Bicol Christian college of Medicine


The Philippines is an archipelago, or line of more than 7,100 islands, in south-eastern Asia between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The two biggest islands, Luzon and Mindanao, compensate for about 66% of the complete land zone. Just around 33% of the islands are occupied. The islands are home to numerous types of blooming plants and greeneries, including many types of orchids. Tall grasses have supplanted the woodlands, which have vanished because of logging, mining, and advancement.

The Philippines are possessed by more than 200 types of creatures, including monkeys, squirrels, lemurs, mice, pangolins, chevrotains, mongooses, civet felines, and red and earthy coloured deer, and many more. The binturong, or Asian bear feline, was once conspicuous, yet now this fuzzy warm-blooded creature is vulnerable. The tamaraw, a type of little water wild ox discovered distinctly on Mindoro, is imperilled. It is considered as one of the uber biodiversity nations on the planet with a high level of verdure endemism.

Talking about people there, Filipinos are dominatingly of Malay race, much of the time with Chinese and here and there American or Spanish lineage. Numerous Filipinos have Spanish names on account of a nineteenth-century Spanish declaration that made it necessary for them to utilize Spanish family names or last names. Guardians regularly name their kids after the holy person whose feast day was upon the arrival of their introduction to the world.

Rudimentary studies in the Philippines begins at age seven, is legally necessary, and goes on for a very long time. Secondary studies start at age 13 and go on for about four years; undergrad school guidance regularly is for four years.

Regardless of having inescapable poverty, the Philippines has fared moderately well in the Human Development Index (HDI), especially in contrast with other Southeast Asian countries. In 2012, the Philippines' economy outperformed the development of its neighbouring nations with a 6.6 percent development rate.

The Philippines is known for having a plenitude of lovely seashores and heavenly organic products. The assortment of islands is situated in Southeast Asia and was named after King Philip II of Spain.

  • CAPITAL: Manila
  • LANGUAGE: Filipino
  • CURRENCY: Philippine peso
  • CITIES: Baguio city, Tagaytay City, Lipa City, Makati City, Cebu City, etc.
  • LITERACY RATE: 98.18 %

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  • Philippines Medical Universities are the world's generally reasonable and having the most minimal educational expense structure.
  • American way PBL Curriculum.
  • The Philippines follow the American instruction framework; the mechanism of educating is English
  • The Philippines has an over 93% education rate.
  • There is no place for Donations.
  • The Philippines is the biggest English – Speaking nation in Asia and the third biggest English-talking nation in the World. English is utilized as a mode of guidance in advanced education and that is the reason Filipinos are considered as one of the most equipped English speakers.
  • The Philippines is known for its best quality of instruction, high – type training organizations.
  • The way of life is a lot of simples to adapt to. Individuals are more affable and the climate is more open and less unfriendly.
  • The Philippines is a female overwhelmed nation and it is the most protected spot for young lady understudies.
  • Comparable Climate as in India. The temperature stays overall between 28 to 32 Degree Celsius consistently.
  • Colleges are IMED/ECFMG/WHO Approved.
  • The MD Course in medication from the Philippines is perceived by the Medical Council of India (replaced by the National Medical Council) as equal to MBBS in India.


  • Safe environment: Philippines holds the most elevated literacy pace of 94% in Asia. This infers that most of the populace in the nation establishes form class, which further makes the Philippines a commendable and safe spot to go for considering. Not simply that the nation is a mix of a few societies set up as a neighbourly nation, giving the International tutees an extra preferred position to not be treated as outsiders. The students concentrating here feel good and protected with the neighbourly climate of the nation assisting students with zeroing the possibility of any disturbance.
  • Career touching heights: Global understudies who wish to contemplate MBBS abroad should think about the Philippines. The nation is a center of cutting-edge clinical institutions with a couple of top colleges. The MBBS in the Philippines gives better work possibilities.
  • Pocket friendly: The Philippines is a truly reasonable spot, regarding both the prudent convenience and everyday costs. The costs of the medication course are efficient in contrast with different nations. Indeed, there is a gift framework.
  • Efficient staff: Philippines is the largest provider of prepared Doctors and Nurses to the USA and a few different nations around the globe. Many staff and workforce are the US taught or have prepared there giving amazing direction backing to understudies who need to take USLME Exam and practice in the US or need to proceed with their Masters there.
  • Easy travel: Philippines is effectively available from India with day by day working flights. Over 25,000 students from various nations are getting an education in the Philippines.
  • Easy Admission: No Admission Test, for example, IELTS or GMAT is needed for Admission for MBBS in the Philippines.


The Bicol Christian College of Medicine (BCCM) was set up in 1980 at Legazpi City. BCCM is the pioneer clinical school and the main maker of the best and most splendid clinical experts all around the world. An individual from the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation, Inc., which is an authorized individual from the Foundation of the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research and enrolled globally with the World Health Organization. The Ago General Hospital was set up in 1942 which filled in as the base organization for Bicol Christian College of Medicine BCCM understudies. Also, Bicol Christian College of Medicine BCCM is associated with two government clinics, Bicol Medical Centre in Naga City and Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital in Legazpi City. It has created worldwide serious specialists from everywhere in the world. Indeed, 85% of government positions, in clinical focuses, locale medical clinics, RHU in the Bicol area are Bicol Christian College of Medicine (BCCM) graduates.

The organization has scholastic assets and offices for both lecture and lab. The organization has a library and a top-notch SmarTeach e-research centre at the Damaceno Hall. It has a well-prepared lab and other investigation materials helpful in encouraging the learning of the understudies. Also, a few structures are being created fully expecting a developing populace of clinical understudies.

SmarTeach is the most recent expansion to the learning materials gave by the school and used by the tutees. It is a progressive learning device and the "most astute" approach to teach medication. It is an incorporated way to deal with educating. It boosts usage of time and contains coordinated talks that are effectively open. It additionally gives PC based assessments making it side by side with headway in clinical training due to its quick and exact outcomes.

The mission of AMEC-BCCM is to engage clinical understudies with amazing clinical fitness, correspondence and authority aptitudes, and the most elevated proficient guidelines who will be part in the conveyance of medical care administration of the Philippines and the world.

This is one of the most established clinical colleges in the Philippines for International tutees. This School of Medicine has a dream of value clinical consideration and health for patients, families, and networks. Bicol Christian College of Medicine is one of the leading clinical organisations and an out of the box maker of the best and most brilliant individuals in the field of medicine in the Bicol area. This Medical College is associated with Government clinics and gives educating and rehearsing strategies, this will make the understudies rival the worldwide level.

The duration is about 5.5 years for MBBS course offered by the Bicol Christian College of Medicine, in which the initial 14-month course has stressed premedication which is necessary to get a confirmation in the MBBS. After the fulfilment of the multi-month course, the MD program runs for additional 4 years. The course incorporates a portion of the regular subjects, for example, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Obstetrics, General Medicine, Community Health, Preventive Medicine, Medical Practice and substantially more. The following focal point of the Bicol Christian College of Medicine is useful; understudies pick up the greatest information through the training with genuine patients under the management of specialists. After finishing the investigation from the Bicol Christian College of Medicine, one needs to breeze through the screening assessment of the individual nation, and afterward, he/she qualified to fill in as a specialist in any of the nations in the World. The expertise level of the Bicol Christian College of Medicine is said to be comparable to the experts of UK, Singapore, India, Australia, USA, and many other bay nations.

ADMISSION DETAILS for Bicol Christian College of Medicine (BCCM)

The affirmation begins at Bicol Christian College of Medicine in July. One can without much of a stretch apply straightforwardly on the college site. The affirmation begins in the long stretch of July and it keeps going on till October by 31st. The confirmation happens in three stages, the initial one is filling the application structure, the subsequent stage is the entrance exam, and the last stage is counselling.

ELIGIBILITY for Bicol Christian College of Medicine (BCCM)

  • 17 years old finished as of December 31.
  • Minimum of 50% marks in science subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
  • Passport Photocopy, (visa should be accessible inside August fifteenth.
  • Passport Size photo.
  • Birth Certificate in English if not Translated and Notarized.
  • Education declarations of records
  • Tenth and twelfth/Intermediate mark sheets.
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC, to be acquired in the wake of getting a Passport).
  • NOC/Affidavit of the help of the individual supporting the candidate's study.
  • Financial help (Bank Statement) of Sponsor (Father or Guardian) – Proof.
  • Certificate of good character (1 from one or the other head/teacher/dignitary).

FEE STRUCTURE at Bicol Christian College of Medicine (BCCM)

  • Understudies who are wanting to contemplate MBBS at Bicol Christian College of Medicine (BCCM) need to pay Fees referenced in Bicol Christian College of Medicine Fee Structure.
  • Yearly cost during contemplating MBBS is 4,05,000 INR that incorporates inn charge, food cost, and other obligatory expenses. Bicol Christian College of Medicine Tuition Fee is 2,50,000 INR yearly which incorporates test expense, enlistment charge, and so on.
  • Inns staying understudies need to pay independently its expense. Where one will be offered an all-around outfitted room that will be imparted to a couple of students. This charge incorporates the expense of pleasantries offered during the study period.


What is the charge structure for pursuing MBBS at Bicol Christian College of Medicine?

The educational expenses for examining MBBS at BCCM is Rs.4.32 lakhs for the main year and Rs.2.16 lakhs for the second to fifth year.

Is the Philippines Good for MBBS?

The Philippines is globally known for its popular tourist attractions and travel places. However, yet a great chunk of people are not aware of the fact that the nation is also famed as one of the Top MBBS Destinations.

What is MBBS called in the Philippines?

In India, the doctoral degree is known as MBBS but in the Philippines it is named as the MD program [Doctor of medicine]. The MD program is equivalent to MBBS of the UK, India, Pakistan, and other Commonwealth countries.

Is required for MBBS in the Philippines?

Yes. Candidates who want to study MBBS in the Philippines should qualify for the NEET exam and get more than 50% on the PCB board exam.

How many years MBBS in the Philippines?

5.5 years.

Is the Philippines safe for Indian students?

The Philippines is a lovely and a safe place for anyone to visit but when any individual traveller travel to any part of the world, one should be aware for all surroundings that they might be encountering with. One cannot have your passports and IDs and credit cards with them all the time.

Is the Philippines a good place to study?

With Philippines’ diverse and multi-lingual culture, its low cost of living, its beautiful scenery, and the prestige of its educational establishments have made the Philippines precisely a popular yet worthy choice for study – with 5,000 international students currently reaping the benefits available there.