AIETI medical school

AIETI medical school

Tbilisi, Egypt
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5500 US$ / year

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Tbilisi, Georgia

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  • English Medium Curriculum
  • NMC/WHO approved University
  • Top ranked University

AIETI Medical School

AIETI Medical school academy is the very best school academy. University was founded by doctor Dimitri Tvidiani. This medical school is a branch of David Tvidiani medical university. AIETI medical school is known to be the first non-governmental higher education medical center in Georgia. Which studies students in the English language. This university came to exist in 1992. AIETI medical school is recognized by WHO and listed in a top school in 1995. This school has been upgraded to the national authorization status from 211 and named after its founder and the first reactor as David Tvildiani Medical University. This university is very good for MBBS students. All the faculties of this university are very cooperative and helpful.

Many Indian students take admission in this university and are successful; they also get a graduation degree after they completed their MBBS full course.

International Airport Near AIETI Medical School

  • Tbilisi Airport
  • Shirak international airport
  • Zaqatala international airport
  • Ganja International airports

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Accommodation at AIETI Medical School

As we know that the infrastructure of this university is very good. The accommodation facility are cool in this university and can perform various experiments in the lab. There is also a laboratory system available in this university. the rules are equally tied with limitless amenities and facilities in place. If you are an international student you have to comfortably stay at amazing learning facilities available in this university.

The Advantage to Pursuing MBBS From this University

  • hostel facilities are available for students; they are separate rooms available for girls and boys.
  • Quick admission process
  • The highly preferred Medical University medicine program is also available in this university the address seminar for the student to improve their skill.
  • qualified processor all the teachers are very qualified and uneducated. They all are very friendly with the student.
  • Universities approved by MCI.

About the City

The city is a very beautiful city charger will ensure you will stay out of the positive energy in this city. The way of architectural monuments and attraction of structure there is a countless aspect of two field experiences of rich culture and diverse at large. Thus it is also economic and financial strength the job opportunities are very high in this city in the case you are an international student and want to pursue a Medical program in the best city to study MBBS.

to take admission to this University students must have to qualify for their 12th examination with 85% in PCB or at least 70% In ICSE board CBSE board.

The student must have to give the NEET examination to take admission in this university.

Accreditation License

The AIETI Medical University has been created as well as created by the national center for education. This University has been blank 20 and 14402 positions in National and world ranking. To take admission to this university students have to fill their applications form. the student must have to upload their all important documents like the 10th 12th mark sheet migration visa in the application form and then click on submit button to fill the form.

Important Documents

  • The student must always carry the date and 12th mark sheet along with them when they are going to take admission.
  • Always carrying their visit visa is for a six-month after six months they have to renew their visa for one year so that they can stay there.
  • always carried the RC received which has been paid to the college when they are going in the campus.

AIETI medical school is a branch of David Tvildiani Medical science. The mission of the university is to provide good education based on international experience so that all the students can well be educated and have good placement. AIETI medical schools and non Government higher education medicine system in Georgia which was established by academy David Trillian in 1989.

after the development of Ph.D. courses and Dr program adding the nurse in school AIETI medical school has been updated to the National authorization council to the status of the university from 2011.

AIETI medical school is a very famous and good University.

Fees and other Important Details

  • the course duration is 6 years based on the credit system you get the option to complete 5 years and a one-year internship is also available for the total duration is 6 years.
  • the medium of study in this university is English all the teachers use the English language for the study.
  • Fee structure of the university 600 USD per year
  • Nominal expenses for TRC and Visa renewal.
  • The student who wants to take admission in this university has to first field registration form the registration form amount is 10000 rupees.
  • processing and service charge the extra one-time expense to be paid by only one year.
  • Total 2000 2500 USD expand for accommodation and other expenses.

The active member of these universities are.

  • Association of Medical school in Europe
  • the foundation of the advancement of international medical education and research.
  • Association of Medical education in Europe.
  • Organization for Ph.D. education in biomedicine and health size in the Europe system.

There are over 200 graduates of DTM you have successfully passed for qualifying and have already completed their courses; many of them are working as physicians and nursing in the USA and Europe. Any of them also a Ph.D. degree.

Application Status

After submission of the data of the application green 7 days of filling the application requires you will get an official letter from this University based on the side of a letter on this offer letter there is a signature of the head office and the admission office will start enrollment process which takes approx 2 to 4 weeks the academic session is from February to March batch.

Fee Structure

there is the different fees structure for different courses like for school of business economics and management the total fee is $4000 for 4 years

The fee of the school of health science and public health is medicine fee is $ 5500 for 6 year nursing for international students $3500 for 4 years the fee of a dentist is $ 4800 for 5 years and pharmacy is $4500 for 4 years.

Student Life

The student life of this university is very good kya hostel facility for international students available the hostel is saved under the surveillance of 24 into 7 they are separate room available for girls and boys there are many facilities available in the hostel like electricity water-free gas and Wi-Fi also there is a student cafeteria also available in the university.

rather than study there is also much activity perform in which universities like cultural fest sports debate and many other.


The University offers many programs available for the student like MD program Ph.D. program doctor at program nursing school.


The library contains over 5000 volumes representing all the branches. There is also a textbook manual that guides audio-video ads which are available in the library. Students can easily go and watch the videos, take a book and study.

Faculty and Student

The University of our many graduates and postgraduate programs are a total of 476 graduates and 884 Georgian and foreign students studying diploma and medical programs. Total seven departments which cover 74 courses.


How can a student pay the tuition fee?

Method for paying the tuition fee depends on the different University most of the university can accept the payment of cash or union pay card. If you pay on arrival you have to pay cash.

You can also pay tuition fee buy online method online net banking debit card and UPI

How many years in MBBS?

There are a total of 6-year durations for MBBS in which five-year college life and one-year internship are also included in this.

Can a student who does not afford much money study MBBS abroad?

sure there are no rich and poor when it comes to education we all know about there is a very scholarship and government program also available for the poor students so they can easily pay and study their MBBS courses from abroad.

Why study at David Tvildiani Medical University?
  • students are encouraged to participate in Soccer baseball cricket teams and music groups.
  • University offers USMLE preparation courses to its students free of charge.
  • The University has many textbooks like us a medical test book manual and others.