Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine, was officially established in 1989 with the approval of Chinese Ministry of Education. It was authorized to grant bachelor’s degree in 2001, to enrol international students in 2002 and to enrol students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau in 2008. Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine became the only awarded the unit (point) project construction University to grant doctoral degree in Shanxi Province in 2017.

After a steady development and growth of over 30 years, Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine, a prestigious higher education institute with distinctive characteristics in the field of Chinese medicine, has established itself as the centre for research and innovation, cultivation of talents, health care, social service and cultural inheritance. Learning and teaching, research, Medicare and production are perfectly integrated here. It is also an international collaboration base authorized by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and one of the first pioneer universities to reform teaching plans for the education of Excellent Medical Workers.

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Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine now has two campuses located in Taiyuan and Jianzhong, covering a total area of over 74 hectares with a floor area of 0. 37 million square kilometres. Located in beautiful surroundings, it features buildings with unique and distinctive style, Statue of Foshan, cultural relievos about Chinese medicine, a fantastic lake, an herbal garden etc.

It also features a library with a collection of 845,000 books, 380,000 kinds of electronic books, and 28 electronic resource databases, constituting a most advanced electronic library service system.

The one and only apartment for international students in Shanxi province is right here.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine, with 9,145 registered students on campus, among whom 620 are master’s degree students, is composed of 14 colleges. It offers 23 undergraduate majors, covering a wide range of fields in medicine, science, engineering, management and agriculture, among which there is one unique discipline at state level, three at provincial level and four at university level as well as a pioneer project. It also boasts 3 Level I post-graduate stations, 16 Level II post-graduate stations.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine also has

  • 3 direct affiliated hospitals, among which the Second Hospital is characterized by its strong comprehensiveness, the Third by its world-renowned New Nine Needles and the Hospital of integrated TCM and WM by its advanced medical equipment.
  • 6 national key academic disciplines
  • 10 key academic disciplines by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine boasts a team of structurally reasonable faculty which includes
  • over 3,000 teachers.
  • 134 full professors.
  • 1 National Great TCM master.
  • 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of engineering.
  • 4 Foshan Scholars.
  • 14 prominent educators in Shanxi.
  • 15prominent TCM doctors in Shanxi.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine provides strong scientific and technical support and a positive academic atmosphere for international education with its well-developed infrastructure, sophisticated laboratories facilities, state funded key research and development projects, ample research funds, well-qualified supervising teams of senior scholars, and world-wide international cooperation and exchange programs.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine Eligibility

  1. Applicants must be in good health.
  2. Applicants must have high school Certificates.
  3. Applicants must be under the age of 30.
  4. Applicants who have passed HSK Band 4 can be directly enrolled. Those who haven’t will have to receive one-year study in Chinese language.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine Fees

Tuition fee: 21,000 Yuan
Accommodation fee: 3000Yuan
Application: 400 Yuan
Visa Extension: 400 Yuan (To be decided by the Police Station)
Health Insurance: 800 Yuan
Medical Examination: 485 Yuan
Management fee: 500 Yuan

Others Daily Necessary Things:

Bedding Cost 600RMB
Water Card and Pictures 100RMB
Mobile Card 100RMB
Books Cost 400RMB

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine programs

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine plays an increasingly active role in the stage of international exchange. Smooth cooperative relationships have been established with more than 20 countries like Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea in terms of education and scientific research. Zhen Dong Australia-China Molecular Chinese Medicine Research Center was jointly established by Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Zhen Dong Group and the University of Adelaide-in. It is the first Chinese medicine research centre focusing on education, research and production based in a prestigious western comprehensive institute. Since its foundation, six teachers have been visiting scholars there. Nine post-graduate students have finished their study there. Six articles have been accepted and published and was collected by SCI. Two state-level and four province-level collaborative projects have been undertaken.

In terms of formal education, since the year 2002, Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine has enrolled and graduated a thousand international students from the Unite States, Korea, Romania, Iceland, Cameroon, Mexico, Pakistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

In terms of short-term training, entrusted by Ministry of Commerce and Health and Family Planning Commission of Shanxi Province, Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine has hosted the Training Course on Acupuncture and Moxibustion for a succession of 18 years from 1998. Thousands of medical workers from developing countries have reaped the benefit. They have, thereby, come to befriend Chinese, know about China, and fall in love with China, and Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine has gained even higher reputation as an influential institute for that matter.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine ranking

Ranking Name
22 Shanxi Medical University


I really want to study at your University, but I can’t speak Chinese, can I be instructed in English?

Answer: The programs are fully English medium programs.

How is the living standard in Taiyuan city? What about the canteen in the University?

Answer: The reference living cost for studying in Taiyuan is around 150 USD per month for food. Various dishes, special cuisines and delicious snacks with reasonable price are provided in canteens of Shanxi Medical University.

How can I arrive in Taiyuan city, the location of University?

Answer: If there is no direct flight to Taiyuan, the recommended flight is transit from Beijing to Taiyuan (less than one and half hour)-Wushu International Airport, or transit from Shanghai to Taiyuan (around 2 hours and 30 minutes). Students can choose the travel route according to their location.

Can you send a vehicle to take us from the local airport to the University?

Answer: The university can provide airport pick-up for international students in group from Wuus International Airport to the campus. But students should send detailed departure, transfer and arrival schedule to us minimum 7 days in advance so that the university can pick up without any delay. Airport Pick-up Service is only available during on-duty hours in Registration time.

How can I exchange some Chinese currency for my pocket money when I just arrived in China?

Answer: Students can exchange some Chinese currency in bank for shuttle/bus ticket fare and pocket money in big international airport when they arrive in China. And students can buy telephone card from business counter in the airport to give international call and domestic call if students need.

How are the transportation, telecom and internet in Taiyuan City?

Answer: There is one international airport, three main train stations and many buses to many cities in China. There are convenient public facilities for telecom and internet, you can buy telecom card to call in any time and there are lots of internet pubs for going on internet.

How is the climate in Taiyuan City?

Answer: Taiyuan experiences north temperate continental climate with distinctive four seasons and abundant sunshine, and the annual mean is 9.96 °C (49.9 °F).

How is China’s Engineering Education in the world?

Answer: China is a largest producer of engineering graduates in the world.

How is China’s Business and Management Education in the world?

Answer: China has become the second largest economy and this has influential role in the global economy.

Can a student open a Bank Account?

Answer: Yes, a student could open a bank account in his name to keep his surplus money safe. He could also use this account to have his family remit any additional money as required.

What is the voltage used in China?

Answer: The voltage here is 220 V. Converters and power strips may be purchased locally.

Useful public contact number in China:

Answer: Fire: 119
Police Station: 110
Time Report: 12117
Telephone Directory: 114
Telephone Repair: 112
Emergency Ambulance: 120
Earthquake Advisory Service: 2042691