Nanchang university

Nanchang university

Nanchang University is a public research university which is situated in Nanchang, Jiangxi China. It is recognized as a national ki university in the country. It is the first university which is sponsored by project 211 and the double first-class University plan of the Ministry of Education. Delhi University was established in has five major faculties which are faculties of humanity, faculties of social science, faculty of Science and technology, and faculty of medicine. this university offers 126 undergraduate programs with the subjects like 3 national key disciplines,15 first-level subjects with a doctoral degree, 47 first-level subjects with a master's degree and one kind of professional doctorate which is authorization, and 29 kind of master professional degree and 11 postgraduate scientific research stations. It has five affiliated hospitals,9 national clinic specialist disciplines. The main campus of the university has 34,759 UG courses,14,980 postgraduate, and 1492 overseas students.

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NCU has five campuses. its main campus is located in Nanchang. The campus covers a 300-hectare area. The main campus consists of 4,362 staff members. It includes 2,524 full-time teachers,1461 titles of professors and associate professors.

Undergraduate programs

  1. Undergradute programs

      The undergraduate programs consist

    • Faculties of social science
    • Faculties of humanities
    • Faculty of science and technology (division 1)
    • Faculty of science and technology (Division 2)
    • Faculty of medicine

  2. Masters programs
    • Faculties of social science
    • Faculties of humanities
    • Faculties of science and technology (Division 1)
    • Faculty of science and technology (Division 2)
    • Faculty of medicine

  3. Chinese Languages programs

    This language helps students to improve their proficiency in the Chinese language. It has a syllabus of NOCFL and HSK.

Main course

here are some main causes of the Chinese languages program are

  • Elementary Chinese-the required Chinese course for elementary Chinese is comprehensive reading speaking listening Chinese character and HSK tutoring
  • Intermediate Chinese:-the required Chinese course for intermediate Chinese is comprehensive reading speaking listening writing and HSK tutoring
  • Advance Chinese:-It includes speaking and listening, Chinese characters, Extensive reading, Comprehensive Reading, speaking and Listening, and HSK tutoring.
  • Speed up Chinese:-the speed of Chinese consists of comprehensive reading, speaking, listening, and Chinese characters.
  • Business Chinese:-It includes Chinese phonetics, Business Chinese, Chinese character, and everyday Chinese.

Application procedure

For getting admission in this university there are some admission procedure some of them are:-

  • The students can visit the official site of a University that is
  • after visiting the site the applicant must fill the application form for the foreign student. It is compulsory to give all the details with correct information.
  • The incorrect application form will not be accepted by the University.
  • Mail all the documents to the international student admission office of the international exchange college.
  • After filling the application form you will receive a visa application form for study in china and an admission notice from Nanchang University.
  • The student also applied for a student visa from the Chinese embassy with an original copy of the visa application for studying in China.
  • International students come to University with their original copies of visa applications.
  • After all the procedures the student must pay and register and install the tuition fee Panchali according to the mentioned dates on the admission notice.

Document required for the Application process

here are some documents required for the admission process:-

  • Application form
  • Copy of highest diploma
  • Copy of passport should be valid for at least 12 months.
  • Copy of academic transcripts
  • No criminal records within 6 months
  • Financial statement of six months
  • Foreigner physical examination form within 6 months.
  • No objection letter and attendance
  • 2 recommendation letters which are for post graduate or Ph.D. students only.
  • Research proposal on study plan for post graduate of the Ph.D. student.
  • Valid HSK certificate if available.
  • Photos with names. The photos have a white background and without borders. It has a size of 320 into 240 pixels.

Features of Nanchang university

There are many features of Nanchang University.

  • The city is located in the capital of Jiangxi province.
  • more than 1500 +students are from Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and other nationalities.
  • masters courses in civil engineering in mechanical engineering MBA economics also offered by this university.
  • The syllabus of the university is almost the same as Pakistan and IMC, which is Indian Medical College.
  • There are separate hostels for both girls and boys.
  • hostels are 3 and 4 sharing for international students who are pursuing clinical medical degrees.
  • A canteen is available inside the campus.
  • The university is recognized by WHO and MCI. The graduate foreign students are eligible for an ECFMG certificate.


The University has many names and fame across the country. It ranked 100 in the country and the world rank is 2022. NCU has a disciplinary system that is featured by coordinated development of science, medicine, and engineering. This university has 100 undergraduate programs covering 8 disciplines, 64 sub-disciplines, 12 discipline professional master programs, and an equivalent master program for post-graduate. Also, NCU boasts 1 national engineering technology research center, 3 innovation teams of the ministry of education, 1 national clinical pharmacology base, 1 teaching group, 2 quality curriculum.

This university is public status. There is a total student 51,851. There are a total of 2,569 academic faculty staff and 925 international students.


There is various scholarships program for a post-graduate and undergraduate student.


the university offers more than 82 undergraduate programs out of 82 212 Chinese academy discipline include physiotherapy economics law history engineering agriculture arts these education programs and the environment more than 35000 students have enrolled in these courses.

This university is rank 401 to 500 in the 2019 academy ranking in the world. and in China, the university is been commonly drank top hundred nearly 3000 instructions in the nation is a most local and international ranking.

Academic staff

There are 4624 academic staff including 1556 association and full profession the number of them had received awards for their excellent teaching and research all the faculties are very friendly with the student if the student has any doubt they can easily go and ask with the faculty and clear their doubt all the faculty are very helpful and also very cooperative

The tuition fee is 32625,625 and 1250 single rooms. Expense is 1000 to 1500 per month.

Chinese language program

The Chinese language program is very helpful for Chinese students to improve their profession in the Chinese language to reach academic professional and personal goals.

Chinese language follows the syllabus of NOC FL and tested of HSK. Given the individual attention to develop that skill of listening speaking reading and writing.

Advantage of program.

  • One of the HSK test centers in Jiangxi providence. Focus on daily Chinese uses and modern Chinese.
  • Small classes to have a better and dynamic learning environment.
  • different option courses including graphic Chinese painting Chinese tea ceremony paper cutting and Chinese song.

Main course

Elementary Chinese:- comprehensive reading, speaking, listening, Chinese characters
Intermediate Chinese:- comprehensive reading, speaking, listening, writing.
Speed up Chinese;- comprehensive reading, speaking, listening,
Business Chinese;- Chinese phonetics, Chinese characters, everyday Chinese.
If any student wants to take admission in this university the time of application is from March 1st June to 15 st each year.
The tuition fee for Chinese language students is 6,500 for one semester and one year is 13,000.

Application procedure

How to apply:-

Applicants can visit the website of the international exchange College of Nanchang University and also the student can download the application form for foreign students and fill in the all details in the column.
After filling, students can submit their application form.

How to register

Applicants who are admitted to Nanchang university will receive the visa application for study in china and notice from Nanchang University.

A student who is admitted can apply for the student's visa in the country with original copies of the visa application for study in China.


When can a student apply for a scholarship?

Chinese Government Scholarship application can apply from January to March for construction institute scholarship application apply for March to April the are many various scholarship programs for the student.

How can a student pay tuition fees?

depend on the difference University most of the university can accept the payment by cash or union play card if you pay on arrival if you baby phone arrive in China women your credit card debit card and online payment method.

What kind of visa can I hold to enter a University?

students staying in China longer than six months are required to hold Visa and they also have to renew their visa.