The medical university of Lublin.

The medical university of Lubin was established in 1944 in Lublin, Poland. The university gained its autonomy in 1950. New departments were added such as the department of dentistry in 1973. This university is a public type university and established in 1950. There are 6500 total students. The university maintains international scientific contact in cooperation with Hvidovre Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ukraine Lviv Medical University among others. This university is famous for MBBS Lublin. This university has 25 years of experience in teaching. Over 3500-3000 students graduate every year from this university. This Medical University ranks 5866 in the world and 68 in the country.

Key features of the university

The university has a famous urban ground with an entire cutting edge framework to bestow top-quality instruction to the students who are seeking after their medicinal course in China.

  • The college is best and good for MBBS candidates with a good class educating approach.
  • This university has many programs like MBBS, dentist, physiotherapy, and many others.
  • This university has a low charge of fees and a good education system.

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Doctor of medicine

  • This university has a 6-year duration for the MBBS program for high school graduation.
  • For enrolling in the MD program at the medical university a candidate should obtain an English proficiency certificate indicating command in the English language.
  • The student must have passed their subjects through chemistry, biology, physics.

Fees and expenses

1st year:- The first year tuition fees are INR 4,64,067 and application fees are 19,873. The exam should be the IELTS exam.

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates should have a High school diploma, graduate, or matriculation.
  • Indian candidates are required to produce apostille for their exam after graduation from senior secondary school.
  • Students should have to pass their 12 th board with 50 to 55% Marks.

Additional info

  • Copy of high school diploma certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • English proficiency certificate
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of application form with an invitation letter.

Department and Faculties

This university has good teacher facilities and departments in different branches of medicine.

Faculty of medicine with dentistry division
  • The main objective of this program of the faculty is to give instructions to administration inside the field of dentistry and drugs.
  • The faculty offers non-stationary and stationary investigation depending on educational plans acknowledged by the faculty board.
  • Following a multi-year medicine program, students are given the title of doctors, and the dentist program is 5 years given the title of specialists in a dental medical procedure.

Faculty of medicine with English language division

In 1995, the medical university of Lublin offered a restorative investigation in the English language. There are two programs for individual work graduate and postgraduate and research work. Students are given the title doctor after they complete their 6-year course of MBBS.

The additional department in medical.

  • Chair and Department of cardiology
  • Chair of Paediatric.
  • Chair and Department of gynecology.
  • Chair and Department of endocrinology
  • Chair and apartment of biophysics
  • Chair and Department of nuclear medicine
  • Chair and Department of medical microbiology.
  • Chair and Department of pathophysiology
  • Chair and department of neurology
  • Chair and department of dermatology
  • Chair and Department of Nephrology
  • Chair and department of neurology and neurological oncology

Eligibility criteria to take admission to the Medical University of Lublin

To take admission In this University students must have to clear their 12 exams with 65% in PCB and also have to give an entrance test. The duration of the course is five-year and the medium of teaching in English the universities recognized by WHO and MCI.

Indian students

this university is very best for MBBS as the Indian student goes to study MBBS in Poland there is no doubt the university is very good and the place is also very good along with this if you are going to MBBS in Poland you will and fully meet the kingdom Indian in the student who will give you knowledge about that University and place also.

Our goal
  • The main goal of this university is to make the best future for the student.
  • The goal is to add value for all the partners and carriers of medical inspiration who want to study medicine at a low price at this university and this place is very good for the student.
  • This university is the largest in Poland.
  • The made motto of this university is to educate a student in medical dentist pharmacy nursing and when as another medical line.
  • Conducting research and scientific activity for the student.
  • Developing postgraduate programs offer.
  • Educating research staff Ph.D. program and all the educated teacher's well-settled teachers are available in which university.

Online application rules for admission

To take admission to this university the additional online application will take place between 27 July to 22 August 2020. The main criteria to take admission is that the student must have qualified 50% in the 12th board; all candidates have uploaded and scanned their official degree documents which are required to take admission in this university.

Some process of taking online admission

  • Upload one printed size photograph
  • certificate passport copy.
  • Health certificate
  • The student should have to check the hepatitis b vaccine certificate
  • Health insurance policy
  • English language certificate
  • all document upload liked and 12th mark sheet migration and all the important documents should be uploaded.

Entrance exam General information

which candidate should have an examination hard on the time or at least 30 minutes before the examination starts no additional time will be given to the student.

There are 100 marks MCQ questions in biology 40 marks maths 30 physics 30 and chemistry 30 each question has 5 answers but when one is correct and maximum number of points amount is 300 each correct answer is given three points.


The university has many hospitals like dental clinical center medical university, independent public teaching hospital no1, independent public teaching hospital no4, prof Antoni Gebala children hospital of Lubin.


The University organized many events every year. The MUL commencement ceremony for students of the English language division is organized on 13 June 2019. During this event, students of America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East program are given a diploma degree. The students also said goodbye to their favorite teacher.

Students' success during a medical competition in Novosibirsk is held in 2018. It is organized by Novosibirsk State University in Russia. The competition is based on 2 phases.75 teams participating from countries like Albania, Montenegro. Ireland, Germany, Poland, and Serbia. Out of 75 teams, only 12 are qualified for the final round. The representative aims to solve difficult medical cases and present a final diagnosis.

Doctor of the year is organized on 27 April 2016.,

The subject which is taught in the Medicial.

There are various subjects which are thought in the medicine are

Basic science.

  • Human Anatomy
  • biochemistry
  • Human physiology
  • Histology and Embryology
  • Genetics
  • Human Biology
  • Lab Diagnosis
  • immunology
  • Medical psychology
  • Basic clinical skill
  • Cell and Neoplasms
  • pathophysiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Introduction to internal disease

Clinical rotations.

  • Surgery
  • Neurology
  • Dentistry
  • Family Medicine
  • Radiology
  • internal disease
  • Gynecology and obstetrics
  • psychiatry
  • pediatrics
  • ENT
  • Oncology
  • Dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Forensic Medicine

Subject thought in Dentistry.

The subject thought in Dentistry are
  • physiology of Masticatory System
  • Prosthetics
  • periodontology
  • pediatric Dentistry and Dental prophylaxis
  • Conservation Dentistry and Endodontics
  • Dental Radiology
  • Maxilofacial Surgery
  • orthodontics
  • Gerodentistry

Loan services

There are many available loan services are
  • US federal direct loan for US students:- The university takes part in the US William D Ford Federal Direct program for US citizens. The only students who take part in the loan process are enrolled at half time.
  • Private Education Loan for US students:-The interest charges are various according to credit ranking.
  • Canada Student Loan Program for Canadian students:- To apply for this loan, the students have an application through the student provincial ministry of education. The students also get the benefit of a tax credit.
Private Education Loans for Canadian students

The Canadian banks offer these education loans to the students of Canada who are attending medical college.


The campus of the University is student-friendly. It consists of the building, Dean's offices, the rectorate, research, and teaching facility, Library, Center of Medical Simulation, Centre of Experimental Medicine, Knowledge Transfer Centre, teaching hospital, children's hospital, indoor sports, entertainment center, and student Dormitories. Wireless internet connections are available inside the campus.

Students review.

According to research, many students gave their different reviews about the college.

A separate study room is provided for the students who want a group study or research. Timing of the class is:-

  • Monday - Friday :-6:30 AM to 10:00PM
  • Saturday 6:30 AM- 6:00PM

The University provides extra courses for students who wish to generate more knowledge and skill. Students also get psychological counseling. They support and provide help, advice on any academic and non-academic matters.

Visa Requirements.

The foreign students must require a visa for arriving in the country. The Visas are given for a maximum of 6 months. Students have to apply for an extension of another 6 months of Visa before they expire. The card is available for 1 year with extension possibilities of 10 years.

About the city

Lubin is famous for its sports activities. You can also enjoy swimming, horse riding, skiing, bowling spas, ice skating, fitness, bowling, etc. It is known as the most vibrant and colorful cities in Poland. It is offered in terms of all cultural activity due to its large population, multicultural heritage, and well-developed tourism. You can enjoy different varieties of festivals like Regional culture fairs, a one-month-long student festival in May, Music, rock, jazz, classical music dance, theatre, performance, Carnival, Falcon, and the culture night.

There are many cinema chains, Theatre, culture center, museums, historic site, old town botanical garden, City parks, musical theatre, music venues, the Philharmonic, etc

Syllabus of college for mbbs students

First-year and second-year

Human physiology, human ANatomy, Histology, Biochemistry, genetics, health and safety, pathology, clinical medicine, microbiology, pharmacy.

Third and fourth year

Surgery, Radiology, Dermatology, internal medicine, Epidemiology, Anatomy, clinical genetics, priorities, Ophthalmology, propaedeutic to dentistry, neurology, surgery, gynecology, Anesthesia, clinical genetics, pediatrics, obstetrics.

Fifth and sixth year

Internal medicine, Infectious diseases, pediatrics, psychiatry, oncology, obstetrics, Toxicology, physiology, pediatrics, surgery, emergency medicine, gynecology, clinical elective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any language barrier problem during MBBS education at the Medical University of Lubin?

No, The medium of instruction at the Medical University of Lublin is English and Polish language, the students will never face any communication hurdles in the University.

Is there any university entrance exam required for admission in an MD program?

No, the students don't need to appear for any university entrance exam to study MBBS course at the Medical University of Lublin. Only NEET clearance is mandatory.

Is the Medical University of Lubin provoding any winter or summer vacation during MBBS?

Yes, the students who are studying MBBS at the Medical University of Lublin do get the vacations, where the students can visit their hometown and also can explore the Lublin city.

Is the medical degree valid in india after completing MBBS education from the Medical University of Lubin?

Yes, After completing Medical education from the Medical University of Lublin medicine degree is awarded to students, they can practice in any country of their choice after clearing the MCI screening test.

Can i work during MBBS education at the Medical University of Lubin?

No, the students are not allowed to work during medical studies due to student Visa.