC/ ST/ OBC category candidates)

David thvildiani medical college hostel facilities

David Tvildiani Medical University hostel has provided independent hostels for students on the campus. There are four David tvildiani medical university hostels available, these are separated for both boys and girls but facilities of all hostel buildings have equal.

Modern styled David thvildiani medical University hostel rooms with wardrobe, electronic lock system. These David tvildiani medical university hostels have comfortable bedding arrangements and these rooms are cleaned often by the caretakers. Students can use the internet facilities filled computers and Wifi facilities as David Tvildiani medical University hostel offers them. These hostels have a study room separately for the students and they have been monitoring by the warden to study without any trouble.

The David tvildiani medical university hostel has recreation facilities like the Gaming section room for students and a common room with Television.

Also, The David tvildiani medical university hostel includes physical activities services like the Swimming section for the students and also they have a Gymnasium with all modern equipment.

This hostel is full time monitored by the faculties of the hostel and wardens, who keep the safety situation for the students. The mess facility in this hostel is good, they have provided veg and non-veg food and well spacious dining arrangements. This hostel has a medical emergency section for students.


When does the medical course begin at David thvildiani medical college?

The MBBS course intake starts in September.

Is the David thvildiani medical college safe for MBBS?

Yes, the place is fully secured for worldwide medical aspirants.

Does David thvildiani medical University offer internship facilities to students?

Yes, the students are provided with a compulsory one-year internship after completing 5 years of MBBS course.

How many years of MBBS course is in David thvildiani medical college?

The course is 6 years including a 1-year internship.

Is the MBBS course from David thvildiani medical college valid in India?

Yes, as the university is recognized by the world and MCI it is globally recognized and hence the students are eligible to practice medicine in any country of their choice.