Tbilisi public university

Tbilisi public university

Tbilisi, Georgia
Nearest Airport: Tblisi International Airport.
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  • English Medium Curriculum
  • NMC/WHO approved University
  • Top ranked University

About Metekhi

Metekhi may be a historic district situated on the Left Bank of the river Mtkvari on a rocky hilly area in Avlabari, Tbilisi. Metekhi was the earliest territory within the city. consistent with traditional principles, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali constructed a church referred to as Metekhi Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God and a mansion here, which also assisted because of the king's estate.

In this place, within the V century, St. Shushanik was tortured to death. consistent with legend, the Metekhi rock was alleged to be the place of torture of St. Abo Tfileli (VIII century), who is that the defender of Tbilisi.

It is connected to the other bank of the Mtkvari near Metekhi by a ferroconcrete bridge, which was inbuilt 1951 on the location of two old bridges.

Views from Metekhi Church are often seen on Old Tbilisi, Narikala Fortress, Abanotubani, Peace Bridge, Rike Park. These places are the face of old Tbilisi. Tbilisi, also known as Tiflis, is the capital city of Georgia. With an area of approximately five hundred square kilometers catering to about 1.5 million people, it is the largest city. Owing to the Silk Road in the city of Tbilisi, it serves as a lucrative transit route of energy and trade. Some of the famous tourist attractions places include Georgian National Museum, Sameba, Sioni, Narikala Fortress, Rustaveli Avenue, Agmashenebeli Avenue.

The city of Tbilisi is governed by Tbilisi City Assembly and Tbilisi City Hall. The city is divided into many raions, which have their jurisdiction and government policies. The majority of residents in Tbilisi, practice Georgian Orthodox Church, while a minority of the population practices Islam. The city of Tbilisi represents Art Nouveau buildings, especially in Sololaki and Chugureti.

Tbilisi has some beautiful places for ascetic beauty, such as Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, Art Museum of Georgia, Marjanishvili State Academic Theatre.

Tbilisi is a safe place, where foreigners are warmly welcomed. It is a place that accepts and strives for development in education, businesses, communities, etc. Tbilisi is twinned with Atlanta, Cairo, Bristol, Tehran, Doha, Istanbul, Bilbao, Yerevan, etc.

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About Tbilisi public university

Tbilisi public university establishes a contemporary teaching and learning environment with the enactment of the innovative method in the education system and affordable fee structure for MBBS education and also provides world-class accommodation facilities to the scholars and make them desire a home far away from home.

The worldwide medical candidates looking forward to seeking MBBS seats at Tbilisi Public University Metekhi should fill the application form available on the official website.

Travel expenditures and living expenses of the city are accessible for the students. The medium of teaching for an MBBS course in the English language. The students with a scholastic gap can also get MBBS admission at Tbilisi Public University Metekhi.

The students of Tbilisi public university will improve the high quality of education. Tbilisi public university has been officially recognized as a university for MBBS education. In Tbilisi public university, you can pay your fees semester wise. Indian food canteen is present at Tbilisi public university.

The students are rewarded with a medical degree that has been globally accepted. Tbilisi public university offers a sufficient MBBS fee structure for college students. The students have outstanding job possibilities after completing MBBS from Tbilisi Public University Metekhi.

The students can approach contemporary medical equipment at Tbilisi public university. The university offers a decent education strategy as compared to other universities. Tbilisi public university focuses on the innate logical aptitudes of students. The MBBS course at Tbilisi public university is administered by skilled and trained professors.

Why Study in Tbilisi public university

One of the advantages of doing MBBS in Georgia is that it has many medical universities that are approved by the Medical Council of India. Georgia has several universities that are financed by the government. Indian students can also easily get familiarized with the lifestyle of Georgia. There are some main features which students prefer to study in Georgia

Georgia has many government-financed universities and some private universities which are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) Students are not compelled to pass any language proficiency tests to get enrolled in a good medical university in Georgia The language of instruction in all the medical universities in Georgia is English, and this makes it simpler for the Indian aspirant to study in Georgia Indian students receive international exposure, and it must be noted that Georgia is one of the safer countries for Indian students.

Indian students will certainly want to know about the teaching medium in the medical universities in Georgia. Indian students can feel relaxed as far as the platform of teaching is concerned. It is the universal language of English, and hence Indian students will face no problem.

Some of the note-worthy student organizations include IFSMA, EMSA- TBILISI- European Medical Students’ Association, EDSA-TBILISI- European Dental Students’ Association, GMSA- Georgian Medical Students’ Associations, EPSA- European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association, Youth Scientific Union.

Higher education at the Tbilisi State Medical University has evolved as a competitive process as Tbilisi State Medical University becomes a high-ranking university in the country of Georgia. The Tbilisi State Medical University courses are followed in English for international students from India, America, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad, Azerbaijan, Turkey.

Tbilisi Public University is one of the most modernized universities in Georgia. We provide high-quality education for dentistry. With certification and knowledge of Tbilisi Public University, you will become an outstanding expert in dentistry. We use most of the unique and beneficial methods of education and look after the future of our students.

The foundation of Tbilisi public University was laid in 2014 and placed in Tbilisi city of Georgia. Tbilisi public University has around 1600 students all over the world.

Founded in 2002, Toshkent Davlat Stomatologiya Institute is popularly known as Tbilisi public University is a non-profitable, public senior-education institution located in the town of Tbilisi in which the population ranges from 1,000,000-5,000,000 individuals. Officially acknowledged by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of Georgia. Tbilisi public University is a very small coeducational Georgia higher education institution.

Tbilisi public University gives courses and strategies directed to officially acknowledged higher education degrees. Tbilisi public University also provides several educational and non-academic facilities and assistance to students as well as some administrative services.

Established in2002
Years of glory12
Foreign students1600
Total departments15
MBBS duration6 Years
Years of glory12

Tbilisi public university Ranking 2023-24

Tbilisi public university ranking (world)48
Tbilisi public university ranking (country)20552

Tbilisi Public University Admission

  • Step 1: Submit a scanned copy of documents class 10th mark-sheet, 12th mark-sheet, NEET result & passport, if prepared
  • Step 2: Submit duly filled Application Form & along with Undertaking Form provided by Tbilisi Public University address along with above mentioned set of document Admission
  • Step3: Make payment in favor of the Tbilisi Public University course of the initial booking amount through online transfer or by visiting the Tbilisi Public University admission campus office.
  • Step 4: Tbilisi Public University admission Letter will be issued by Tbilisi Public University admission along with the mentioned fees structure within the next few weeks confirming your Tbilisi Public University enrollment.
  • Step 5: Submit the original mark sheet/ passing certificate of 10th, 12th, passport, 10 passport size photos.
  • Step 6: Invitation letter will be issued from the Immigration section of Georgia and will be submitted to the Embassy of Georgia in India.
  • Step 7: Visa application documents will be prepared by the Tbilisi Public University course and submitted along with the invitation letter to issue a study visa.
  • Step 8: Submit HIV Report and other medical reports as insisted by Academy as per the guidelines provided by Tbilisi Public University admission.
  • Step 9: All original documents with passports submitted will be returned to students in the Tbilisi Public University campus along with a visa and apostle.
  • Step10: Gather at the airport for departure, where a representative from the Tbilisi Public University campus will be available till your departure.
  • Step 11: Meet academy representatives at Tbilisi Public University airport on arrival and follow the next steps as instructed for final enrollment.

Documents Required for the Admission Procedure

  • Duly filled admission form (scan copy)
  • Mark sheet and certificate of class 10th (scan copy)
  • Passing mark sheet and certificate of class 12th (scan copy)
  • Colored photographs - 6 Passport size
  • Passport (scanned copy of first and last page)
  • HIV test report.

About Tbilisi Public University Hostels

Tbilisi Public University campus contains hostels which are located in the center of the city and have a campus orientated structure. All the academy buildings as well as hostels of Tbilisi Public University located within the Tbilisi Public University campus. Among the several Tbilisi Public University campuses, one of them is subjected to international students, especially from India.

The hostel for Indian students is better affiliated than other Tbilisi Public University campuses and has CCTV surveillance, fire alarm safety security systems, modern safety features, and round the clock security.

The hostel consists of 5 floors and each floor has various blocks. Each block has 4 rooms & out of these rooms in a block, 2 of them are 2 seater & the remaining 2 are 3 seater rooms. Students have an option to choose among these 2 or 3 seater rooms as per the availability. Each block has it's attached toilet & washroom located inside the block. Kitchens fitted with burners & ovens are present on each floor for students to prepare food.

The total departments in Tbilisi Public University are maintained in 4 main faculties i.e. faculty of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, and Post-graduate & Professional training; and 52 departments for undertaking education in these faculties. The department of general medicine is that which receives the most number of applications from India for MBBS every year in the English medium. The academic staff of Tbilisi Public University regularly engaged in international conferences and symposia. Practical courses are also taught at the renowned city hospitals and out-patient clinics which enables us to apply the most up-to-date teaching methods. Students dedicate most of their time to theoretical subjects which are taught by Tbilisi Public University during the first 3 years of their course. While the remaining 3 years of MBBS course are completely used in acquiring clinical and theoretical skills. Most of the classes during this time are being conducted in hospitals situated within the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the required documents for the application?

Requirements: the aggregate of more than eighty percentage in Physics, Chemistry, Biology; NEET Scorecard; Migration certificate; Valid passport-scanned copy; above 18 years of age at the time of application.

From the date of Tbilisi State Medical University application completion, it takes about seven working days for the Tbilisi State Medical University admission committee to review the application.

Once approved/admitted to the Tbilisi State Medical University courses, the student receives, invitation letter, rector order, Tbilisi State Medical University hostel accommodation letter, ministry approval.

International applicants are required to submit English Proficiency demonstrations. The applicant is required to submit the Tbilisi State Medical University tuition fee. VISA APPLICATION: Students need to submit all verified documents for the visa application processing.

Are there any special arrangements for socially vulnerable groups?

Yes, according to the Tbilisi Public University student guidelines, there are rigid guidelines for maintaining equality across the campus.

Is it compulsory to appear for the entrance test?

Yes, the United National Exams are compulsory for the applicants, along with other documents required for the Tbilisi State Medical University application.