Tula State University

Tula State University

Russian Federation, 300012, Tula, Prospekt Lenina, 92
Nearest Airport: Kaluga (KLF) Airport.
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25,000 RMB/year

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Prospekt Lenina, Russia

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  • Established in 1930
  • NMC/WHO approved University
  • Globally Recognised University

Tula State University , is the largest state university in Tula, Central Russia. Since May 2006, is Mikhail Gryazev, professor, doctor of technical sciences. More than 20,000 students, 400 post graduates, and 600 foreign students at Tula State University. The university consists of nine faculties colleges), a medical institute, a centre of pre-university studies, a regional centre for professional development, and 73 departments.

Established in 1930, Tula State University is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the medium city of Tula (population range of 250,000-499,999 inhabitants), Tula Oblast. Officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Tula State University (TSU) is a large (uniRank enrollment range: 20,000-24,999 students) coeducational Russian higher education institution. Tula State University (TSU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study. See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details. TSU also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, as well as administrative services.

Tula State University (TSU), the largest state university in Central Russia. Actively responding to the challenges of the time, the university is developing dynamically, while maintaining fidelity to classical traditions. Today, the university enrolled more than 16,000 students, more than 440 graduate students, 11 doctoral students, more than 110 residents and more than 100 interns.Among the foreign students more than 700 people from 50 countries. In the education market in the region of Tula State University presented a unique set of services. University prepares graduates for 150 directions and specialties of the military, technological, mining and construction, computer and information, scientific, economic, legal, social, humanitarian and medical profiles. Preparation are more than 1,200 teachers, including 237 doctors, professors and 717 associate professors.

Training is conducted in TSU full-time (day), part-time (evening) and correspondence (including reduced programs and external studies) courses. The university prepares engineers of different directions, mathematicians, engineers, physicists, chemists, psychologists, political scientists, historians, archivists, theologians, linguists, translators, lawyers, sociologists, doctors and specialists in physical culture and sport, designers, artists, designers, economists, managers, architects, teachers, including high school, highly qualified specialists PhDs.

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Educational process

TSU has more than 150 study programs in defense, technology, mining construction, computer science, economics, law, humanities and medicine. There are more than 1,200 faculty members, among them 278 full doctors of sciences, professors and 742 candidates of sciences, associate professors. The total number of university staff is 2,400.

TSU provides full-time and part-time education, distance education and education by correspondence. The university trains mathematicians, mechanics, physicists, chemists, psychologists, political scientists, historians, theologians, linguists, translators, lawyers, sociologists, physicians, specialists in physical culture and sports, designers and design engineers, economists, managers, architects, and educationists. The Regional Centre for Professional Development and Retraining of Administrative Workers and Specialists at Tula State University has more than 2,400 students.

The university scientific library contains more than 1.5 million books. There are several reading halls, an Internet-room, a digital library. A laboratory of computer technologies has started. e-book and virtual laboratory projects have been created by the faculty members and students of the university.

In 2005, the university was awarded the Certificate of Honour by the President of the Russian Federation for its contribution to the education of specialists and the development of science. In 2007 TSU received the RF Government Award for Education. The university staff headed by rector Mikhail Gryazev received a State Award for the project called Regional University Educational and Pedagogical Complex of Innovative Educational Technologies Used in Training Specialists for High-technological Production in Defense Industry. Alexander Agubechirovich Khadartsev, the director of the Medical Institute, received a State Award for the scientific research called The Use of Neuron Network Technologies in Educational Process.

Scientific work

The university scientific work includes:

  • research supported through grants,
  • research carried out in accordance with the economic contracts,
  • preparation of specialists of higher qualification (post graduate studies),
  • cooperation with institutes and scientific centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
  • patent and license activity,
  • participation in conferences and exhibitions,
  • organization of students’ scientific work,
  • publication of monographs and other scientific publications.

There are 10 Doctoral Dissertation Councils and 4 PhD Dissertation Councils which cover 35 specialties. 12-15 doctoral students and 75-85 PhD students.

Social activity

TSU possesses sports facilities, a polyclinic, a health resort, and a canteen. TSU is the only university in the country which has its own kindergarten. The Center of Professional Orientation helps students with their future careers. Social organizations such as a students’ club and sports clubs are active. There is a museum and a geological museum at TSU.

The university issues its own newspaper. About 600 students participate in the activities of 19 creative unions, service clubs and courses. The students club possesses two audience halls for 1226 and 200 seats, the rehearsal room covers more than 500 sq meters.


TSU students have won two silver and one bronze Olympic medals, gained 25 prizes at World championships and contests, 19 prizes at European championships and contests, 364 prizes at championships and contests held in Russia. Three sportsmen have been awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports. 11 World-class athletes and 49 masters of sports of the Russian Federation have been trained at the university. The Students’ Olympics is held annually at the University.


The nine faculties are:

  • Faculty of Mechanics and Control Systems
  • Faculty of Cybernetics
  • Faculty of Mining Construction
  • Technological Faculty
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Economics and Law
  • Faculty of the Humanities

The Medical Institute consists the following departments:

  • Medical Department
  • Department of Sports and Tourism
  • Admission process
  • There are five steps to complete admission process at Tula State University:


Student can apply online directly to University or you can apply through our authorized representative in your country for getting moscow state medical university admission. After reading the complete information on website about tuition fee and courses first you have to choose the course.

After choosing the course you should send us the following documents by e-mail:

  • Filled Application Form;
  • Scanned copy of International Passport or ID (minimum valid for two years);
  • Scanned copy of High School Certificate (with transcripts).
  • After reviewing the above written documents, we shall notify you about acceptance or rejection. If you are accepted we shall issue for you Admission Confirmation Letter in one working day

STEP 2: How to get Invitation Letter

To get an invitation letter Siberian State University, we require the following documents:

  • Filled Application Form;
  • Scanned copy of International Passport (minimum valid for two years);
  • Scanned copy of School Certificate (with transcripts);
  • Cost of Invitation Letter 400 US$ and Courier charges 100 US$

You can send us these documents only after receiving Acceptance / Admission Confirmation letter.

You can send us the documents by e-mail.

Please take care that documents should be scanned properly and should be clearly readable.

You can transfer us the payment through bank transfer, Western Union or MoneyGram.

Invitations are issued by the State Home office and it takes 40-45 days.

After receiving documents and payment, we shall send you the Original Invitation letter, Admission Confirmation letter and Visa support letter by courier.

STEP 3: Visa

After getting Invitation letter, student should contact the nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate in his/her country for moscow state medical university admission .

Visa Requirements are as follows:

  • Filled Application form (you can fill online at http://visa.kdmid.ru)
  • Original/ Electronic Invitation letter.
  • Original International Passport (minimum valid for two years);
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs or with Apostille stamp)
  • Aids/HIV test (attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Official Invitation letter issued by Federal Migration Services of the Russian Federation through Tula State University
  • 2 Passport size Photos (3 x 4).

In some countries Embassy of Russian Federation or Ukraine require legalization of documents from specific departments. In some specific countries Russian or Ukrainian embassy require some additional documents.

For complete visa requirements, please contact the Embassy of Russian Federation in your country.

STEP 4: Arrival

After getting visa from Embassy or Consulate, students should inform us about his/her flight details with date and arrival time.

One of our representative will receive the student at the airport.

In case student will not inform us about his/her arrival, he/she will be deported back to homeland by the Immigration Authorities of Russia.


Every Student should bring with him/her original complete documents and with Full First year Expenses or Payment Receipt of complete first year expenses paid.

It is compulsory for every student to be registered at University in three working days after arrival in Russian Federation territory.

After Arrival in Russia, student should submit the complete documents and first year complete charges as written on Admission Confirmation Letter to International Department. Staff of International Relations office will complete the admission process and registration process in 1-3 working days and after that they will allow you to start the classes.

International Office will also extend the visa from Home Office.

Our International Office staff will complete all the formalities that you should start your classes in 4-5 working days.

Admission requirements

Tula State University offers free merit admission system for International students. All students who have secondary school certificate have right to get admission at Siberian State Medical University.

We don’t require any specific marks or grades for admission at any course.


For Medicine, Paediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing Courses:

For admission in medical related courses, students must have studied the following subject with other subjects at school.

  • Biology;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics.

We dont require any specific marks or grades in above subjects for admission. We accept students with all passing grades or marks for admission at Siberian State Medical University.

For Aeronautical, IT, Computer and all other Engineering Courses:

For admission in Engineering courses, students must have studied the following subject with other subjects at school.

  • Mathematics
  • Physics

We dont require any specific marks or grades in above subjects for admission. We accept students with all passing grades or marks for admission at Siberian State Medical University.

For Economics, Arts & Culture, Agriculture and all other Courses:

For admission in Economics, arts & culture, agriculture and any other courses, we don’t require any specific subjects or marks or grades in school certificate.

What we require is only the school leaving certificate with any grades or subjects.


For PG / Clinical Residency courses:

We require the following for admission in any PG Courses related to medicine:

  • Mbbs / MD / BDS degree with transcripts

For Medical Ph.D. / Doctorate Degree:

  • Mbbs / MD / BDS degree with transcripts
  • Certificate of completion of Internship
  • Certificate of completion of Residency or Postgraduate Medical Education


For Masters in Public Health, MBA, M.Phil. and all other Masters programs:

We require the following for admission in Masters courses:

  • 4 years Bachelors degree in with with transcripts
  • Higher secondary school certificate

For Ph.D. Doctorate Degree in any field:

We require the following for admission in any Ph.D degrees:

  • Bachelors degree with transcripts
  • Masters degree in the related subject with transcripts
  • Tula state university Fees structure

Student can cover complete first year expenses before/after getting visa through bank transfer/ Western Union or upon arrival in Russia, except the cost of the invitation letter, the visa confirmation letter and courier charges. The cost of the invitation letter and the visa confirmation letter is 400 US$ and the cost for courier is 100 US$. After getting the admission confirmation letter/acceptance from REC-RUSSIA, you have to send us the cost of invitation letter and courier - 500 US$, then we should send you the Original invitation letter and the visa confirmation letter via Courier. You can transfer us the payment for invitation and courier through Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Transfer.

Students who want to join any course in English medium of Instruction, can join their course directly from 1st year, if they meet requirements for chosen fields. Otherwise they need to join the Preparatory department. Those students who want to study in Russian medium of Instruction have to complete 1-year Preparatory department before starting the main course of their speciality.

In the Russian Federation, tuition fee and other living expenses are higher in Moscow and Saint Petersburg than in all other cities of the Russian Federation.

Tula state university fees structure is approximately 4800 USD per year which reduces to around 3200 USD for upcoming years. Tula state university fees does not include application, visa, flight tickets, food, etc. will cost extra up to 80000 INR approximately. The tula university fees mentioned here are approximate and may change as per change in currency.

The duration for MBBS structure is 6 years out of which one year is internship .

  • Tula state university ranking
  • The world rank for Tula state university is2862
  • Tula state university country rank is 83
  • Due to Tula state university ranking it is recognized by NMC & WHO.
  • Tula state medical university ranking is accredited by many medical bodies such as ministry of public health of the Russian federation.
  • Tula state university ranking is mainly due to medical and sports department.
  • Tula state medical university hostel and accommodation.
  • Among medical universities of Russia , Tula state medical university hostel network is the largest.
  • Local as well as international students both can avail accommodation facilities at Tula state medical university hostels.
  • Tula state medical university hostel rooms are usually shared between 2-3 students.
  • Tula state medical university hostel students can get basic facilities such as furniture ,washroom, bed ,wardrobe ,table ,chair etc.
  • Tula state medical university hostel students can avail food facilities by paying some extra charges for it.
  • There are also some other facilities at Tula state university hostel such as temple, library, gym and swimming pool.


Do I need to clear IELTS or TOEFL to take admission at Tula state university?

No, there is no need to clear IELTS or TOEFL for an admission in Tula state medical university.

With which countries organizations the university has cooperation?

The Tula state university has close cooperation with organizations in more than 20 countries.

What are the facilities offered by the university other than the hostel and library?

The facilities offered by the university are sport centres, the only Russian university, kinder garden, sanatorium, clinics, dining, recreational camps, weapons and tools, the university museums.

What kind of courses are offered at the university?

The university offers full time, part time and correspondence courses in medicine.

What is included in the admission package of the university?

The admission package includes invitation processing fee, tuition fee, admission fee, hostel fee, visa extension fee, medical check up, medical insurance, documents preparation, notary certification, medical examination and one time charge annual fee, etc.