Medical study in china

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Reasons Behind the Huge Craze to Study MBBS in Chinese Universities

Being one of the oldest civilisation, China is full of culture, tradition and education. The country has established a prestigious history for more than 4,000 years. The tradition continues in every field of education, especially in medical science and medicine. According to a reliable report, China is now one of the fastest growing edu-hub that has become the prime destination for almost all international students (especially Indian students) who are willing to study MBBS.Read More...


Why Russia Becomes A Random Choosing Destination For MBBS Students

Russia is one of the popular study destinations of future doctors in the world. Aspirants who want to pursue MBBS choose Russia as the most appropriate place to get admitted in the study program. The country has been gaining its popularity from the Soviet era and still now it is in the trend amongst the top study destinations in the world Read More...


Why Choose the Philippines for Your Medical Study Venture

Coming to the part of the medical study in abroad, there are a few options are there for the Indian students. Among those handfuls of countries the Philippines is one of the safest and preferable countries for Indian medical aspirants. The Medical Council of India has placed the country Philippines as same as China and any other European countries with respect to the studying MBBS. Read More...