Harvard University, Boston

Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning and research and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. The Harvard University is based in Cambridge, Boston and Massachusetts has had an enrollment of over 20000 degree candidates, including undergraduate, graduate and professional students .

Harvard University,Boston has over more than 360000 alumni all over the world. Some of the most notable Harvard University Boston alumni include famous people like Bill Gates , Mark Zuckerberg and Barak Obama among Indians notable Harvard University Boston Alumni are Anand Mahindra and Ratan Tata . The Harvard University Boston is a part of an association of universities that make up the IVY League, hence being a Harvard University Boston alumni is a great honor.

The Haarvard University, Boston mostly specializes in MBA education applicable in any corporate field but a very big part of the Harvard University, Boston is the Harvard Medical School. The Harvard University Boston’s Medical school was established in 1782, faculty members have played a role in improving human health through generations by innovations in their roles as physicians, mentors and scholars. They have piloted education models and set new curriculum to address new health care issues.

The Harvard University , Boston ranks number 1 in world as one of the best universities. For Indian candidates who wish to pursue higher education ,this is the best institution there is .

The Harvard University, Boston courses

The Harvard University, Boston courses are diverse and of vast variety, Harvard University, Boston has a college for each and every field of education. The Harvard University, Boston courses delve into fields like Business , Medicine, Liberal Arts ,Sciences and many more. The most prominent courses especially for which Harvard University is known for are their Business course , able to be utilized in each and every professional field be it Entertainment or even in the Medical field , the Harvard University ,Boston courses in business really pay off .

The Harvard University of Boston courses of Business specialize in areas like Marketing, Finance , Human Resources, IT, Health Care and many other such subjects. An MBA in Healthcare is a sought after Management program for Doctors and Pharmacy company researchers, one can also pursue a doctoral program in Management to get a better edge. Notable Indian Harvard University alumni from the business school is Ratan Tata.

The Harvard University, Boston course in medical sciences under the Harvard School of Medicine is the best Medical college in the world. Getting an MBBS from an Ivy League university. Apart from MBBS the Harvard University, Boston courses on Medical science also offers MD and Masters program specializing in field like

  • Bioethics
  • Clinical Service operations
  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Master in Healthcare Quality and Safety
There are also Harvard University, Boston courses for detailed medical sciences specializing in
  • Clinical Investigation
  • Immunology
  • Global Health Delivery
  • Medical Education

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The Harvard University, Boston courses in medicine also include PHDs specializing in areas of medical sciences like.
  • Biophyisics
  • Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics
  • Biomedical sciences and Biology
  • Chemical Biology
  • Immunology
  • Neuroscience
  • Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology
  • Systems Biology
  • Virology

There is also the Harvard University Boston Dental school for those who wish to pursue a career in Dentistry

Apart from Business and Medicine, Harvard University, Boston also specializes in areas like Art and Governance ,. Harvard University, Boston courses specializing in Acting , Music, Politics and Public Relations.

Harvard University, Boston admissions

The Harvard university Boston admissions are a very tough process , as Harvard University Boston is an Ivy League university. Students who wish to get education from the best will apply here, not to mention the Harvard Alumni Status one gets. The Harvard University Boston admissions process are different for the the various specific education degrees one applies for

While Harvard University Boston’s business degree requires a 60 percent GPA in your undergraduate study years , along with a GMAT and TOEFl score .

The Harvard University Boston’s Medical school may need a proper NEET score and an SAT score along with higher academic credentials in your 12th or HS.

For undergraduate programs the Harvard University Boston admissions require two compulsory steps

  • Standardized Test Score
    • SAT – for professional subjects like B.Com , BSc and BA. SAT is also used to apply for the school of Liberal Arts in field of Music and Acting.
    • LSAT – This mostly applies for application to the Harvard University, Boston Law School GMAT – The most common application for Harvard University Boston business school is the GMAT or Even a GRE .
    • MCAT – MCAT are applicable only when a candidate is apply for higher studies in medicine.
  • All International students must be proficient in knowing English

    Every international student along with Indian students require to take the standardized English test . For Indian students this means you need to submit a TOEFL score at the time of Harvard University Boston admissions.

  • Transcripts

    During the Harvard University Boston admissions procedure one must provide the transcripts of previous education, these include Pass Certificates, Mark Sheets etc of your school or previous University.

  • Letter of Intent / Application Essay

    The most important part of the Harvard University Boston admissions is the Letter of intent , this is basically a 2 page letter stating, why do you wish to study at Harvard and what are you goals and purpose of life.

For Harvard University Boston admissions in Masters Program a good GPA score is needed from the undergraduate level along with admissions essays for both the Business and Medical school admissions .

For Students pursuing higher education
  • Letters of Recommendation - Mostly letter of recommendation from your previous job ,work experience for any outstanding achievement you had during your term.
  • Resume – A clean proper resume with job experience also helps in making selection process easy.

For PHD program Harvard University Boston admissions will require completion of a Master’s program in the respective field.

Full scholarships are available for both Matsers and PhD courses on Harvard University, Boston fees but one has to have really great credentials for it.

The final round of the Harvard University Boston admissions procedure is the interview for applicants that tests your personality skills.

Harvard University Boston fee

The Harvard University Boston fee during applications is upto 90 dollars or 6300 INR as it is an elite university. The normal tution fee for Harvard University Boston goes upto 50 to 70000 dollars , as it is an elite university Harvard is quit expensive .

For pursuing an MBBS the Harvard University Boston fee are
  • Tuition: $59,800
  • BCBS Health Insurance: $3,700
  • Health Service Fee: $1,206
  • Activity Fee: $150
  • Room and Board: $15,716
  • Books/ Supplies: $3,098
  • Personal: $4,046
  • Total: $87,716 Or 67 lakhs INR

For pursuing Masters or Business degrees The Harvard University Boston fees are

  • Tuition: $73,440
  • HUHS Student Health Fee: $1,206
  • Health Insurance: $3,700
  • Course & Program Materials Fee:$2,550
  • Room & Utilities: $13,940
  • Living expenses: $15,904
  • Total: $110,740 or 81 lakhs INR

Scholarships are available on The Harvard University Boston fees for meritorious students . The Harvard University Boston scholarships are provided based on candidates past academic transcripts , Standard test scores and most importantly ones application letter or Letter of intent.

The Harvard University Boston is an elite institution and being called an Harvard University Boston alumni is a title of prestige and can open doors to many a career and success . For Indian students who to study abroad this university provides an excellent opportunity to build your life and career.


How do International students Apply?

The application requirements are the same for all applicants whether a student attends high school inside or outside the U.S. All first-year candidates must complete the Common Application, the Universal College Application, or the Coalition Application along with the required supplements. We have no preference and each application is treated equally by the Admissions Committee.

Do i have to take TOEFL?

A strong knowledge of English is essential for successful study at Harvard, including the ability to understand and express thoughts quickly and clearly. First-year and transfer applicants are not required to take an English proficiency exam, but you may submit scores if you wish to do so. Visiting Undergraduate Students program applicants are required to take the TOEFL.

Are There Quotas for International Students ?

There are no quotas or limits of any kind at any point in the admissions process. All students are considered in the same pool for all places in the incoming class, regardless of citizenship or the secondary school they attend. A student's chances for admission and financial aid are not affected by citizenship or by the location of the school that the student attends.