Central Philippines University

Central Philippines University

CPU Research and Development Building, Jaro, Iloilo City, 5000 Iloilo, Philippines
Nearest Airport: Iloilo International Airport.

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Iloilo, Philippines

City and province



  • It was founded in the year 1905
  • Globally Recognised University
  • Approved by NMC and WHO

Central Philippines University is also known as CPU. Central Philippines University was established in 1905 by a very famous and popular American Anthropologist as well as the benevolent Philanthropist John D. Rockefeller. Central Philippines University was founded under the name of Jaro industrial school and Bible School under the auspices of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society.

Unlike Silliman University, which was founded as the First Baptist university established in 1901 in Dumaguete. The Central Philippines University was the second American university to be established in the Philippines and Asia.

Founded in 1905, Central Philippine University is one of the non-profit, private higher-education groups in the city placing in the middle of the town of Iloilo City where the population varies from 250,000-499,999 individuals. Officially identified by the Commission of Higher Education of the Philippines.

Central Philippine University is a giant coeducational Philippine greater training group formally affiliated with the Christian-Baptist religion. Central Philippine University (CPU) presents publications and packages mainly to formally identify greater training tiers such as bachelor degrees, grasp degrees, doctorate tiers in numerous areas of study. See the uniRank diploma tiers and areas of learning about matrix under for similar details. This one hundred fifteen years historical Philippine higher-education organization has a selective admission coverage based totally on entrance examinations. International college students are welcome to follow for enrollment.

Central Philippines University additionally presents numerous tutorial and non-academic services and offerings to college students inclusive of a library, housing, sports activities facilities, monetary aids and/or scholarships, learn about overseas and alternate programs, online guides, and distance gaining knowledge of opportunities, as properly as administrative services.

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Central Philippines University Ranking 2023-24

Central Philippines university ranking has got one of the best rankings in the state of the Philippines. Being in the top 20 universities, Central Philippines university ranking holds a great stand-in making up to rank 19.

  • Central Philippines University ranking world : 6954
  • Central Philippines University ranking country : 19

Central Philippines University ranking is approved by the Medical Council on India(MCI), World Health Organisation(WHO).

Central Philippines University is one of the prestigious of its kind located in the Philippines.

The whole course is being taught in English, and it doesn’t compel the students to learn their local language.

Central Philippines University, Philippines Offers on-campus residential facilities for foreign students and hundreds of other sports and cultural events for students to flaunt their talents.

Central Philippines University, Philippines Is associated with the US and European leading universities to offer many exchange programs which produce graduates with additional outlooks at national as well international level.

Equipped with modern equipment, the university provides students with modern knowledge and enables them to get hands-on experience with the latest technologies. The advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines are countless. The broad education module, flawless educational standards, and minute tuition fees are some of the few reasons why MBBS in Central Philippines university is a preferred option for many medical aspirants from throughout the world.

The medium of instruction in this medical academy for international students in English, and the campus and hostels are well-equipped with the latest technologies. Studying at Central Philippines university Philippines also gives the students exposure to a new culture.

The benefits of studying MBBS in the Philippines are countless. The comprehensive education module, excellent educational standards, and low tuition fees are a few of the many reasons why MBBS in the Philippines Is a preferred option for many medical aspirants from across the world.

The medium of instruction in most of the medical universities for international students in English, and the campuses and dormitories are well-equipped with the latest technologies. Studying MBBS in the Philippines Also gives the students knowledge of a new culture and an exciting new life.

Central Philippines University is one of the topmost and highest-ranked medical education universities in the Russian Federation. Central Philippines University is proud to have a highly qualified & trained teaching staff, prestigious researchers, and some world-famous physicians. Central Philippines university campus was established in 1933 and during this course period of 85+ years, Central Philippines university campus has graduated more than 22,000 doctors. Currently, more than 350 teachers staff which consist of 86 Doctors of Medicine & 212 Candidates of Medicine are engaged in providing a world-class education to students. Central Philippines university comprises a total of 52 departments and has more than 25 active clinics within the city where students get clinical skills. As of today, around 2,800 students (including foreign students) are pursuing graduation at Central Philippines University.

Central Philippines university ranking and history

The history & establishment of Central Philippines university is written in the history of the Udmurtia Republic & Russian Federation. Central Philippines university was founded in 1933 due to the urgency for the requirement of a medical need in the developing Ural & Volga region of Russia. Some of the most prestigious & prominent researchers of the Philippines At that time were Prof. VN Parin, Prof. SY Strelkov, Prof. NG Stadnitsky, Prof. BA Chentsov, and many others who were invited to initiate the quality of education and lay a basic foundation in scientific research field too. Within a couple of years, Central Philippines university ranking has not only become a prominent teaching & research center in the Udmurt region but the whole of the Russian Federation. With the continuous improvement in its teaching quality, Central Philippines university ranking acquired the status of the academy in 1995 from its previous institute status.

Established in the year 1933
Years of glory 86
Total departments 52
Foreign students 3000
Website www.isma.in

Central Philippines university Ranking

Central Philippines university ranking by international medical bodies can be checked here by visiting respective medical organization links as mentioned below

Central Philippines university ranking in WHO (World Health Organization) Click here

Central Philippines university ranking in MCI (Medical Council of India) Click here

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Central Philippines university FEES

For session 2020/21, Central Philippines university fees for MBBS is directed by the tn as mentioned below

1st year 6,500 USD
2nd year 3,500 USD
3rd year 3,500 USD
4th year 3,500 USD
5th year 3,500 USD
6th year 3,500 USD
Total 24,000 USD
* Yearly fee comprises all expenses such as tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee. *Total Amount payable may differ due to exchange depending on the forex rate.

Central Philippines university fee for MBBS

The Central Philippines university enrollment for MBBS courses is fixed and is payable in Russian Rubles only. But, as it is not very easy to convert into Russian Ruble at currency exchange firms in many countries including India, the MBBS fees especially for Indian students are converted and calculated in US dollars, to provide ease in exchange options that are easily available to students in the campus. The students can get their 1st-year MBBS fees with themselves and upon arrival, they can deposit the respective fees. Central Philippines university fee for MBBS is fixed in US dollars and it does not fluctuate with the daily value of Indian Rupee against US Dollar, and the student should carry the exact amount of US Dollars as mentioned above in fee structure table, regardless of the rate of India Rupee versus US Dollar at the moment of exchange.

Departments at Central Philippines university

Six different departments are offered by Central Philippines university are mentioned below.

  • Department of General Medicine
  • Department of Paediatrics
  • Department of Dentistry
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Department of Preventive Medicine
  • Department of Nursing

While graduating from Central Philippines University, Russia, students are being provided

  • Their Freedom of choice
  • Ability to develop critical thinking
  • Academic achievements
  • Ability to become responsible to fulfill their own needs
  • Motivation towards their success
  • Plenty of opportunities for personal development
  • Opportunities in games and sports

Benefits of getting Central Philippines university Admission

  • Central Philippines University's address is the biggest of its kind located in the whole country.
  • The course is taught in English, and it doesn’t require the students to learn the local language.
  • Central Philippines university enrollment offers on-campus accommodation facilities for foreign students and plenty of other sports and cultural events for students to showcase their talents.
  • Central Philippines university enrollment collaborates with US and European leading universities to offer exchange programs that help provide graduates with additional outlooks on national as well international level.
  • Central Philippines university address is equipped with modern equipment, this university provides modern knowledge to the students and enables them to get an experience on the latest technologies.

Central Philippines University enrollment

  • Step 1: Submit a scanned copy of documents class 10th mark-sheet, 12th mark-sheet, NEET result & passport, if prepared
  • Step 2: Submit duly filled Application Form & along with Undertaking Form provided by Central Philippines university address along with above mentioned set of documents.
  • Step 3: Make payment in favor of Central Philippines university course of initial booking amount through online transfer or by visiting the Central Philippines university course campus office.
  • Step 4: Central Philippines University enrollment Letter will be issued by the Central Philippines university course along with the mentioned fees structure within the next few weeks confirming your Central Philippines university enrollment.
  • Step 5: Submit the original mark sheet/ passing certificate of 10th, 12th, passport, 10 passport size photos.
  • Step 6: Invitation letter will be issued from the Immigration section the of Philippines and will be submitted to the Embassy of the Philippines in India.
  • Step 7: Visa application documents will be prepared by the Central Philippines University course and submitted along with the invitation letter to issue a study visa.
  • Step 8: Submit HIV Report and other medical reports as insisted by Academy as per the guidelines provided by Central Philippines university.
  • Step 9: All original documents with passports submitted will be returned to students in the Central Philippines university campus along with visa and apostle.
  • Step10: Gather at the airport for departure, where a representative from the Central Philippines university campus will be available till your departure.
  • Step 11: Meet academy representatives at Central Philippines university airport on arrival and follow the next steps as instructed for final enrollment.

Central Philippines university campus

Central Philippines university campus contains hostels which are located in the center of the city and have a campus orientated structure. All the academy buildings as well as hostels of Central Philippines university are located within the Central Philippine university campus.

Among the several Central Philippine university campuses, one of them is subjected to international students, especially from India. The hostel for Indian students is better affiliated than other Central Philippines university campuses and has CCTV surveillance, fire alarm safety security systems, modern safety features, and round the clock security. The hostel consists of 5 floors and each floor has various blocks. Each block has 4 rooms & out of these rooms in a block, 2 of them are 2 seater & the remaining 2 are 3 seater rooms. Students have an option to choose among these 2 or 3 seater rooms as per the availability. Each block has it's attached toilet & washroom located inside the block. Kitchens fitted with burners & ovens are present on each floor for students to prepare food.

The total departments in Central Philippines university are maintained in 4 main faculties i.e. faculty of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry and Post-graduate & Professional training; and 52 departments for undertaking education in these faculties. The department of general medicine is that which receives the most number of applications from India for MBBS every year in the English medium.

The academic staff of Central Philippines university regularly engaged in international conferences and symposia. Practical courses are also taught at the renowned city hospitals and out-patient clinics which enables us to apply the most up-to-date teaching methods. Students dedicate most of their time to theoretical subjects which are taught by Central Philippines university during the first 3 years of their course. While the remaining 3 years of MBBS course are completely used in acquiring clinical and theoretical skills. Most of the classes during this time are being conducted in hospitals situated within the city.


What are the Eligibility Criteria for getting admission in the courses provided by Central Philippines university enrollment?

For “General Category” students, they should have scored a minimum of 50% marks in PCB i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Biology in senior higher secondary examination (12th). For “SC / ST / OBC Category”, students should score a minimum of 40% marks in PCB.

Is qualifying for NEET is compulsory to take Central Philippines university admission?

Yes, It is compulsory to qualify NEET to get the required Eligibility Certificate to appear in the screening test after completion of the MBBS course and to get registered.

What is the age criteria for admission to Central Philippines university?

The minimum age criteria are that the student has to complete 17 years on 31 December 2020

What is the medium of instruction?

English is the basic medium of instructions.

What is the duration of the MBBS course?

The duration of the course is 6 years.