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Resham Marketing and Consultancy (RMC Education) was established in the year 2000. RMC Education is counted among the leading MBBS consultants abroad. RMC Education has a legacy to work and research smartly. This is the platform where students and their guardians will get an accurate amount of information regarding the Universities, colleges and courses. This will provide the students and their guardians with the right career options without any hassles. RMC Educational Service Centre is committed to provide the best MBBS Consultancy in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir with most precise information about study abroad.

RMC Educational Services helps the students get thorough details about the best universities, colleges, courses, etc. related to MBBS, MD, MD, BDS, MDS and so on too. We are responsive and have believed in delivering the right solutions to all queries of the students in a time-bound manner. RMC Education is dedicated to the work and always ready to help and clear all doubts. The consultancy always tries to give the best possible efforts to help the students to adjust and accommodate in the new environment and support them to learn new things and help to perform best in their challenges. We are well organised and believe in honesty and quality. We feel good when any of the students choose RMC Education for their career paths.

What makes us the best overseas education consultants in Jammu & Kashmir

The decision related to study in overseas is a big deal. It is completely different from booking hotels and restaurants overseas. It is challenging for most of the students, But it also depends upon the ability to understand and deal with things and circumstances. In this situation, RMC is always there to help the students in dealing with all the odds and even confronting by the students. There are various reasons which make RMC the best education consultants. A few of them are following:

  • RMC Education has huge experience in providing one-to-one services.
  • We provide help and consults to students to choose the suitable or best courses and universities for fulfilling dreams.
  • We provide complete information about the entire process without any hidden terms and conditions.
  • RMC Education has a robust international presence and possesses knowledge about all the scholarships.
  • RMC Education has proper knowledge about all the norms of Visa processes and also guides to clearing the Visa interview through different tips and tricks.

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How to choose the Best MBBS admission consultants in Jammu & Kashmir

The question comes to most students or aspirants who want to study overseas i.e. which is the best consultancy in Jammu & Kashmir for fulfilling their aspiration? There are many ways to choose the best ways to select the best ways. First, a student can check the website of the consultancy and understand their services. Second, the best option is to look at the social media account of the consultancy which also gives a fair idea about the rating of consultancy. Third, students can view the ratings and reviews of the consultancy on the internet and so on. MBBS Consultancy in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir must have to be student-friendly which provides them individual attention and clear all the doubts of the students. The MBBS Consultancy in Srinagar must provide the previous statistics regarding the registration of the students in consultancy which help the students take a fair decision.

What Points to Consider When Choosing Study Abroad Consultant in Jammu & Kashmir

  • Students should visit the National Medical Commission (NMC) website to check if the medical university chosen is included in the list.
  • Students make sure that the letter is issued by the university and not issued by the firm.
  • The letter must be confirmed through the university by email directly whether it has been issued by them or not.
  • Students and their parents should make a rough estimate about the total fees because there can be fluctuations in dollar price in comparison to rupees.
  • Students also know that none of the universities provides any discounted fees in the name of one-time fees. So, do not fall into this trap as nothing will be refunded if a student is expelled or wants to change the university.

Services provided by our MBBS Abroad Consultancy Firm in Jammu & Kashmir

  • Medical
  • Educational service
  • MCI screening test

MBBS for Kashmir students in Bangladesh

  • The entire medical course is taught in English only.
  • Kashmiri students usually do not realize the big problem of language as Hindi is understood in most cities of Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh MBBS degree is eligible for global exams like FMGE, NEXT, USMLE, PLAB.
  • Bangladesh also offers a scholarship program for students from SAARC countries and meets eligibility criteria to benefit from scholarship offers.

Why RMC Education is trustworthy MBBS abroad consultancy

Efficient Performance :

RMC Educational Service Centre is passionate about its works. RMC Education has the proper knowledge that provides the best guidance in study overseas. Our consultancy is always eager to help aspiring students and guide them on the right path.

Quality Work:

Our consultancy doesn’t push students for random courses and universities or colleges. Our consultancy always suggests the course after deep discussion. This discussion includes the interest of the students.

Interactive Behaviour:

RMC Education provides interactive behaviour based on individual attention. Communication plays a better role as it helps us to connect to you and understand you better. Our consultancy understands the power of communication. Through communication, we remove all doubts and help you to go further in a confident way.