Plovdiv medical University

Plovdiv medical University

бл. В. Априлов 15А, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Nearest Airport: Plovdiv Airport
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Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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  • It was Established in 1945
  • NMC/WHO approved University
  • Globally recognised University

Plovdiv is the second biggest town in Bulgaria, one of the oldest in Europe with centuries-old history. It was founded by Philip II of Macedonia in the IVth c BC. Its pictures location is by the banks of the Maritsa River, around 7 unique stone hills in the centre of the Thrakian Plain, surrounded by the mighty ranges of the Balkan Mountain’s in the north and the Rhodopa Mountain in the south. The town is an important administrative, civil, economic and cultural centre of the country with a population of over 500 000 inhabitants seat of a region developing intensive agriculture and mighty industry. There are 5 institutions of higher education in the town, as well as many other educational and cultural institutions. The Plovdiv medical university has changed its name many times during the years. It was first named after the famous Russian scientist Academician Ivan Pavlov.

The Plovdiv Medical University was established in 1945. Plovdiv medical University includes Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, a Medical College and a hospital of its own with 2000 beds. All departments in Plovdiv medical University are considered indispensable for higher medical education according to modern standards are available - theoretical, pre-clinical and clinical, as well as laboratories, clinics and other units with modern equipment for diagnostic and treatment, research activities and training of medical and dental students.

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Every year over 3800 Bulgarian and foreign students are trained at Plovdiv Medical University . The teaching staff includes 134 persons with academic range and 601 assistant professors and other specialists in this Plovdiv medical university. In the last 5 years are edited 48 monographs. 1196 publications and 33 doctor-degrees are there from Plovdiv medical university.

At students disposal in our Central University Library are more than 170 000 volumes in medicine in many languages; Internet hall and local net (available Medline and Micromedex); own journal - Folia Medica, which is exchanged with over 326 partners from over 54 countries, included in Medline

Plovdiv medical university includes the Faculties of Medicine, Dental medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, a Department of Languages and Specialized training, a medical college and a hospital with 2000 beds. Facilities include laboratories, clinics and units for diagnostics and treatment, research activities and training of medical and dental students. The Central University Library offers the students 170,000 volumes in many languages as well as an internet hall and a local net system (with Medline and Micromedex available). The plovdiv medical university issues a journal called Folia Medica, which is exchanged with more than 326 specialists from over 54 countries included in Medline. Every year over 3800 Bulgarian and foreign students are trained at the Medical University - Plovdiv.

The Plovdiv Medical University was established as a medical faculty of Plovdiv University in 1945. In 1950 the faculty became the independent Medical Academy - Plovdiv. Plovdiv medical University was renamed in 1972 to Higher Medical Institute - Plovdiv. The Faculty of Dental Medicine was established in 1974, while a Medical College was created in 1997 as a subsidiary of the Medical University of Plovdiv. The Higher Medical Institute was renamed to Plovdiv Medical University in 2002 after a decision by Bulgaria`s National Assembly.

A new building was constructed in 2005, where the Faculty of Dental Medicine is located. The new building has a floor area of 14770 m2 and houses 27 clinical educational rooms, eight seminar rooms, and two auditoriums with a total of 273 places. An auditorium complex with floor area of 2750 m2 was built in 2011 for a total of 5,5 million euro. The new building of Plovdiv medical university has six conference rooms and has been nominated for Bulgarian Building of the year in the category of Culture in 2011 especially with the improvement of the university`s infrastructure and the introduction of many new programs taught in English. Moreover, foreign students may get enrolled to language courses and study in Bulgarian (which is taught for one year). In 2013 the prize for the Best Foreign Student in Bulgaria was awarded to a student from the Plovdiv Medical University. Another new building has been constructed in 2017 at Plovdiv medical University, it includes many offices as well as a new bookstore.

Plovdiv medical university fees structure

Plovdiv Medical University tuition fees are 8000 Euro per academic year. After completing the respective years of studies as well as successfully sitting the state graduation exams, students acquire a Master's degree which is a best thing from Plovdiv medical university fees structure as it is still one of the affordable colleges .

The applicants who are included in the final ranking list will have personally to enrol within the period stipulated above at the Registrar’s Offices of the faculties they are admitted to Plovdiv medical University.

The students of the plovdiv medical university fees is to be paid thier semester tuition fee (half of the annual fee) by bank transfer one week prior the date of the enrollment and bring a copy of the bank statement. In case they pay the semester tuition fee in cash on the spot they will have first to take a payment note form the respective Registrar, pay at a bank office of Unaccredited Bulbank and bring the payment statement back to the Registrar’s office which helps in recording the Plovdiv Medical University fees.– They will get a set of documents from the Registrar to be filled in and signed from the Plovdiv Medical University fees structure which includes Admission form, Contract of Education in 3 copies, Student Book and Student Card.

After they present the filled in documents, bank statement and passport the Registrar will enrol them as students of the faculties and give the Faculty No and group No. and the schedule of their lectures and practicals

Plovdiv Medical University has four faculties, one department and Medical College:

  • Faculty of Medicine: six year program, including 3 year preclinical studies, 2 year clinical disciplines and one-year clinical rotation (internship).
  • Faculty of Dental Medicinal: 6 year Masters of Science in Dental medicine and specialization of doctors in dental medicine.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy: 5 year pharmaceutical studies leasing to Master of Science in Pharmacy. The program includes also laboratory practical training.
  • Faculty of Public Health: 3 year program of Bachelor degree in Health Care Management, 2 year program Master of Health Care Management, Master of Management of Social Activities and Public Health, Master of Public Health and Health Management, 3 year of PhD programs (both part- and full time), postgraduate courses and specialization of medical doctors.
  • Languages and Specialized Training Department: Bulgarian language for foreign students, Latin training and Modern European languages (available to university students).
  • Medical College: Rehabilitation, Assistant pharmacist, Medical laboratory, radiology, Dental technique, Inspector of Public Health, Inspector nutritionist and food safety, Skin Care programs.
  • Medical faculty, Dental faculty and pharmacy offer both programs in English and in Bulgarian languages. All medical diploma from Plovdiv University are valid in EU/EEA and recognised in all over the world.

The lecturers and teachers with long years of professional, research and pedagogical experience, as well as the modern facilities and equipment, are the prerequisites for the excellent theoretical training and development of practical skills in the physicians graduating from Medical University of Plovdiv.

Admission to Plovdiv Medical University

The admission to Plovdiv medical student applicant have to submit the following documents on time:

  • Varna medical university application form including brief biographical data, educational history and the courses for which the student are applying should be filed at the plovdiv medical university admission department;
  • A Copy of Diploma (certificate) of completed secondary education and an academic transcript stating the disciplines studied are also required for Plovdiv medical university admission ;
  • Document issued by relevant authorities, certifying the right to continue education in higher schools and universities in the country of origin of the secondary school attended by the applicant student should be filed by the student for Plovdiv medical university admission;
  • Medical (Hearth) certificate issued not earlier than one month prior to application as it is important to maintain the health of student before getting Plovdiv medical university admission;
  • Four 4/5 cm photographs (passport size) is a must have for Plovdiv medical university admission;
  • University transcripts (only for medical transfer students);
  • The diploma, academic transcripts, medical certificate and document certifying the right to continue education in higher schools must be translated into Bulgarian and legalized according to official state directives.

The applicant must have also a good commend of English or Bulgarian (at least B1 level).Otherwise, the University of Medicine of Plovdiv offers one year language course (English or Bulgarian) giving access to medical studies, provided that others requirements are fulfilled.

Application for admission of foreign students at Plovdiv medical university in English (medical school and dental school) or in Bulgarian for all specialities (Medical, dental, Pharmaceutical, Nursing, Midwifery, Healthcare Management, Public Health Inspector, Assistant Pharmacist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Physiotherapist, X-Ray Laboratory Technician, Dental Technician schools) is based on high school performance and knowledge of the English or Bulgarian language respectively for medical studies in English or Bulgarian language.

Plovdiv medical University ranking

Plovdiv medical university rank among the best university in Romania and in world.

Among Bulgarian medical universities, Plovdiv Medical university Rank as third medical university in Bulgaria after Sofia and Varna medical universities. On the international level, according to the Ranking Web of Universities, Plovdiv Medical University rank is classed as the 11th among all Bulgarian Universities.

The quality of universities in Bulgaria is ensured by the Bulgarian National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA) which is a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and because of all these Plovdiv medical university ranked at the best and is amongst the most popular college in Bulgaria .

Bulgarian being a member of EU/EEA, Plovdiv medical university qualifications are automatically valid in all EU/EEA countries and recognised in all over the world which had a great help to increase the plovdiv medical university rank. Thanks to high quality of Medical university of Pleven and graduate specialists are highly appreciated in all over the world.

Plovdiv medical University accommodation

Plovdiv medical university student accommodation or on campus student hostel are available for less than 50€/month. But the number of student rooms for international students is limited as the majority of rooms are occupied by Bulgarian students and foreign student with Bulgarian scholarship.

Most Plovdiv Medical University foreign students prefer private accommodation, which are in general more comfortable and can be found near the medical university at the reasonable price (approx. 150-250€ / month).

Near Plovdiv medical university, student can rent private accommodation fully equipped with new furniture (air conditioning, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, internet and cable TV and super communicative means, etc.) in save location and with good transport communication network.

Students are highly recommended to sign a contract with the landlord because it is required as proof of residence for the issuance of the Residence Permit at the local Migration Office and for any further misunderstanding which can eventually appears.

Frequently asked questions

Where is MSTC situated?

The MSTC is on the third floor of the Auditorium complex of MU – Plovdiv and includes 10 fully equipped rooms with an option to transfer sound and video to the two auditoriums located on the same floor.

What is the working principle of the centre ?

The MSTC is a structural part of the Medical University of Plovdiv and it is used for regular laboratory practicals in different specialties as well as for simulation trainings which could be attended by students who study to become medics, nurses, midwifes and also young specialists. The MSTC is also hosting courses for highly specialized procedures by a regulation, established by the MU of Plovdiv.

Can I attend the same course more than once?

Yes , you can attend the same course more than once.

How could people register for simulation training which is not included in the standard curriculum?

The extracurricular simulation trainings would be announced each month on the website of the MU – Plovdiv and participation would be possible after registering through a special web-based form. It is possible, when the number of people willing to attend exceeds the room capacity, the access to be restricted to the first registered.

Is there a test in English language?

No, sitting an exam in English language is not part of the admission procedure. You also do not need any English certificate like IELTS.

What is the format of the test?

There are around 20 - 30 questions per test, most of them are multiple choice questions, some of them are open-ended questions (e.g. defining terminology).

What happens if I fail the entry test?

Plovdiv Medical University allows applicants to resit the exam but you will have to pay the entry exam fee again.

How can I apply to study at Plovdiv Medical University?

Inter HECS helps people apply for admission and move to Bulgaria. Our office is based in Bulgaria so we also guarantee full ongoing support